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New Moon Clearing Class Channelings

08/20/09 - Leo New Moon

We come forward this evening to bring you our energy of love and excitement. For this experience that you are having, this experience in time, this experience has for you much love and excitement. As you look out into your experience, often you are not feeling the love or feeling the excitement. Just a small shift of your perception can bring forth the vision of love and excitement into all that you are living. Knowing that all experiences do not garner love and excitement, we understand that sometimes you will feel fear, sorrow or anger; understandably so during some human experiences. Yet we offer to you that this experience in time brings with it the opportunity for resolution as you move through these experiences in time. It offers that because you choose. As you move through time, you choose. In the flurry of an experience, the explosion, perhaps you do not have access to love and excitement. Through time you have that choice. Once the settling has happened, this is your opportunity to choose love, to choose excitement. As you do this, you will begin to recognize the vibration of love that infiltrates all. These flurries, these explosions of emotion that bring forth anger, fear or sorrow, within time you will recognize the thread of love, even within those experiences. It takes a keen eye, but there it is. To recognize love within a situation that brings forth fear, brings forth anger, comes from the understanding that the capability for forgiveness within you is your door to love. Forgiveness is what opens the flow of love in the situations that bring forth fear. Forgiveness gives to you. Forgiveness frees you. Forgiveness allows the energy of love to fill a situation instead of just threading it. Forgiveness is your opening, and through the journey of time forgiveness becomes obsolete when your heart is always flowing love. When your heart is openly flowing love, excitement can be found at every turn. When your life is filled with love and excitement, those moments of sorrow and those moments of fear are just as exciting as the moments of joy. For an open flowing heart, sorrow, anger and fear move through. This journey through time brings resolution ever faster. These times that you journey through bring forth great opportunity. How is it that you greet opportunity? With love, with excitement; or with fear, with victimhood, with resentment - how is it that you greet opportunity? Watch your actions and reactions towards opportunity. It is for you to observe and move through time to that place of love and excitement with opportunity. Observe the feelings of fear, of victimhood, of resentment and move through time to flood them with love. These times, these moments each bring opportunity. It is for you to decide how you will choose to greet them.

Q: Do we only do what you're describing when we're awake or can we do it when we're sleeping, too?

You do it both times, when you are awake and when you are sleeping. The experience that you have when you are sleeping is beneficial to you on many levels. However, you may not become consciously aware of those and yet they still benefit you. Your awareness will come when you are awake. You may be having an experience when you are awake that is a reflection of some experience you have had when you are sleeping. These awake moments are for you to be aware of the process. These moments of being awake and experiencing are for you to bring this experience of physicality and the experience of All that you are into One. When you are sleeping, it is easier for your Beingness to open to All that you are. This benefits your awake moments, but the experience is different. Your awake moments are becoming more and more similar to your sleeping moments. It is your awareness that will bring that sleeping experience into your awake moments.

Q: Is the energy of love the same as the energy of God?

The experience of love and the energy of God are one in the same and different. God encompasses all that is love. Love in human experience has many variations. The enormity of the love of God is a powerful force that is in every, every space. Every space. In this way, the energy of love and the energy of God are the same. God is love, love is God. Your experience of love in human form, must, therefore, be God. Your experience of love in human form has the experience of pleasant and the experience of unpleasant. All of this, too, is God. As you move through these experiences of love, and you begin to encompass the pleasant and the unpleasant as one, you begin to know more of god.

Q: So if you're human or if you're on Venus or another solar system, is it the same there?

The experience of it may or may not be the same. Love itself is the same. Different experiences have different bandwith of love. The bandwidth that you have access to in the human experience may be a different frequency on Venus. Even people on earth can have access to different frequencies of love, so in that way the experience of it may be different. The love itself is not different. The utilization may be different.

Q: So it's a different vibration?

Yes, all within the scope of love. It is within all. Within everything. Within every no-thing.

Q: Does love require an object?

No. Love does not require. Does a person require an object to love? Perhaps, it depends on the person. Love is, whether there is an object or whether there is no object. Perhaps a person may require an object to understand love through their experience. But love itself does not require an object. It is a vibration, it is a frequency, it is a pulse through the universe. It manifests through objects, and it IS without an object.

Q: Say you're trying to do distant healing, is it the energy of love that you're actually using with that or is it a different vibration?

It is always the energy of love, for love is within all. Within that as well is the intention of the person initiating healing and the person receiving healing. Some of that is conscious, some of that is unconscious. Though it is all love, it will also have upon it that which the person feels, so perhaps it may have upon it the feeling of responsibility, the feeling of fear, the feeling of control, the feeling of desperation. All of this can be mixed in with the love. It is love that opens the door for healing. Love is the energy that brings forth the healing. The human opens the door to heal or to be healed with love. As you observe your own healing, your own changes, your own bettering of your life; as you observe this you will find that it is love that flavors all of this change. Love does not often roar loudly, it is silent and nurturing. So as you open to love, you open to healing.

Q: Last night we went to a session with Dr. Peebles and his band of Angels, and he was saying if you want to invoke love you just need to say the word and you're already in that frequency, that you don't need to feel the emotion, that you just need to say the word.

It is right. You don't need to feel the emotion. You can also say that you could feel the emotion and you don't need to say the word and that would be just as right. There are many doorways to love. Any intention to open that door and love will flood you. Love will never hold itself back because you didn't open the door correctly. To say the word comes from the intention of wanting to open the door to love. To feel the emotion comes from the intention of wanting to open to love. So saying the word without feeling the emotion will open the door to love.

Q: Do you have an equivalent state to our dreamtime, or are you always awake or whatever it is you are. Do you have different states like we do? And, in your one or many states, do you greet your experiences always the way you're describing that we need to do?

We have different states, because they are available to our experience. We do not have the need to sleep and wake because we are not in body as you are. Different states are available to us, though we need not experience them. Do we greet every experience with love and excitement? That answer is yes. Love and excitement have many different variances, for we could find other words that would also resonate with how we greet life - reverence, respect, honor, joy. These experiences are natural to us, as we see every experience in life as valuable and love-filled. Though we understand the difference of being in body and not in physical form on this earth plane, this earth plane has the experience of beginning and ending, and that is not an experience that we have. We do not greet experiences with the fear of death, we do not greet experiences with the fear of starvation or the fear of hurt, for we know that we are infinite. So the parameters being different as they are do not require sleep and wake and do not require the forgetting of the fullness of our experience. There is great value, great value, in this experience that you have here on Earth. We see that value, feel that value and know of your safety. The compassion that we feel as you experience these is a variance of love and excitement. As you begin to view yourself and your world with this same knowing, you, too, will see that love is your impulse.

Q: I'm just wondering what kinds of experiences you have where you are. Obviously, right now you're experiencing being in Jamye's body and talking to us, but when you're not doing that, what kinds of experiences do you have?

We have had experiences through all of time, though time has not always been our experience. There have been experiences in body, long, long ago by your time. This was not as your body is now, so the experiences in body that we have had do not have the same parameters of your Earth body experience. As we are now there is no physical form that is like your body form. Without physical form, we have, therefore, no dense tie to a location or a time frame. Our experiences in comparison to yours would be most easily described as a feeling and knowing experience. That is to say that we feel all and know clearly that all that we are experiencing is us and beyond. Where you see definition, we see Oneness.

Q: What dimension are you on? I understand that we are on the third dimension moving into the fifth very quickly, and that we'll still have a physical body when we're in the fifth, although at a higher frequency. What dimension are you on?

To link our dimension to yours, in truth a number could not be identified that would clearly represent the difference. It would be better drawn as many lines going in different directions, a connection here, a connection there. There is not a number assignment. We will speak to you though of your number assignments and offer that you have access to these dimensions that the masses are or are not moving in to. It is much like the experience of finding love in situations that first bring fear or any emotion that frightens, anger, sorrow. As you open to love it becomes easier to access within those 'explosion' moments. Before too much time has passed, you realize that you are loving first. It is the same way with the dimensions that you seek. You will have access and moments where you are fully living fifth dimension. You will have access to moments where you are back in fourth dimension living, access to a moment where you reach sixth dimension living, and as you acclimate, you will find that more and more fifth dimension experience will be your natural impulse. Love is a doorway to opening to more experience. It is all accessible to you now, maintaining will come with more journey through time. As you access a bit, you recognize that is a potential for you and you access that more and more until that becomes your natural beingness. As you move through these times you will begin to recognize with that keen eye, for at first the examples will be small. More movement through time and it will not take the keen eye, for your entire experience will be one of fifth dimensional experience. As we view your interpretation of fifth dimensional experience, the differences that we see between that and what you experience in third or fourth dimensional living is the understanding that you are connected to all. That understanding of connection to all comes with great courage, and great courage comes with great love. As you love yourself, you trust yourself. As you trust yourself, you begin to trust your world. As you begin to trust your world, you begin to love your world. As you begin to love your world, you realize that you ARE your world and that which is separate from you is separate in form only. This separate form can be celebrated, and the similarity, the oneness, can also be celebrated.

Q: Are the Ascended Masters in the same realm that you're in?

We would say at times. That means all times, and yet there are times when it would seem that they are not. It is a question that is best answered succinctly with yes and no. But to explain, the Ascended Masters are not so separates as they, too, are part of all. We would say that the Ascended Masters are both within us and with out of us. It is the same for you, yes? As you begin to move into this knowingness, this feeling of love, that all is one, you look outside of you less and you look within because within you, it is there. The Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm, all that you could imagine is within. Yet you could also say that they are without of you because they are within the person next to you, too.

Q: So these ideas of the Celestial Hierarchy, the 12 dimensions, these are all just sort of constructs and concepts to help us understand what is within ourselves?

There is the aspect of understanding within the human form that has a beginning and an end and has separateness to it that the hierarchy or differences between these angelic beings serves to help you understand function. You can also view a hierarchy as a variation of frequency. There is a frequency that is available or functioning in a specific vibration and, therefore, the effect has its experience. As you view a hierarchy, this one does this, this one does that, this one does this, you see them as separate. And yet if you begin to view the connection between you will see that they are connected, they are one. Yet the vibration has a function. If all is the vibration of love, within that vibration of love there is the span of pleasant and unpleasant. And yet all of it is love. You can view a hierarchy in the same way, perhaps not pleasant and unpleasant. But from A to B, along this frequency are different ranges. The construct of hierarchy fits into human understanding with beginnings and endings and separation; though it can also fit into human understanding as it expands to recognize the oneness and the inclusion of the entire scope of that frequency.


As you view your life with Love and excitement, it will have the effect upon you of opening you to more love and excitement. As you recognize that sometimes love feels anger or sorrow, and yet there is still love, you will begin to flow love and excitement throughout your world. You will experience it, you will flood others with it, and so it begins that love and excitement become your experience. It takes but the awareness that it is available to you and so it is. This is your life. This is your experience. Loving it, loving it, brings forth your power, your courage, your joy, your freedom. And what a life it is.

