Crystalline Soul Healing® is an energy healing modality that works deeply with the soul. It is an alchemical healing Template, developed by Jamye Price, that reprograms the instructions and interactions of the DNA through your Higher Self.

It is based in an ancient Lyran methodology, which is an advanced process of multi-layered change that supports empowered transformation. This profound modality heals patterns, misinformation and trauma that inhibit your natural, loving communication of Life.

Crystalline Soul Healing® can help to:

  • Release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks
  • Heal negative energies and traumas
  • Clear limiting belief patterns
  • Assimilate soul fragments and separation
  • Activate your crystalline DNA and the pineal gland
  • Initiate the inherent wisdom of the human biomechanism
  • Transform your interaction with time and accelerate your Ascension
  • Integrate your Higher Self and human self into greater divine flow

Crystalline Soul Healing® refines the structure of your energy field into a stronger, clearer flow of information—your diamond crystalline field. This supports you into true healing and empowerment as you begin to navigate your life with more of your innate wisdom and Love. Click HERE to find a certified Crystalline Soul Healing® practitioner.

For more information about Jamye Price or Light Language, please visit JamyePrice.com.