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Individual Energy Healing Sessions


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Individual Energy Healing Sessions


I offer two types of sessions, detailed below, that can be done in person or over the phone.

In order to book a session, purchase the session(s) you would like. You will receive an email from me regarding available times. I am generally booked about 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

I am only available via phone during our scheduled session time. If you have a question about sessions that is not answered here, you may email me your question directly and I will respond as soon as I can.

It makes absolutely no difference whether you are here in my presence or anywhere else on the Earth during a session. I've worked on clients via distance for many years, even in other continents, with amazing results. If you are unfamiliar with quantum theory, it may be a little mind-boggling, but healing frequencies traverse time and space faster than the speed of light via Entanglement. All you need is the intention to heal. I am located in Sedona, AZ.

Crystalline Soul Healing Energy Healing Sessions

During a one hour session, we talk about what you would like to work on (as vague or specific as you like) and I work as guided by Source. Sometimes I will ask you questions, sometimes we will go right into work or I will give you information coming through. Healing is actually happening the whole time, it is just more pronounced when I am running energy. You may hear me speaking Light Language, toning or emoting and I will continue until I am guided it is finished for that time period. When I finish, we will discuss what happened and repeat the process as necessary during the hour. I am not a psychic reader, I do not predict futures. I am an energy healer with a focus on empowering you to create your best life. Energy healing and guidance helps progress that faster and easier, but your active participation is necessary. More info.


Axiatonal Alignment

Our body has a grid system within it known as the meridian system that flows energy (eastern medicine). Our body also has a grid system within the auric field known as the axiatonal system that flows energy. The axiatonal system connects us to an intricate and interdimensional grid system that is universal in nature. Activating this system will bring you into alignment with your universal purpose and revitalize your connection with the entirety of you. While an esoteric process that doesn’t always result in a definable outcome, it tends to help put you on your path, expand your psychic senses and progress your Ascension. I highly recommend getting an Axiatonal Alignment done if you have the desire to move forward into the wholeness of your journey or if you are a healer. This can be done via distance and is done in one session. More info.


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Weekly LightBlast

Participate with other healers in a weekly healing (no phone contact) based on an Ascension topic that I channel. This process began many years ago as sending healing to places in need and progressed into self-healing for Lightworkers. As we heal ourselves, the world changes. We then participate in world healing from a more balanced and empowered space. I send out the new topic each Friday. Your email is private and you only receive what you sign up to receive.

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Monthly Newsletter

Each month I send out a newsletter about the general energy of the upcoming month. Also included is a free audio of a Light Language healing to help clear and activate what is pertinent in the month. Your email is private and you only receive what you sign up to receive.

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