07/21/09 Cancer New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE

We wish to speak to you of your independence. This is an energy that you tend to associate with that which you see and that which you experience, but not that with which you feel. When you think of independence, you think of how you behave. You think of how you interact with others, but you do not think of your own independence with yourself, your inner world, your inner workings and how you relate to understanding and being who you are. It is easy to look outward and recognize when you feel independent. It is easy to look out and recognize the people and the experiences that you feel dependent upon for your survival. You interact with them in your work environment, your home environment, and you recognize your interaction, your need, as feeling dependent or independent. To see that within yourself and to recognize how you relate to yourself, you will then come to understand that these experiences outside of you will shift and realign to become more in alignment with how you relate to yourself. They are now at this point, you just haven't quite observed how you are independent or dependent within yourself and how that relates to everything around you. Because it is often easier to recognize things that are physically in front of you, you may want to begin by looking at the physical things and understanding your relationship to them. So as you look at your work, as you look at your relationships, and you see how you feel with them and you recognize your own level of dependence or independence within them; you will see how much you feel you are in equilibrium, how much you are feeling trapped, how much you are feeling that you have the ability to express yourself freely. You will recognize all of these relationships and you will come to understand how dependent or how independent you are. As you observe these you are actually beginning to understand your relationship within yourself. As you look within you will begin to find how comfortable you feel with who you are. You will begin to find how comfortable you feel expressing who you are. You will begin to find how often you suppress who you are for the ease of others. You will begin to find the reasons why.

As you observe your feelings of freedom, your feelings of suppression, and you begin to uncover the whys, you will find that the reasons why have no actual basis in reality, they are based on ideas, they are based on presumptions, they are based in lack and they are based in human perspective. You will find that as you uncover these reasons why, that it is but a divine perspective that you need to recognize the truth of who you are. It is this divine perspective that always knows you are worthy. It is this divine perspective that knows there are no mistakes. It is this divine perspective that understands your ability. It is this divine perspective that begins to transmute these ideas that are based on limited human perspective. It is this divine knowing that always allows you to find your truth and begin to grow that from within. As you do this you will find that less and less it becomes important to you what others think of you, what others feel when you are expressing your truth. You will find that less and less you will need all of the security that those around you seem to need. You will still need your physical shelter, you will still use your money exchange, you will still need basic human needs, this will not change. But you will find that as you become acquainted with your own inner truth, that all of the other experiences flow in and flow out without so much trouble; you experience and you move on, you experience and you move on. You understand that everything that comes in and comes out is perfect as it is because your own value does not change. As you become acquainted with the understanding of your value, you then become acquainted with the ease of living on Earth. You then understand that all of these physical experiences that seem to frighten everyone around you - for you it has not the same effect. Your value is here (hand on heart), your truth is here, your love is here. Another person or money showing that to you is valueless to you. It can be enjoyable, but it doesn't determine your value. You experience these but you do not need them for your value. When you begin to interact this way, you will find that you free those around you. You will also find that some are not receptive for they want you to value them, they want you to need them. As you begin to live life with your value in here (hand on heart), you recognize the value in all of those around you. You honor that within all of your interactions, and there is no need upon it. You free yourself and you offer them the same freedom as you interact with them from a place of joy rather than a place of need.

Q: What you're talking about sounds a lot like what Buddhism teaches about detachment. Is that right, is it kind of a similar thing?

It is. There is a certain neutrality that benefits you, though we will caution you that all teachings of Buddhism are not as pure as the intent that came through. The general idea of detachment is beneficial because you release yourself from that feeling of need and when that happens, you have free flow, free flow; so that loss or gain does not sway you from your life. Often times, people are accustomed to enjoying gain and not enjoying loss and allowing that to rule them instead of utilizing the gain or the loss and experiencing it and letting it go. When your value is within you, that which you gain and that which you lose does not change your value. When you are detached, you can still have great feelings of love, of joy, of sorrow, but they flow through. They flow through and as you do that more and more, you find that you need not experience extremes because all experiences feel robust.

Q: You talked about being stuck in a human perspective versus the divine perspective, but surely being human we're going to be stuck in that to some degree, no matter what. I would assume because here we are being humans.

Being stuck in them, is this not what you are working through?

Q: Not being stuck necessarily, but if we do the exercise you're talking about, is the goal to be free of the human perspective or do we just add to that the divine perspective? Or are we trying to rid ourselves of the human perspective and just be in the divine perspective?

The divine perspective understands and includes the human perspective. The human perspective may not necessarily include the divine. As you begin to experience life with the divine perspective, you will understand and continue being human and you will add to that the knowingness that within you, within you, is the source of all life. Within you is something that is so magnificent that it creates worlds. Within you, you will recognize that the deepest of sorrows and the greatest of joys is within your ability to experience and move through. That divine perspective understands that this human experience is but a moment in time, is but a flash and it is perfect as it is, for you have capabilities beyond what you see. You have experience beyond what you remember. And you have love that is available at any moment, even when there are tears. It is this divine perspective that is detachment with great, great love.

Q: May I ask you a question about the law of polarity? It's a slightly different subject. Is the law of polarity a universal law or is this something is just based on 3-D on Earth?

The law of polarity becomes a universal law because it exists. The law of polarity has not been properly defined. The law of polarity isn't about two different things or opposition, the law of polarity is about relationship. It becomes polarity when the two resist. It becomes polarity when the differences seem greater than the similarities. It becomes polarity when the similarities are not understood as being unique and also being unified. As you relate to the world from within and you see that which is without you that is polarity for it is a relationship. And as you observed this you see differences than what is in here. As you observe those around you, you see similarities and you see differences and you see separateness. It becomes about recognizing that everything unique around you is such. It is unique unto itself. And yet that which you do not see is that it is also unified. You have become great separators and it serves great purpose. You separate yourselves by male and female, by color if skin, by choice of religion, on and on so many ways that you separate yourself. This is a form of polarity, but ultimately it is all just relationship and understanding the uniqueness and the unity. You will then embrace that which is not like you by recognizing that what you do not see is like you. You will embrace that which is like you as having its similarities and honoring its uniqueness and its unity. So you begin to heal the relationship of this within and that which is without of you because you feel this value here. You recognize that relationship and the inner workings of every aspect of that has great value as well. Polarity is something that has become very important in life on Earth. It is part of the great play of life on Earth, that the resolving of these differences becomes how you find who you are. You will see great progression in this in these times now. You have so much advantage to be able to move quickly now. You will find that as you experience this valuing of the self, the progression with which you feel comfort and ease in this world will greatly magnify. You will begin to recognize that everything you thought was polar opposite, while it may be unique, it is also unified and closely tied with that which you are, for it is but a relationship away. Within the physicality of life on Earth the relationship of geometries show you how different aspects form different shapes. At any point along these geometric shapes, a different perspective can morph a shape into a new one. This experience that you have on Earth, you have the ability to morph and change your geometries with your perspective, with your feelings. This changes the shape of your world. That is how powerful you are. It is your love, it is your right to change your world. That is use of the universal law of polarity as it was intended. This relationship, this relationship is constantly morphing and you have the key to that.

Q: So the law of oneness, the law of polarity and the law of perspective are all interrelated.

They must be.

Q: How about the law of gender, is that part of the law of polarity?

We would not call it a law of gender, though it does seem to be true, does it not? Everything must be related. Everything must be, for it is here and it, too, is nfluencing the shape of this world. Time, gravity, these, too, influence the shape of this world. Gender influences the shape of this world and is therefore related.

Q: But is that universal, is that on other planets as well?

No. It may be, but it is not universal.

Q: Is what's going on with my arm, does it have to do with the topic or to do with something that's going on with my brain? When I think about what you're talking about, it seems to be going number, but I've never had it associate with a topic before.

It is not associated with the topic, it is associated with you. Have you the ability to move through it with ease?

Q: Yes, it doesn't bother me. It always interests me and I don't mind it. It's just a strange feeling. It’s a curious thing that I sit and watch, but it's never happened in this kind of situation before, and I wondered if it was triggered by this evening.

Yes, and triggered well before, for it is triggered by you, not by this evening, not by the energy run, it is you. It is you that triggers it, it is you that allows it. The show is but for your distraction. We will say there is a doorway for this one knows the numb feelings, the possibilities of what can be, and that is shared with you. You step into the field of knowing by being here, you can step into the field of knowing with anyone that knows shift is possible, but it is you that is doing it, it is you that has brought it forth, and it is you that has the experience that is specific to you. When you are having this experience, it is you that must decide how you feel about it, how you allow it, will you enjoy it or will you not. We will grant that some of them do not feel pleasant, but when you find that erspective of knowing that what is happening to you has been brought about by you and for you, and thusly it is perfect, then you watch it with wonder. You embrace the things that may not feel as pleasant because you know that you have brought forth that which is perfect for you. Your feelings that you feel physically, you are opening channels that were closed, you are freeing areas that were clogged, and you are bringing in a new level of expansion which often brings with it the challenge of breaking through. Breaking through like a cocoon, so you experience physical sensations, for that is one way that your body is accustomed to experiencing, for there are people that do not have the physical sensations, and yet they still may experience a breaking through. Some have emotional sensations, they are all available to everyone. But your physical experience can be observed and enjoyed and the answers that you need will come forth if they are needed. When you find that knowingness that all that you are experiencing is safe and it is perfect because it was brought about by you, then with ease you progress through it.

Q: How does partnership play into that in our lives?

How does partnership play into detachment or valuing self?

Q: We're humans were going to have interactions, when is the right time to partner? Do we need to experience detachment before we have partners?

You can experience detachment with a partner. Detachment does not eradicate love from your life. You will actually find that detachment deepens your love, while at the same time it releases your need. Partnership is right in your life when you desire partnership. You can find detachment before, during or after partnership. You will find when you are detached within partnership, that there is a freedom of being who you are and that with great ease you allow your partner to be who you partner is. Depending on their level of attachment or detachment to how they feel the relationship should be, if you have two detached partners, the love between them is the love that grows two strong, equal beings individually and together. Partnership has an equal flow when there is detachment. When there is not detachment or when there is attachment, need, the stronger one will always prevail. The weaker one will always hold on or acquiesce, for one is attached to need. It is detachment that brings in the great flow of being who and what you are and allowing others to be who and what they are. Interacting within relationship becomes much easier. When there are two adults interacting, it is easy to see the boundaries of one and the other. When there are parents interacting with children, the boundaries are not as clear. When children come in, they have forgotten how to care for their bodies. They are very wise, and they have not yet forgotten their connection to the divine being that they are, but they do not yet know how to care for their bodies, and they do not remember what life on earth is like. They have forgotten how to interact with other people under the parameters of what society expects in this moment in time. As parents are interacting with children, finding detachment is a much bigger challenge than it will ever be with another adult and yet it is of great value to children, for it is that freedom within the scope of great love that allows them to find who they are. It is a different type of detachment, but it still has value, for you will still have to care for their bodies. You will still have such a deep flowing love that to find detachment actually takes more courage. To watch your children grow and find their own choices takes great patience and the understanding that sometimes they will want more independence than they have yet learned. Other times, you may want more dependence than they have yet to give. You will find that you are balancing caring for their safety and yet nurturing their freedom. Detachment is a valuable tool even with children, but it takes a different care than it does with other adults or even with the world around you.


With the idea of valuing the self, you then come to find that you are very independent for all that you need is within and yet you still find joy in the interaction of the human experience. As you do this you begin to find that the joy in life, in living, is in every breath that you take. As you experience this you will find that all around you it is what you begin to see, it is what you begin to feel. You will observe others spinning in their drama, spinning in their fear, and with compassion you will detach. It is the detached being that can actually help heal. It is the detached being that can help another grow, that can help another find their independence for their value is in here (hand on heart). It is that detached being that recognizes how precious life is.

06/22/09 - Cancer New Moon

There is much being said about these times. In many ways, these times now are nothing but the times that you are living, for your body’s physical experience and your mind’s experience are quite adept at adapting. Therefore, as these times come upon you, they seem slightly normal and slightly different and the way that you interpret them depends on how you want to experience them. You can interpret change as bad, good, difficult or easy and there will also be that experience of it that seems out of your control. So as the change confronts you, you react. It is important to observe your reactions, to accept your reactions for what they are and also to decide how it is that you would like to continue to react or to react in the future. So you observe the reaction, you accept the reaction, and then you decide, ‘Is this the reaction I like, would I prefer to change my reaction?’ When you do these three steps observing, accepting and then deciding, you are now moving from reaction into choice. Choice brings with it your empowerment and it is your empowerment that brings you ease with what ever may be presenting itself to you at these times. As you begin to interact with choice, you can now, instead of reacting, utilize the experience for your own expression and joy. With choice you can deal with change in a manner that suits your desires. You can deal with change in a manner that sets you upon the path of your desire.

There is an intricate inner working of synchronistic experience that you have more of a hand in creating than you may realize. The people you meet, the people you pass and seem not to interact with, or the people that you do interact with that you barely know, items that you may hear in passing on television or radio, conversations overheard, thoughts that you think; all of these play in to these synchronistic events that build your experience. In interacting with these synchronistic events, they are so commonplace that you often think them not miraculous. Miracles are occurring around you constantly and yet in many ways this is everyday living, depending on your definition of miracles. When you observe these synchronistic events, the coming together of people, the interactions, the chance meetings, the chance overhearing; you begin to observe that your world on all levels is indeed miraculous. You are helping to build this miraculous world through your desires and your choice. When you decide to interact with all of life from a place of empowered choice, you will begin to see more flow, more miraculous synchronicities. As you live your life from choice, you begin to release the fear and the need and begin to embrace the path of desire, understanding that however that path may look, it serves you well.

When it feels the path has come to a dead end, when you observe and accept that dead end, you realize that it is not a dead end, it is but a turning point and it is for you then to decide which way to turn. It is for you then to understand there is no wrong turn to be made. There is but a turn. When it feels as if you have gotten off your path, if you observe that and accept that, you can then decide how it is that you want that path to reconvene with your desires. In the observance of the seeming misstep from the path, you begin to observe what you have enjoyed, what you have resisted, what you have learned, what you have appreciated and when you accept that seeming misstep from the path, you come to the knowing that there is no misstep. There is only the perfection of the experience you have had. That acceptance then brings you the freedom to choose. It brings you the empowerment to choose for until you accept that which has occurred has been perfect for your learning, you are not free to choose for you are in a state of resentment with yourself. You are in a state of resentment with the flow of life. You are in a state of resentment with others you may blame, thereby putting yourself in a place of non-power. It is the acceptance of the perfection that brings you the freedom and the power to choose. When you choose from this place of observance and acceptance, you will be choosing with the understanding that there is no wrong choice. You will be choosing with the understanding that however that which you choose presents itself, is perfect. So whether it looks like a veering off of the path or a dead end on the path, you will be moving forward in the knowledge that there is no dead end, there is no misstep and there is no wrong choice. There is only the powerful divine being that you are, capable of creating such miracles with ease that they seem commonplace in everyday life. That is how powerful you are. Observe, accept, and choose.

Q: What part of ourselves must we employ to change the choosing part of the steps?

You must employ the first two parts to choose from a place of freedom. So in step one, as you observe, you observe your reactions, which may entail your emotions, it may entail the experience that is going on around you. You observe with your mind and your heart. So you feel and you analyze. Step two is the hardest of the steps for coming to full acceptance that the experience around you, that your reactions, that other people's reactions; that you will allow those to be what they are, that is the challenge. Often you are shown that much is out of your control and you are a victim to what goes on around you. This is why we point out to you the miraculous synchronicities that occur around you at all times, so that you will note those and understand how powerful you are. Coming to acceptance with the experience, the reaction, all that has been; coming to acceptance with that takes great care in the heart, and it takes great courage in the heart. To choose from that place of understanding that all is well, that too, takes great courage and great use of the heart and great use of the mind to create the new that you want to instead of going over the old that you have known.

Q: It sounds like something that requires a lot of practice, perhaps starting with small things and working up to the larger ones .

Yes, that is good advice. Remind yourself of those victories that you have had in changing things. Remind yourself of how capable you are. All too often it is easy for human beings to be their own worst critic or enemy. It is seen as wrong to become your biggest fan. When you observe, accept and choose; you will be doing so from a place of heart that says, ‘I am worthy of love and so is every divine being here.’ In becoming your own biggest fan, you will find that you become a big fan of humanity and life on earth for all its challenges and all its beautiful moments. For each of those, not one or the other, both of those, both play important parts in the symphony of your life. As you progress with observing, accepting and choosing from a place of empowerment, you will find less and less the need to learn through negative experiences will be beneficial, so you will have more learning in a way that seems easier and easier to you. Challenges, even though they may be challenging, need not be so traumatic, and yet when you observe and accept that around you, you will see that it has value even though you need not experience it. It is that observance and acceptance of its right to be that abates the need to experience it.

Q: It sounds like it doesn't really matter what you choose as long as you make a decision and you choose to act within the given moment. I find that I procrastinate. Do you have any advice about procrastination?

As you observe your procrastination, and you observe the feelings that you are feeling behind that procrastination, when you observe them they will come forward and you may find different feelings playing into your procrastination. This is a process of becoming very honest with yourself that will bring you much understanding about the whys of procrastination. These answers may not come all at once, and sometimes when you are not thinking that you are observing your procrastination, in will come an answer or an observance as to why. So you may find many things behind procrastination, for example: you may find resistance to wanting to do something as if you do not want to do it at all but you feel that you must, or you may find a feeling of not knowing how, or you may find feelings that seem unrelated to the experience, such as you are procrastinating for something that has to do with cleaning the house and yet, as you observe it what you will find behind it may have something to do with relationship. The two seem unrelated but observe all that comes into the experience behind it. As you observe, you will begin to piece together bits of the puzzle as to the whys. Do not place too much value on these (the whys) just let them be; in comes the acceptance - the acceptance that you are procrastinating, the acceptance that the reasons behind the procrastination are perfect, the acceptance that the procrastination itself is perfect. As you move into this state of acceptance, having observed pieces of the puzzle, you are now in an open state of non-judgment of self to change from a place of power, from a place of love, rather than the abusive place of doing something wrong, not good enough or not fast enough. It is from this place of openness, love and understanding that everything that has been was perfect, that you find the inspiration, INspiration to move forward. This will unveil for you things that you resisted from fear, things that you resisted from annoyance or things that you were trying to push in a certain direction or timeframe that were not appropriate for that time frame or that direction. Sometimes the reason behind is something you are resisting, sometimes its something you are controlling, but whatever was behind it that you observed was perfect. In that acceptance the fear, the resistance, the control, all of these can now release because you are not keeping them there. They served you, you accepted them as they were, all is well and this is where you choose and create.

As we observe procrastination we see that it is easy to think that there are must-bes, there are best-ways, especially as you compare the experience of others to your own. We say that as you accept the procrastination has served you well, you release the need to hold on to procrastination and you then move forward from it with such ease that you barely recognize that you are no longer engaging. This is part of the beauty of your adaptability.

Q: I was given some advice that instead of focusing on particular things I wanted to do or be in my life that I should focus on the emotion that I'm after instead of the actual thing - to focus on wanting fulfillment or love or joy, and that by concentrating on those emotions that I would raise my vibration and then everything would fall into place. It seems that falls in line with what you're talking about as well.

What we have done is give you steps to follow so that you can put yourself in that emotion that is going to create what you want. Once you observe something and satisfy your mind - but it does more than that, it helps you to recognize patterns so that you can now move away from them; so as you observe and you accept that everything was perfect, you release the focus on what was holding you in a space that didn't make you feel comfortable, that didn't make you feel at ease. Once you move into that observance and acceptance you are now in a place of empowerment and that is where you have access to the feelings of joy, creativity, life, love, fulfillment, excitement - that is where you have access to those feelings. Before you have observed and accepted you feel boxed in, you feel limited, you feel as if something is wrong. When you reach that space of empowerment, that all is well, then you can move out from there. The advice to focus on the feeling helps to take you out of the figuring out how, the making sure you have taken the right step at the right time and did not miss an opportunity and now it is gone. So as you focus on that feeling, you are freeing the mind from boxing you back into rights and wrongs. Also as you experience that feeling you are drawing to you that feeling, as opposed to before when you were still judging your rights and wrongs and feeling limited and off track and at a dead end and haven't done something fast enough or right enough. The ‘I wants’ and the ‘I desires’ from that place are empty words with the emotion of discontent upon them. What will be drawn to that experience is more of the same, limitation, discontent, procrastination judgment, right, wrong. As you move past that space, observe it so that you can feel comfortable in the value of what you experienced there and accept it so that you can know everything before you has been perfect, everything in front of you will be perfect, You will deal with all of it, and you are a powerful being and all is well. From that space, that is where you choose. To focus on an emotion is to utilize a powerful force in your beingness that brings to it that which is its reflection and then you expand and expand and expand.

Q: So what you're saying is that you need to release the emotional block first and then focus on the emotion afterward that you want to attract. So you feel and you analyze, and then once you've accepted and you're allowing it to happen then you can move on from there. But you just can't take a shortcut and start thinking about love or whatever the emotion is first.

That is a loaded question, for by shortcut you then imply there is a long, wrong way or a short, easy way. Any way to get there is the perfect way. If you could, at whatever point, focus so strongly on the love, then this place that you want to get to of feeling fulfillment, joy, excitement, freedom would be there for the focusing and the feeling would be there. It is easy to forget, it is easy to slip back into patterns, and that is where the observance and the acceptance, the acceptance being the powerful catalyst, that is where the observance and the acceptance helps to bring you to a place where you can flow that love more easily. So the observance and the acceptance may happen in the blink of an eye, or it may happen over a period of time; either way that it happens is perfect. And there are many methods for so-called shortcuts that may be effective for some people, or for some people at certain times, and then they become not a shortcut but the appropriate path for that person. The ultimate shortcut is finding your value and finding your capability. Both of those are limitless.

03/26/09 - Aries New Moon

Greetings, Dear Ones. We welcome you to these unprecedented times of change. Exciting change. Sometimes frightening change, but change nonetheless. Here it is upon the entire world. All are feeling it, all are experiencing it, all are affected. Change is here. As you watch those around you comprehending the change that is going on in their world, in their finances, in their own emotions, in their own experiences; it is important to observe and yet not experience for them. It is for each to experience in their own way. Some move past it faster, others stay enmeshed in the emotional aspects, others deny the change is happening. Some may react briskly, some may ponder, some will look to others to help them decide or to help them not decide. But as you observe others dealing with their change, remind yourself that you have the choice of how you are going to deal with your change. It is here. It is here. You may as well embrace it, enjoy it and move along with it. Do not let the words of others influence you to the point that your own change becomes tainted with fear. There is nothing to fear, for all that is happening around you is in perfect order. Perfect order. Divinely orchestrated by your own beingness. As you see others reacting, as you see decisions made that you do not feel are in alignment, understand that all that is happening around you is in perfect order, even if you do not see the end result. Even if it seems as if it is a step backward, what you are experiencing is the turning over of the soil - that turbulence that must happen to bring fresh air and fresh minerals to interact. That is what must be in order to grow the strongest plants. This fertilizing that is happening now, understand that this purging is beneficial for all, and especially you, because it is you that is having your experience. It is especially beneficial for you.

All that is happening now is bringing forth the desire that is needed to actually bring change for all. This is not one country or one people that are affected, it is all. And this is what will bring the final needed stroke to actually becoming a global community. As you begin to process how this change is affecting you, begin to think how it is you are affecting the global community. This is very important at these times because everything that you do will begin to reach out to other places bit by bit and affect the global experience. This may not seem strong at first, but as you begin to understand the influence that you are having on the global experience, you will begin to understand that you are indeed connected and then these connections will come to you. Then you will begin to experience the actual interaction. You are becoming global beings. You are becoming aware of your connection to all that is. So as you experience this change, and as you begin to look at your own experience and how that affects all, you will be expanding your own energy out, and you will be feeling the reverberations from that expansion. It is a time of great change. These are the exciting times that you came forth to experience, for there has never been a time before that has offered such excitement and such potential for unity and the freedom to experience that unity with your own unique signature.

As you embark upon creating your life in this time of change, remember that you are incredibly adaptable to all different types of experiences. Do not pigeon-hole yourself into only one experience; become accustomed to new things coming into your life. Become accustomed to going with the flow. Become accustomed to planning and yet being open to the plans not happening as you it thought they would. This, too, is part of your experience as you interact with more energies, you will then readjust so that you can accommodate the exciting new energies that are choosing to interact with you. It is a time of grand potential. As you open to change, you will enjoy this experience and find it evermore expanding, even while those around you find it fearful.Do not allow their experience of it to in any way make you feel as if you must react in the same way. Be excited. Be aware of your expansion and your interaction with the global community, and follow, follow your heart, your love, your joy, your excitement. This is the time for you and this is the potential you have been preparing for. It is now time to begin to expand and this is what these times bring you.

Q: So what are some things that we can do to make sure that we're in the flow, expanding and helping to move along with this potential?

You will know you are in the flow when it feels good. There will be a feeling of excitement even through the cloud of indecision. Even through the unknown, there will still be this feeling of excitement . When you are faced with options and you are not certain that you are in the flow, when you sit with your options and look for what brings you excitement, you will recognize when you are in the flow. You will recognize how to point yourself in a direction and even in that direction you will recognize that you may change back and forth, to and fro, take a right take a left, but you will find the experience exciting, joyful, even though there may be bits of fear or questions unanswered. You will find your excitement. You will point in directions, you will find doors opening. When you open and you direct your energy, the synchronicities flow to you. You will recognize these and understand that when they come instead of talking yourself out of their miraculousness, you will now recognize that they are a doorway that has opened for you to go through.

Q: Should we create doorways, too, or just wait for them to arrive?

You create doorways often. There is a way of thinking that creates doorways and there is a way of doing that creates doorways, and then there is a way of Being that creates doorways. When you are thinking and when you are doing, you can still create doorways. This is possible. But your doorways that you create when you are Being have less limitations upon them. When you are Being, your expectations are not limiting what can come to you. When you are thinking, you are using information you have previously had or someone else has previously had. When you are doing, you are following steps that you have outlined and they are limited as such. Neither of those is wrong; however, they are not as expanded as Being. When you are Being, you are residing in the Knowledge that as a Creator upon this Earth, All that you need Flows to you. All that you are pointed in the direction towards Being, Flows to you. When you are Being, you have not the picture upon it that has decided what it must look like, you are open to many different pictures, even that which has not been imagined. There are many things that you can do to open a door, there are many ways to ponder that you can open a door; or you can Be, you can express your creativity and open the doors that way. There is action in all of these. Some is more limited action and some is more expressive action, creative action, new action, inspired action. This will be the difference that you will also notice from your first question. When you are opening doorways with ways you have thought to open them or doing things that you know will lead you to a certain point, you will feel that limitation. It could have many different feelings; trepidation, disappointment, anxiety, fear, anger - many different feelings it can have. The Beingness has an innate peacefulness to it, because you Know with all of your being that what ever comes your way is a gift from the Universe that you yourself have created. Whether it seems like what you want or it seems like what you expect will not matter to you, the only thing that will matter is that you have experienced it and continue to move. It is an expansive and a peaceful way to open doors. That could be action, that could be feeling, that could be experiencing, even things that may not be pleasant; but your underlying Knowingness is that all is in Divine Order, and you are such a capable being that this experience brings you the Joy of Life.

Q: It seems like you're describing us when we're Being like we're being an open magnet that's pulling a lot of stuff to us.

Yes, you are a magnetic being after all, and the confusion is that people often think that ‘to be’ is to sit; ‘to do,’ that is standing and moving. Being moves mountains. Doing just makes you tired.

Q: Tonight I was told that I will be channeling dolphins which will be very interesting for me, but how will that help the world? You were saying to think of community and unity.

Are dolphins not masterful at community and unity? Dolphins have much to teach on this Earth. Much to teach. Much happens with their energy that you do not see. You can observe them and understand and learn things from the way that they live or you can also go beyond that, even though it is a valiant lesson. You can go beyond that to the energy that they experience, they emit, they receive. They are brilliant animals as are you, and they do have much to teach. Your experience with them is not limited to this earth, is not limited to this plane, and what they bring forth is not limited to words. There is much in the interaction as you are bringing dolphin energy through that will have much advantage for healing people around you. They bring not only wisdom, they bring health, they bring peace, they bring emotional well-being and they bring healing to relationships, for they do have a very strong community. You interact with them often. You do not stop and they are not so separate from you. If all of your DNA could be observed by your scientists, they would recognize that you have shared DNA with many different animals and different people will have more of a resonance to different animals. And you have a very strong resonance to the Dolphins.

Q: Is that a Sirius connection?

It is many different places, they are not only limited to Sirius. In fact, they are almost never serious, yes?

Q: Am I already interacting with them in my sleep? How can I make that conscious if I am?

You think that conscious interaction would be different than your sleeping interaction. When you are ready to let go of how you think the conscious interaction should be, you will recognize that you have been interacting all along. Begin to notice when you feel that they are around you. Begin to notice where you feel them touching you on your body, where you feel them whispering to you. Begin to notice when you have the sensation of their skin upon your fingertips. You will recognize that at any point in time that you choose, you can become aware of your constant interaction with them. You are attuning your awareness. So much happens while you are sleeping because you are not stopping it from happening. In your waking hours you do not expect it, so you do not look for it. When you become aware you will recognize more and more that it is available to you and you can call upon it whenever you want and you will find that sometimes it calls upon you.

Q: What is your motivation for coming to talk to us? For us it feels like a really wonderful opportunity to find things out that we otherwise cannot, but I'm wondering what it is that brings you here.

It is exciting. Why would we not come here and experience the joy of being with you? You ask us questions as if you do not already know the answers and we know that you do, but it is exciting to watch this human experience, where the answers are not so obvious to you perhaps at first, but they are there. You forget who you are, what you are capable of doing, and the physical body that you are experiencing is so different from how you are that it is exciting for us to observe this from your perspective firsthand. You are so vast, so connected to everything that when you come into these separate bodies with limitations, the excitement of that for us is a perfect opportunity, a perfect opportunity. We are with you at all times in many different ways, as you sleep you interact on many different levels. You are vaster than you realize - experiencing all over this earth, all over this universe, and yet you come here and you forget, as it should be. For when you learn like this step-by-step, and at this time leap by leap; then you Know and you expand upon that. Because of that the universe itself expands. You think you are just one body walking around touching things and yet you do not recognize that you touch everything through all time. It is an exciting opportunity.

Q: Would you mind telling me what the Crown of Isis is and why it got put on my head today?

It was put upon you because it was time and because you allow it. The Crown of Isis is much older than Isis, but that is the name that has the recognition for you. The Crown of Isis represents the connection with all things. It is the mother, the Divine Feminine that is connected to all things for she birthed all things. And yet to separate this into one person or one gender is not wholly correct, but it will serve the purpose of understanding. So as you accept the Crown of Isis, you accept that you gave birth to all things. You are therefore connected through all time. You nurture and you progress this universe for you birthed it. Is that a responsibility you are ready for? [As long as everyone else is sharing that, sure.] You are well prepared, well-prepared. Ultimately it is for you to come back to the fullness of you, for as you recognize that you have birthed it all, you recognize how vast you are.

02/24/09 - Pisces New Moon

We desire to speak today of resistance. You have already among you the clearest statement, ‘resistance is futile.’ This we see as one of your great truths. Resistance serves you not. Resistance, it does not move you forward, and yet it does not keep you still. For you turn to resistance thinking that somehow it will serve you - that you can force your way someplace else when life seems to be propelling you in the other direction. Not wanting to move forward, not wanting change, you turn to resistance. Often times it is the resistance itself that brings about the change in the uncomfortable direction. As you resist that which is before you, you admit to yourself that what is before you is greater than you, that you are incapable of moving through it. This is what resistance teaches. Truth teaches that all that is before you, all that comes into your experience, is there to move you forward. To grow you. To experience you. There is nothing before you that is greater than you. As you resist you are feeding that notion that you are not capable of moving through. This is not who you are, capable you are. All that is before you and around you has been brought forth from Love, has been brought forth from the Force that knows you as Divine.

There are times when you resist when you do not even realize that is what you are doing. There are times when the energy of resistance is upon you, and yet you think because you are pushing that you are not resisting. Any force that does not flow with all that is, is a force of resistance. When you push, you are offering a force of resistance. There is a fine line of moving forward and pushing. You will recognize the difference by the way they feel. As you move forward, you will find a flow helping to propel you. Experientially this will look like doors opening, synchronicity. You may have trepidation along the path, but it will be far outweighed by the excitement, by the desire. It's opposite, when instead of moving forward you are pushing, seems like a force in the same direction yet there is a very different energetic to it and certainly a different experience. When pushing you will find opposition, as you push you will feel a force back. Experientially this is like doors closing, this is confusion. Instead of joy, desire and excitement propelling you forward, you will have the emotions of over-extended pride, ego, power, greed. You have that spectrum of emotions moving you. Move you they can, but you will find the progression slower and more difficult. This difference between moving forward and pushing forward, from the external view they could seem similar. From the energy behind them and the experience of them, you will recognize them to be different.

There are times when you resist by choosing the path of avoidance. Even this (avoidance) can have juxtaposing forces. As you weigh them in your mind, you wonder, am I avoiding or am I choosing another path – perhaps a better path, an easier path. There is never a wrong path that you can take, for however you choose to move or not move, the universe will set before you the circumstances that you desire on a soul level. As you evaluate resistance in the form of avoidance, recognize when you are stepping back and recognize when you are stepping to the side. The difference between the two; avoidance could be stepping back and choosing not to move forward. Or you may opt to move to the side. This is like taking a different path, for that which is before you is undesired. You do not have to experience every path, you can choose to take a step to the side and a new path. Taking a step to the side is not avoidance in the sense of not moving. It is choosing a different path.

Resistance can be cloaked in many different forms. It is for you to recognize within your own experience when you are allowing resistance to guide you, or when you are making choice to allow. Sometimes you may feel as if you are resisting because it seems that the movement you are desiring is not happening. As you view this, when you go into a state of allowing, the clarity will show you by experience, by feeling and by ease whether you are resisting or just at a point of choice. It is that being in a state of allowance with all that is in your experience that will show you indeed, resistance is futile.

Q: So how does one get into a state of allowance, if you're in the throes of resistance, how do you shift it to a state of allowance?

Each experience will bring you a different degree of resistance. In the throes of resistance, to find that state of allowance may be more challenging sometimes than others; but available it always is. You will find many different methodologies and we recommend that you keep a few in your pocket, for one time one may work and another time it does not work so well for you. It is not broken. It is just that this particular experience of resistance is not easily melted with that particular charm. Some methodologies for finding allowance when you are in resistance, one is to find your focus. It is easy and helpful to find your focus with the breath. When you focus on the breath it has many benefits that will assist with this throe of resistance. Physically, as your body breathes, you are bringing chemical equations that now can interact with the hormone release you have just had from the resistance. So the breath will bring physical relief. As you focus your mind on the breath, you will find that the grip the resistance had upon your mind begins to loosen. As you focus on the breath, you will begin to remember. You will begin to remember that is how easy life is - a breath in, feed the body, a breath out. As you focus on this cycle; breath in, feed the body, breath out, you will remind yourself that which you are resisting right now, is either a breath in, a pause to feed the body or a breath out; and behind it is always the next cycle. Another methodology: when you are in the grips of resistance nature can soothe you well. It has an effect on the body as it is part of you, and as you interact with it - even if you are walking angrily by it - it will be touching you. As you begin to feel that you will find the melting of your resistance as nature assists in unlocking that for you. Trees, flowers, grass, air, water, animals, they all assist. It is very natural for them. They rarely find themselves in resistance so assisting you is a joy for them. You will find other methodologies available to you. You will find what works for you. You will find some you are more drawn to, you will find some that work for you almost every time and those few times it does not work for you find another way. Perhaps it will work again the next time.

Q: You've spoken a lot of feeling an experience, what role does the reasoning intellect have in overcoming resistance?

The reasoning intellect is a marvelous tool. You use your reasoning intellect when you want to break barriers that have been built in your mind, sometimes by your reasoning intellect, yes? It can be a support or it can be a hindrance. Your choice is how much you allow it. When you are using your reasoning you can use it to categorize, objectify, find differences, find similarities and then make choice from this place. When it controls you, you will find that your emotions, which are a vital part of your beingness, are being suppressed. When you find the balance between your reasoning intellect and your emotions you will find that you have a much broader tablet to work from. Emotions and intellect are both very useful tools. It is the reasoning intellect that helps you interpret. It is the emotion that points you in a direction. The challenging emotions point you in a direction that does not feel good, the positive easy emotions point you in a direction that does feel good. You use your reasoning to define for you the why, the how, the when; and you allow your emotions to clue you in as to when your intellect is serving you. They will tell you when your intellect is not serving you - and if you allow it, your intellect will try to talk you out of that. When you value the emotional experience equally with the intellectual experience - that is where you will find there is not one path forward - there is 360° of available movement to you. This is why if you really listen to your famous scientists, you will find that at the base of all that they do, they are really a poet.

Q: A lot of times we use the terminology of resistance as resisting a bad habit or resisting temptation, so we use it like a strength. Is that the same energy of the resistance that you're talking about or is it a flipside?

Resistance always has an energy that is different than allowance. The challenge is to know how much allowance and how much resistance can serve you. There are examples in your life, where resistance may serve you - monogamy is certainly an example where resistance of availability of all that is around you could potentially unmonogamize you, resistance to that seems to serve you. Drugs, many of the vices that are deemed so bad; resisting them seems to serve you. When anything is met with an openness, you will find it becomes not a choice of resistance, but a choice of desire. When you meet the drugs that you should be resisting, because they are illegal, they are dangerous, when you meet them with an openness you will find the decision has much clarity for you. Often times when people meet these things they should be resisting by law of humans, they do not meet it with clarity, they do not meet it with an openness, they meet it with many other energies upon them. For instance, they may be feeling fear, danger, rebellion, they may be feeling that the experience will bring them something they do not already have. That same drug met from a place of no judgment, no resistance, would not seem the problem and the choice would be as easy to you as deciding what you would like to eat for a meal - do I want this, yes or no? Often times as you set up these items and experiences that should be resisted, it is just another form of judgment that perhaps should not be blanketed upon everyone. That which can serve one person, that which can serve in a certain way is deemed wrong for all. So your judgment upon it is your resistance. As you wear that as a badge for how resistant you can be, that way of being infiltrates every aspect of your life. When you look at other people and their choices, when you look at your own choices, you will see right/wrong, good/bad, black/white. Finding your own clear judgments about all that is before you and all that is around you, becomes a place of discerning with clarity what it is you want in your life - not your shoulds, but your desire. Often times as you find a straight path, you have missed much scenery along the way. There are those humans that operate very well like this from the outside, very regimented. Yet they do not see all that regimented energy keeps from them. As you find yourself singularly focused on one way, you will find that you have missed many opportunities that were available with just one step to the side. So when you find yourself completely convinced that one way is the right way, this is the right thing, this is the wrong thing, this is the bad thing - ask yourself why? Your mind will want to give you a lot of reasons why if you allow it. But step to the side and view it from a new perspective. Rather than right or wrong, see that it is but a choice. Even when you think it is nothing but fact, there is always a way to discern when the facts have been tainted with opinion.

Q: I'm wondering about what the role of resistance is to begin with in our lives. Is it just an engine to drive us toward understanding allowance and flow or is there another reason that its in our lives?

The reason is because you allow it. Resistance does serve you; it does serve you to learn. You have answered your own question, and you have already applied what we have spoken to you about. Resistance in and of itself is not wrong or bad. When you find yourself in resistance - rejoice, because you have found yourself. It is but an experience, it is but another teacher. Do not resist the resistance. Or you will have unlearned all that it is to do. When you find yourself in resistance just allow that to be. When you surrender to the resistance you have automatically entered into allowance. You will find that from that experience of surrendering to the resistance, that even resistance becomes just another experience of joyful beingness.

01/25/09 - Aquarius New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE

We come to speak today of the expansion that you are currently experiencing. The expansion of these times is inevitable. The expansion is now. You can choose to resist, but you will find that as you resist the expansion, you will feel the physical challenge, you will feel the emotional challenge and you will feel the challenges manifesting in your life as you resist against that which comes forth. This is a great time of movement. And it is now before you to choose to move along with it, or to choose to resist. If you choose to move along with it, recognize that this is a time of action. It is your actoin that will move you forward. This has been coming forth for a great long time, and now as you may probably be aware, it is upon you, where the movement and the action is the way that you will expand along with all of that that is around you.

If you pay attention to others’ experience, and you pay attention to all of the words that are around you of how this experience is or will be, you will lose focus of what is right for you. Each will move along in their path, as is best for their own growth and expansion. You will hear others complaining. You will hear others in fear. If you listen and allow that to come into your experience, then your own growth, your own expansion will be stunted. Do not allow the experience of others to guide your path. Allow what you know within your heart and your mind to guide you forth. You will recognize the feelings in your heart with their emotions. You will recognize with clarity in your mind when it is an idea that supports you. If you hear too many of the words of others, your mind will not have the clarity that it needs to recognize the best path for you. Find others around you that can help support your movement. Experience interacting with those that support your emotions and support your ideals. Not just your ideas, that you will use your own heart to judge; but as you have those around you supporting your ideals, there you will find that interaction to assist you and move you forward, versus those that can only complain and express through fear and oppose your expansion. You can offer them some interaction as you feel it is necessary, but do not allow yourself to be swept away into their experience. A compassionate ear at times can be beneficial, but know that you are the only one responsible for you. They are responsible for their own reactions, their own interpretations, and their own choices. You need not carry anyone along with you. They have their own experience. It can feel as if this is selfish feelings, that is not so. To be selfish, you must experience the suppression of another to take for yourself. To be selfish you must stop others so that you may proceed forward. Any experience of serving yourself works to support others, because you teach them to serve themselves as well. You share with responsibility, you do not save others from their own choices. You expand yourself and allow others their own choice. It is a selfless act to enhance your own life so that you may in turn enhance others as well. Even by the own joy that you experience through your prosperity, your creativity, your oneness, your joy, this is the gift that teaches others what they are capable of accomplishing. You do not teach by saving someone. You teach by exemplifying what an expanded, what a confident, what a capable human does to live a prosperous, a joyful life. This is the gift that you give. This is the time.

This is the time that you are given the gift of expanding yourself forward. You may have noticed before that expansion seemed challenged. There were ideas, there were desires, but the foundation was not yet able to hold the tall building, the Beacon. This time now is where you will begin to build, to manifest that which you desire to grow in your life, your life. Your life, in turn, will touch, will teach and will show others this new way of being. Look to your heart, look to your emotion, for it will show you when you are building with joy, with excitement, with progress versus building with fear, building with greed, building structures that do not represent the Truth of you. Use the information that your heart pours forth towards you with your emotions to discern what it is you are building. Utilize your mind to help structure that in this physical world. Use your heart first to inspire it forth, for if you allow only the mind to decide you will be caught in structures that have a shaky foundation, for they have the energy of mixed emotions that you have not yet cleared to a resonance that is in alignment with your whole truth. You must discern. Discern the intent behind what it is you want. As you do this, just the discernment in and of itself will begin to clear it out. As you become aware, you then become focused. The awareness, the awareness is the first step and the rest happens automatically. With awareness you move forward. When you are not aware, you do not know how to move forward, because you have different energies hitting you from different sides and you cannot clearly move forward. It is your awareness that begins this process and then you are free to move. There may be a short period of time as you become aware that you begin to think, you begin to process the opposing information. Allow yourself to step back into your heart and understand with your knowingness that it is but the awareness, it is but the awareness that you need. You do not need a complex formula to clear the awareness from your beingness, you just need the awareness and your movement will come forth. Allow that time to clear and become still with new information. When it is time to move forward your heart will know. Your heart will indicate to your mind that it is now time to move forward.

This time of movement can bring much with it. It can bring much excitement, it can bring much fear. These two energies, excitement and fear, are but mirrors of each other. Fear is something you do not know yet what to do with, what will happen, so you feel fear. You feel excitement also when you don't know what will happen. They are similar feelings, it is just your perception that differs them. So choose. The things that you fear, choose to become excited about the opportunity they present to you. Let that move you forward. One can stop you, and yet the other can move you forward. Choose excitement. You can either view through a filter of fear, or view through a filter of excitement, that is your choice. In this time of expansion, you will want excitement propelling you because the fear will be felt physically, emotionally and it will be seen in your manifestations. Choose excitement. Because the change and the expansion is upon you. Enjoy it. Enjoy it. You have secretly wanted it and just did not know that it was going to come anyway, a little bit before you were ready. That is part of the excitement, for if you were ready, it wouldn't feel so change like, would it? Expanding, expanding can be fun.

Q: All of us here have changes that we are trying to bring about relating to how we make a living - starting businesses, or changing businesses that we already do. Can you relate what you just said specifically to starting a new business?

It brings us great joy to discuss this topic. For as never before, understand that it is your time. It is your time. It is those that have no desire, no inkling (of starting a business) of finding their own path, that will find more challenge in this time. For all of the challenges you have felt in starting your own business, this time now will help support you. You will still take your steps, because if you do nothing, nothing will happen. This time, especially. If you take this time, this energy, this support that you are receiving from universal forces, if you take this time now to help propel you forward from your heart, you will find more support than you have felt before. So this time now is your time. Look to the energy that you feel in your heart, that really shows who you are and what it is that you came here touch everyone with. Everyone. If you choose to expand, to ignite, to roar your truth; no longer whisper it, but to roar it, then this is your time.

Q: We're all stuck in various ways. Can you say anything to us as a group or as individuals as to why we've been stuck? We've all been itching to get on with it rather than be stuck.

Just prior to you physically vocalizing the question, the hands (of the channel) went to the heart for a reason. This is where your focus will go to help unstick you. In this room all of you have previously affected the world. You have roared before and been silenced. Unconsciously, as this time comes upon you, you feel this excitement and you feel this fear. This instability in the mind doesn't help guide you forward in clear steps. You take a step, you hit a wall and you step back. That happens too many times, you are bruised and now you step way back. So as you look to your heart and find that stillness, and begin from that point to imagine what it is that you really want, the underlying energy, not the physical structure of this is what my job, my business will be. Go to your heart and say, ‘what is it that is the energy that I want to push forward to the world?’ To the world. As you do this you will unstick. You will unstick that energy. Within this stillness in your heart, ‘what is the energy that I want to bring forth to the world?’ And as you do this, the ideas of 'how to' will present themselves POP! like that; that easily. A new step and a new step and a new step as this (your heart) becomes your voice. This (your heart) is your voice. This will be a natural progression. Now that we have gotten to what is most important, we will answer the other question. You have been stuck because it has been better for you to be stuck until this time. It may not feel so, but you have been doing so much preparation and learning that needed to come forth before you were ready to begin to really grow forward into the world.

Q: What do you do when the bills keep coming and the funds are not there?

Hard to find excitement,yes? As you experience the survival issues, one of the hardest parts about them is the fear becomes overwhelming. You cannot turn it into excitement, you cannot turn it into solution so easily. You feel overwhelmed. Finding that stillness that serves you and supports you becomes quite a challenge, quite a challenge. It would be nice if we had an answer for you that involved some lottery numbers. But that is not so, for the process that you are making through your life is the choice that you have made up until now that has best served you. Frustrating, understandably. But it is the choice that you have been making. It takes but a new choice to begin to shift it. You can start that shift by coming to a place of understanding in your heart, that will help abate the overwhelming fear. You can do that by finding the perspective that shows you that through all of this you have been taken care of, through all of this challenge there was still solution and solution and solution. It may not have been easy, but there is was. It may not have been the windfall of a lottery, but there it was - solution to sustain you. [But what about when the basic survival, my house, the bills and property taxes and insurance? I don't have the money for that?] This is coming into your experience because of the choices that you have made along the way. Even with all of that you were still able to sustain. As you find that perspective and understanding you begin to abate the overwhelm that keeps you spinning around the same question, the same experience over and over with no solution. The challenge is to be in overwhelming fear of survival, even though you have been surviving, you forget you have been surviving, the challenge is to find that new perspective in the midst of it. That is what you must do to shift it. That is what you must do to shift it. For if you do not find that perspective, you will continue to find the little solution, the little solution, the little solution that but sustains your same path. You will find that will get this bill paid and that bill paid in the nick of time, but you will not find something that begins to clear it until you start making choices from a place of, 'I survive, it is what I do.' Right now you are making your choices from, 'what if, what if, the worst, the worst,' so your solutions are coming from desperation. You, your challenge, you must find that, just the inklings. Remember through all of this you have been surviving, that will not change. The only thing that will change is you will either survive with more ease even if it is bit by bit, or you will continue to survive with just as much stress. That is where you make the choice and it starts with that perspective shift that begins with, 'no matter what happens, I survive. As I begin to calm myself, even if it is for a moment, then solution that resonates with that calm begins to come in.' If you only make solution from a place of desperation, you get but a little piece of cheese to sustain you.

Q: What about injustices, like financial things that aren't even correct, things that are against me, like bills that aren't mine that are being thrown at me?

There is no injustice that can happen to you that you do not allow.

Q: So it's me standing up for myself?

It is you standing up for yourself if that is what needs to happen. Everything that comes into your experience you have drawn in, you have allowed in. That can be a tough pill to swallow, for there are many things that happen to you, even disease related, that you logically say, 'I did not choose this, it just happened.' There was a part of you that chose that experience, that allowed that experience, that drew that experience so that you may learn and grow from it and through it. Come back to the place of calm and solution comes from there.

Q: What about physical pain? There are things I need to do and my physical body, my lower back spasms out.

Your physical body reacts to compounded emotions over time. So before it finds itself manifested in your physical body, it has been rolling around in your emotional body and your mental body prior to manifestation. Now as you finding yourself wanting to move forward and your physical body is challenging you, the physical pain itself is a teacher for you to show you where you have been choosing in the past that is now manifesting in your present. Your physical body indicates misalignment with the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body. You can utilize this pain to show you where you need to shift to come into better alignment. In the interim as you feel the pain that begins to overwhelm the emotional and mental system, it has an impact on how you deal with moving forward. It has many emotional structures that begin to fold into depression, hopelessness because of the physical pain. You must find the steps that you can take to help alleviate the physical and support the physical. This is why we say that now at this time of expansion, if you are resisting the growth you will feel it in the physical. You are having many physical experiences and symptoms that are coming up now as this great purging happens so that you can expand. You have to utilize the same structures that you would utilize to move yourself forward in any other way. In an emotional way, in a way of physical manifestation on your earth for jobs, money, relationship; it is the same for your physical body. Come back to your heart and in the stillness ask, 'what do I need to learn from this.' Only ask the question 'why' if you are prepared to take action. Ask, 'What do I need to learn from this.' Take the steps necessary to alleviate, to support the physical. Nutrition, exercise, meditation, silence, stillness, support the physical through this. Very important at this time. Just as resistance to expansion will bring the physical and emotional challenges, resistance to supporting the vehicle that you use will also bring forth physical and emotional challenges. It is the time of action, so it is time to take responsibility for what you are feeding your body. It is time to take responsibility for how you are nurturing, relaxing and resting your body. It is time to take responsibility for how you are growing and increasing the strength of your body. Take responsibility to nurture it properly. It is the same challenge that you will experience with all that brings challenge into your life now. Finding the stillness, finding the perspective, and taking the action that needs to be taken to create change.

Q: So this is an energetic flow issue in a way, if you have financial problems or lower back problems, if you start concentrating on the physical body, like doing deep breathing, yoga, stretching, that will bring up the issues and allow it to flow better?

All of life is about flow; increasing flow, moving with flow or moving with ebb when it is time; that is the natural process of life. You will find that as you support the physical with rest, with movement, with nutrition, with strenuous exercise and meditative exercise, with all of that you will ebb and flow as needed and the physical will reflect that. The financial will reflect that as well. The relationships will reflect that as well.

Q: So we've created a block through our emotions so we have to take action to release it?

Yes, it has come into physical manifestation because the emotional or mental choice has been made that has brought forth this experience.

Q: So it's based on fear?

Or lack of flow=lack of love. The many degrees of fear.

Q: What does the knee mean?

Knee can mean different things for different people. Knee tends to be around flexibility with support and flexibility with action. Flexibility in the way that you will create, move, expand and grow. Flexibility with the way that you support yourself. Standing tall when you need to stand tall. Standing out of the way so that someone else can be in the spotlight. Stepping into the spotlight. The way you support yourself. The way you stand, the way you present, the way you experience and live. Flexibility in action can mean stepping back when it is time to step back, stepping forward when it is time to step forward. Moving with deliberation, moving with excitement versus moving with fear or trepidation. Once it is manifested in your knees you can look to these issues emotionally to help move that block. To help move the energy that is concentrated into pain and help it grow you, help it expand you. All you have to do is listen to it, listen to what it is telling you, because it is now yelling loudly. Then take the steps necessary to alleviate.

Q: What about feet?

Feet plant you on the earth, better described feet are about survival, feet are about interaction.

Q: Going back to what you were saying about being still and listening to your heart about finding out what it is that you want to roar, you said that ideas come quickly into your mind.

As you look to what it is that you will roar forth and you focus on the heart, you find that emotion, that energetic that you are wanting to roar forth. The ideas of the how and when will come forth. You will find that there are many different ways to flow forth to the world. It is the stillness when you resonate with that energy of, 'this is flow,' the ideas come in about the why the how the when and the who. When you just think logically, you are not in the energy of flow. You are in a box that can only deal with information that it has previously had in order to process something that seems new. You are not in an expanded open state. It is this connecting with the heart that the how and why will come right in. You will think, 'that has been there all along, why did I not think of that before?' Perhaps you or perhaps it was not ready and now it is. There will be steps to take, there may even be things process with your imagination, with your categorizing, but that will come from that flow and it will move forward.

Q: It sounds like a process to keep doing.

Yes, there will be new levels and sometimes you will only be shown what you need for that step, just that step. It may feel like it comes to a dead end, but it was a necessary process. It was necessary in that moment and you do not yet see the entire picture but you are there.


The exciting thing about this time now is that you do not have all the information. If you did it would not be exciting. It seems as if you just want to know and then you will be excited. That is not what you really want in your heart, just your mind. There is such great potential in these times and potential is what propels you. Potential is what excites you. It is that desire, that longing that moves you forward. You have had the feeling of your potential being dampened. That was necessary for these times. It was, it is not any more, and you were not ever truly dampened, just wise. Wise. For now, you will find that your action, your emotion, can move you forward on steadier ground. It is you that must move forward. Sometimes that feels rewarding and sometimes it does not. Do not allow those times that do not feel so rewarding to dampen your potential. Maintain that excitement, for this is your time.

11/27/08 - Sagittarius New Moon

Channeling Shiva

This time of rapid movement as your year begins to come to a close brings into a focal point your endings and your beginnings. This topic we have covered before. Your endings and your beginnings are not so succinct, they cross-over, they draw out, they intermingle with one another. Yet you appreciate endings and you appreciate beginnings, so you find a way to bring them to a focal point for your own understanding and your own continued movement forward. There are endings that you look forward to, that you pray for, there are endings that you try to avoid. There are endings that bring you ease and endings that bring you fear. All of these bring you growth. All endings bring you growth. This is a constant in your life, growth. Growth involves change, for in stepping to a new level, you must leave another level behind. In order to grow sometimes you must become so uncomfortable in your skin that you would shed it. Sometimes you must observe the growth of others, sometimes you must reflect upon your past, sometimes you use the engine of comparison to propel you. This can benefit you if you keep your perspective of love clear. It will cease your growth if you compare through the perspective of lack, through the perspective of less than. If you find this feeling when you compare your growth to others or when you reflect upon your past, then it serves you not. There is a natural component to your mind that categorizes. In order to categorize you find differences, you find similarities, you relate things to another. This engine of comparison, of categorizing, can help you along your growth or stop you. Allow it to serve you, do not allow it to control you. By your choice, you can find the perspective of love. By your choice, you can release the categories and comparisons that bind you and enhance those that propel you forward. By your choice, you can find within your perspective of love a limitlessness to your beingness that expands you well beyond that which you might compare. This comparison, this categorizing can set limits. There is an art to looking beyond what has been before, looking beyond what is now, and being that which has yet to be dreamed. It is a quantum shift. It starts between the spaces that you see, it starts pre-physical manifestation and it begins to form and it begins to form and it forms itself into something palpable, into something experienceable, into something livable. From this quantum experience, comes a physical experience unlimited by previous experience. How is it that you find the energy to build this? Release the limitations that you place upon yourself. Release the limitations that all those around you put upon you. Your rate of expansion is guided by your choice. The most powerful engine you have is that of love. This energy of love is the true force that moves you. It is the true force that moves you. At times you experience love to varying degrees. Love unbridled is a force you have yet to experience. Seek it out and you will find moments, moments and more moments where you touch it. Just a touch is all you need and you will find more and more and your quantum idea will grow into physical experience.

Q: Can you give an example of a comparison that propels us forward rather that restricts us?

When you find a comparison that feels good to you, you will find that it propels you towards rather than away. You find a comparison of a person, of a job, of a form of art and you find yourself striving and growing towards. It does not bring about feelings of unworthiness, it does not bring about feelings of lack - it brings about an excitement for growth towards. And then you find as you reach it, you then reach beyond. From the opposite extreme you can find yourself in a mode of comparison that brings you little but the feeling of lack. Two extremes, and yet you may find that at times that which propels you towards with feelings of excitement may have a small mix of feelings of lack. You are able to focus, you are able to shift your perspective of love and continue to move towards growth rather than focusing on the lack and ceasing growth. You do this naturally in your systems, some of this is beneficial, some of this is not. As you seek degrees and grade levels in school, this can be beneficial for some people. This same engine can cause others distress. As you compare your grade levels, you will find that sometimes these categories do not serve. While some thrive in this environment, others do not. And instead of finding the environment they do thrive in, they have no other choices. There is no adjusting the environment for those that choose to learn in a different way, or excel in a different way. There is a structure and either you fit it or you don't; winners fit it well, losers do not. In this way, the comparisons do not serve growth. Yet for those winners it seemingly serves their growth well. However, the absolute structure of the system may not put them in a place where they can excel outside of that structure, so the engine of comparison has them locked. So as all of your comparisons feel good, focus towards the growth, then they serve you well. When they do not feel good, instead of comparing find a new structure, find a new modality, find a new way of exercising your own type of learning, your own type of being, your own type of expressing. So as you search for a new modality of expression, you may sample others and compare what they are doing, see how they feel to you. Through all of this sampling, you may still find that some feel good and some do not, yet it has nothing to do with you, only with your preference. The caveat of these structured engines is that many get lost and they do not know how to find their own way off the path. As you search for the expression of you, watch how you use comparison, watch how you use categorizing. Does it limit you, does it bind you, or does it inspire?

Q: Since love is the most powerful engine, can you suggest ways for us to create, expand or maintain love?

Often times as you are experiencing love, humans have challenges receiving it and they have limits on giving it. As you are beginning to find new ways to experience a more expanded love, find experiences with love that have no emotional charge for you. This takes a keen awareness of your own feelings of love for most often in this experiment as you are beginning this you will find that it is easiest to love that which you have not tried to love before. For often there is an emotional charge, there is a preset condition that will inhibit love flow. You may find it easier to love a tree, an animal, a piece of nature, a wholeness of nature, an experience of a moment. You may find these easier to love than say a human that you have a lot of history with or a new human that you have just met. For in that instance, you will be expecting. You may be expecting reaction, you may be expecting gratitude for your love, you may be expecting to receive love back. But with an experience, with a piece of nature, with an animal - you will have less conditions already set upon that love. As you find that you can generate a powerful love with nothing in return, you will begin to notice what it is that you do receive in return. You will begin to notice how easy it is to find love in a breath, in the play of sunlight, in the feeling of the earth on your feet. When you become aware of what you receive from that, you will find it easier to access for the things that challenge you. Then you can begin to find love in those moments where it may not be your first choice. It is available as your second choice and you will take that opportunity because you know how good it feels. You will begin to notice the benefit that you have when you choose love over the perception of any sort lack and you will want to share that benefit with all that you come into contact with. It will become easier and easier and it will become your natural perception of how you observe everyone. They have that same love within them, but whether or not they are activating it has no bearing on your own choice to do so.

Q: Is love just an internal feeling or does it also manifest itself physically?

Love is alive, do you doubt that? It is not just sitting dormant, it is alive and thriving. When you generate it you are actually allowing it to flow through you. Though it may feel that it comes from inside, it is better stated that it comes from everywhere and you feel it inside. It is very much alive and we would say that it is better stated as a building block of your universe. It is no less a building block than your carbons and your nitrogens and you say that they are too small to see but you believe that they are there. You see them clumped together at times, others are so small you would never see them. And so it is with love. It is in a form that you will never see them in the physical. You will not see a chunk of love, alive or dead. It is too small to clump up like that, but alive it is - and breathing through you, tasting through you, circulating through you, whispering in your ear, singing you to sleep and nudging you awake. It can open your eyes in wonder, or it can cleanse your eyes with tears; but love it is, and alive it is, and such a part of you and such a part of this earth that it is inseparable from even one molecule.

Q: Can we generate it or do we exist for it to flow through?

You exist for it to flow through, you exist because it is fun, you exist because you choose to. You allow it, you choose it, you activate it, you invigorate it, you stop it, you squelch it, or you move it. It is your choice. It is your choice what you will build with love. When you look around you and you see those other humans around you, some look sad, some look mad, some look bored, some look busy, some look happy. All of them, ALL of them are built from the same building block of love as you. They may not have chosen to activate it, they may not know how to allow it through, they may not know how to feel love or perceive love. They may not know how to look past fear, but they are built of the same structure of love as all that you see around you, for it is within every molecule of their being as well. And you make your choice moment by moment, with each breath, with each thought. You make your choice as to how much love you will allow to flow through you. Choose well, for it is your own body, it is your own being that the love is wanting to invigorate.

Q: Does the plant kingdom have it flowing through them more easily than us?

What is your answer to this question? [I'm suspecting yes.] Yes, for they have little that holds them back from flowing it. It is what they know themselves to be, a beautiful gift to this planet. A beautiful gift - that one small green leaf graces this earth, it is a better place. This, too, is available to you as the truth of who you are. The plant knows it, too many humans deny it. They find themselves comparing themselves to others, they find themselves comparing themselves to an ideal that they think they should meet in order to be successful or valuable, and we say you have but to breathe and this earth is a better place.

10/28/08 - Scorpio New Moon

Channeling Shiva

The subject of release is one with many layers that could be spoken of in many conversations and still not come to a close. You are in a constant state of release, like the breath in and the breath out. It is the release that brings forth the new. It is the movement forward caused by the release. Desire and release seem to be opposite, but in reality they work in concert with one another. It is the desire that pulls you forward; it is the release that propels you forward. One without the other and your momentum ceases.

Release is part of your function daily. It is one with which you have issue. You have issue with release on many levels. There are things that you are glad to let go of, and yet even the energy of release around those things, those situations, those experiences - is tainted, shall we say. It is tainted by the energy of not appreciating the letting go, of not allowing the letting go with ease, of not embracing the release. 'Glad to see something go' can easily translate to resisting until it is released, then the relief is the focus, and this relief, instead of being appreciation, still has the energy of resistance upon it. When you see the experience of release in equality with the experience of having, bringing in; as it becomes equal with that experience, you will find the propelling of your experience much more joyful, much easier. For as stated, it is the release that propels you forward. The momentum of release is a necessary component of movement. As you release, the movement forward has an ease to it that is not available without the release. It is like hauling large pounds behind you. Once released, boom! the movement forward. Without release there is a drag.

It is easy to want to release those things that you do not enjoy. But to actually do it is the challenge, for often those things that you do not enjoy you focus upon and you feel as if they are more powerful than you. You feel as if you cannot release it because you do not have that choice. Always, the choice is available, always. If you but release your resistance to it, you will find your momentum increased. If you but release you resistance to it, you will find with that increased momentum new solution as you move forward. The holding on comes in many forms. Often times it is felt that you must hold on until you have figured out every aspect of the cause, of the feeling and of the effect. Get what you need and release. If you need the cause, it will come. If you need to understand the feeling it will come. As will the understanding of the effect if that is needed. The movement forward will still bring you all that you need. Sometimes the release is resisted because you feel you do not know how. The situation is in your life and you feel like you do not know how to release it.

As with so much of your power, the release resides in your intention. The purity of your intention is key to releasing all that you need to let go. There are times when you say the words 'I want to release this,' and yet you do not truly mean them with the wholeness of your intention. There is something that you hold on to, because you feel it will benefit you. These are oftentimes not understood fully in the conscious mind, they reside within the subconscious needs. But as you continue to intend and intend your release, you will chip away at these silent needs that keep you from movement forward. Many times these needs come in the form of negative attention. It is easy to commiserate, it is easy to complain, it is not always as easy to allow your emotions to not be fed in a negative manner. Commiserating with another and complaining with another can feed your subconscious needs for attention. This will keep you holding on to things, feelings, memories and experiences that would be better served released. It is not the natural reaction of most to turn the other cheek, it is often the harder choice to make. It is not always necessary, but it is beneficial more than most will experience.

For survival, survival, you have a reaction that will protect your body. This survival instinct has been used to protect your emotional body. This is an unnecessary reaction, for your emotional body needs no survival mechanism. It needs but an understanding mechanism - that all of the emotions that come forth from you and at you need but understanding. That understanding brings forth the knowing of your power, knowing of your wholeness, the knowing of your divinity. When all that you experience from you and all that you experience coming to you is known from the perception of your divinity, you see that the transient experience of emotion is not one of survival, it is one of experience. Experience is but a flash in time. Do not hold on to it. It is not to be held. It is to be released so that you may inhale the next moment.

Q: What if you set your intention to release something and yet it is obviously not done. Do you just keep setting your intention?

Yes. And when you find that it is obvious that it is not done, appreciate that and embrace that. And welcome the new understanding that will come forth from your continued perseverance of moving through, yes? That you can enjoy journeying deeper into the depths and that you can continue to move yourself forward towards your empowerment with a journey fit for a warrior. We do understand that the emotions can be just as painful as a physical pain. Understand that this painful emotion will pass as quickly as you will allow it. And if it takes some time, allow that to be. Continue pressing forward, as you renew your intention you will chip away at the residual that remained and understand that it is perfect however it presents itself, yes? [It doesn't feel like it at the moment.] And understand that and allow that, that is what will continue the progression. As you resent the pain or fear the pain, you will cease that natural movement through that needs to happen. As you observe these experiences that you feel, you see but a part of it for it is connected to experiences you have had in other lives. It is connected to experiences that other people are having, but you see your portion of it. Know that there is a vastness to it that you do not always see and honor the way that it flows through you.

Q: You made a statement 'experience is to be released so that you can inhale the next moment,’ when you're talking about releasing experience, are you also referring to what we would categorize as positive experiences, not just negative ones?

Yes. For as you experience the positive, as you try to hold onto that and keep it as it is so that you may not experience any more negative, so that you may experience only more positive, you cease your movement. Allow even those experiences that are positive, that feel good, to be but a moment in time. For your focus upon keeping them will move your focus from moving forward. Polarizing to one way or the other is what will stop you. Allowing the positive and the negative to move through will bring you the fullness of all experience and the understanding that whatever is happening around you or within you is all easily accessible, easily released, and easily enjoyed. It is like holding onto a flower, you can enjoy and inhale that flower, but if you take that moment to mourn its transient nature, you can not enjoy the beauty to its fullness. That moment of its beauty will come and it will pass. The desire to hold onto that can be just as destructive as the mourning and not enjoying its beauty. Often times humans will find that they are so focused on seeking the positive that they do not actually experience it. They will find that they sometimes build things up so in their mind that the experience of it seems a let down. When you find that peace of the now moment, whether it feels good, or whether it does not feel good, the peace in the now moment will help you move through and propel forward and expand in the way that you are meant to do - breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. Just as you cannot hold your breath and survive, you must release in order to bring in new. One is not better than the other, both are required. Just as good and bad experiences are required, one is not better than the other, they are different. As you experience the understanding, you will find a balance between those polar opposites. That is where your peace resides, for you know in that space that you are stronger with both than with one or the other, for neither of them controls you. You embrace as you move, be that good, pleasant or not.

Q: Say you have anxiety in your body that shows up, you set your intention, you do your meditation, how can you release anxiety?

Anxiety is a confusion of energy, a very powerful emotion. When you have anxiety, you have reached an overload point. It blocks you in that moment, because the feeling is so powerful, from knowing your safety. This middle ground is safety. In that space, you know you are safe, powerful, free. These are all synonymous. Anxiety is a strong feeling that does not feel synonymous with safety, with freedom. In that moment, with all of that feeling of discomfort, use your brain to remind yourself 'I am feeling anxiety, I know what this is about,' not the cause not the meaning, I know what anxiety in and of itself is about, 'and I know that I am safe, and I know that this is a moment that I am moving through, and though I feel discomfort, I do not fear this moment. I embrace the anxiety that is showing me that I have come to a point of overload that is now ready to be released.’ So you are utilizing your mind to understand that the anxiety is just moving through. [What if it gets stuck in my jaw? Like as I am sitting here, my jaw tightens up.] It does not matter where it is in the body. It is transient. After you have used your mind to remind yourself this is moving through, then use your heart. Use your heart to know the perception that this anxiety that is moving through is but a loving signal and you welcome the opportunity to move through. As you engage your heart, you then begin to flow through the emotion. So it is using the heart and the mind to bring you the understanding and the flow.

Q: You mentioned that we may be affected by experiences of past lives or from others. How can we best release energies or experiences that we're not consciously aware of?

When you are moving through the emotions with ease, you are releasing the past life experiences/the parallel life experiences, the collective experiences. So as you move through, that is a natural flow that happens along with it. You need not be aware of them unless they come into your awareness; it is often the seeking of the understanding to the degree of stalling the movement that blocks the release. As you accept the experiences and move through you are releasing more energy than you are aware. If it needs to be in your awareness it will be. If it does not need to be in your awareness, you will move through. You will serve so much more than what you see on the surface when you move through.


We want to bring to your awareness that you are not served by fearing your emotions, by fearing what you feel. You are served by the understanding that you are limitless, that you are vast and that you are capable of all that is presented to you and more. Move through your life with joy. Even if in that moment your joy is coming through tears of sorrow, move through. Understand that what you are experiencing has great meaning, but it is only a moment in time. Be fearless angels, for it is who you are.

08/29/08 - Virgo New Moon

The time now is coming before you that your mastery is at hand. Over and over we have said this. Over and over we have talked of how to focus your mind and align it with your heart to recognize you power and to be who you are - to live your fullest potential. This is the time now where this becomes ever more important. You are coming to times that your power can bring such great change at such rapid pace that you will be amazed at all that is around you. And if you choose the path of your power you will find your progression rapid in your own personal life. You will find your progression natural. You will find you progression easy. If you choose the path of your power, you will find that life around you reminds you of how powerful you are.

When you do not focus your path towards your power, you forget what it is that you are capable of, you forget what it is that you can bring it into your life. And all of the people around you and all of the experiences around you will show you that you are not powerful. It is because this has been your choice. When you choose to view yourself as powerful you will live your life as powerful. You will understand and recognize that that which is around you is that your own creation and that which is around you is open to your own solution. You have but to allow it to be. This is the challenge for humans because you have not been taught to be, you have been taught to do or not do. More so on the not dos. It is time for you to begin to be. There is much ease in the being for all that is around you flows. All that is around you shows you where it is that you would like to go forth, where it is you would like to shift your path or where it is you would like to expand your growth. It is being that will allow either of those experiences to be a teacher in a pleasant way. It is the being that will expose you to your power. That is when you flow easily with all this is around you. For when you know that you are powerful, you know that the circumstances that you do not like are but a timeframe. And this timeframe is malleable because of your power. But until the time comes where it shifts to your liking, you allow the experience of being within it to grow you. It is being that brings that growth. This is important because the world around you will always have aspects that are pleasant, and aspects that are unpleasant. It is it your job to experience all of that and still have that peace within you. For no matter what goes on around you it is what is within you that is your experience. You can be in the midst of chaos and still have a peace within you. That comes from your power, and that comes from being rather than from doing. In this time of chaos in your life, in this time of change in your life, being will become imperative to experiencing growth in a pleasant way. For growth is happening very rapidly now. It is is your choice to experience that growth with ease and be with it - or to experience that growth with resentment or with pain and challenge it. When you resist growth you resist your own opportunity. It is being within the circumstance that is within your life that will set you free.

The pains that you have in your body -- the physical pains, the challenges - know that these are transient for the changes are happening rapidly. You are changing. Understand that and know that these quantum changes that may not be seen on the physical body as of yet are still profound and bringing you much ease with being. Do not become attached to things being a certain way. Do not become attached to past habits. Become at ease with the moment. Become at ease with excepting where you are, how you feel, what you desire in that moment. For as you resist the now, as you replay the past or as you resent the future; you will shut off your ability to be, you will shut off your peace, and you will shut down your power. It is now that brings you your peace. When you are being in the now, you will recognize very clearly that all is well even if you have a pain, even if you have a challenge. Right now, all is well. And from this point now, you can begin to build your future in the way that you want to build it. Not others, not your expectation - from this point now. That is where your power is.

Q: With all the doing that we have to do here, can the being be done while the doing is done or are they separate?

This is a seemingly complex question, yet very simply and well stated. The being can be done during the doing. It is imperative to be while you do. For there will always be doing to be done and as you are doing, when you are being in that moment, when you bring your entire self into the doing you open that experience up to the expansion of you, to the fullness of you. That a simple sweeping can become a spiritual moment filled with growth by the simple being and enjoying of the moment. Even in to your future, that moment of peace brings you much. While you are doing something, when you are with it fully, it enhances everything. The subtlest of moments can bring you much.

Q: So if you're making a choice, you make a choice to do it a certain way and you're feeling good about it, does it really matter what the choice is? Is there a predestined path or a certain thing that you're supposed to be learning that it is important for you to stay on a certain course, or does it matter?

If you are really feeling good then it does not matter. For there is not a checklist of things that you must do to be a successful being. That is a human experience that is weighed by the material world and things that are seen only - even if that is someone seeing you do charity work. Still, those types of checklists are made for humans by humans. When you are happy you are successful. You are being. No matter what you do. When you are happy you are on the right track. And you will continue on that track moving forward, moving outward into new avenues of happiness. And that will spread, that will affect all of those around you, that will affect those that you love, it will affect your physical body, it will affect your past and most definitely your future - when you are happy. The trick is actually being happy. Oftentimes humans look to things to make them happy - whether it is a person, a material object or an experience. They expect the happiness from outside to somehow to get sucked into their body and then they will be happy. It is that happiness from within that radiates out and that is always going to illuminate the path before you.

Q: So if you're confused about what your path is, you should pay attention to your emotions and what makes you happy, correct?

Yes. If you are confused about your path take a step in each direction and find which one you like. Begin to experience things, begin to search for things because they will come into your experience. As you experience different avenues, you will find that some bring you quick relief and others take longer. You will sometimes start walking down the path, and it will feel glorious and then suddenly not so. It is easy to experience that and feel 'well, I went down the wrong path,' but it was the right path, you went to the end of it for you and it is now time to move to another path. All of these paths that you have taken have brought you many glorious experiences. And when you are confused, keep walking. You will gravitate towards all that you need, and you will find that if you can be through that journey, when the path ends, you will not feel sad, you will not feel dejected, you will not feel like it was failure. You will just expect that another will come. And it will. You will see the beautiful experiences that the path that has come to an end has brought you. You will see that you would not have illuminated the other path without that one before it. You will appreciate all that you have learned and experienced for it brought you to your new path and the confusion served you well.

Q: You mentioned earlier about feelings in our bodies that were to do with the energies that are coming in now. Were you just talking about the feelings that both come and go relatively quickly, rather than discomfort or pain that is stuck somewhere for a long time?

Each person will have a different experience. There are those that are dealing with physical experiences that will last longer. This is a time now that many physical experiences are being brought to the surface. And this is also a time where there are many transitions happening collectively with humanity. So you are having many experiences that are your own and you are having experiences that you will have just because you are human. It is a bonus. This time is moving rapidly. Shall we talk about your brain? You are beginning to open new avenues for brain usage. You will find that if you pay attention to the subtleties you will recognize what others are thinking much faster. It is easy to use this sense and think that you aren't really picking up thoughts. You can justify and say 'well, I knew because of the way that they looked, I knew because of their body language, or I made that up.' But you will actually be picking up thoughts of others much more quickly, much more easily. But you must pay attention and learn to recognize it. It is like learning anything with the brain, you must strengthen the function of the brain. You do this when you are a child and you are learning your languages. You focus, you concentrate. It is great fun. You have the desire - your physical body isn't quite correct yet able to experience the words. But you already want to communicate so you focus and you do it. And there is much clapping when you do. This you can give to yourself. You can pay attention, and you will find validation coming back to you. You will find that people will say things that you already picked up. That is your clue. So this is opening in the brain, and it is opening at this time, because you are moving into a more global connection. A more unified connection. This has been building for some time. And now you are beginning to actually open the capabilities. It has come by your own asking that you will not feel so separate. This can be overwhelming at first, you can feel as if it is a great responsibility because you will understand the emotions of another. It is for your own empowerment to be able to find compassion for another and yet not lose yourself. For each has their own experience and they are at where they are at in their own experience by their own choice. So your experience of their thoughts and their feelings will bring about a greater unity. It will bring about greater truth, and it will bring about greater recognition that no matter how different one may seem, you are actually all of the same Love Source. Many capabilities are opening up, this is one that is coming now. So it is recommended that you be very certain of who you are. Recognize your own thoughts. Be very secure in them. No guilt. And experience all that is around you with an open heart and an open mind. As you watch others journeys you will live your own journey with more expression, more gratitude, more excitement, more focus.

Q: So this is a function of the brain physically? It's not the mind, its something that is actually physically happening?

It is a physical function of the brain. This is a part your structure that starts at the unseen level and moves into the physical level. This capability has always been there. It has not always been activated. As it is now becoming activated, you are feeling the physical experience of the brain activity shifting. This causes fatigue, just as a baby sleeps more, so too, do you. This causes physical sensations, and it can even cause confusion, memory shifting, eye sight shifting. Know that all will be well. This is a timeframe that will pass and will bring much growth.

Q: Is this the connection of the DNA strands or is it like the synapses between the cells of your brain changing?

It is both. For your DNA and your entire nervous system are closely linked. The transmission from the brain to the DNA, from the DNA to the brain is a constant progression and shifting of DNA, activating of DNA is happening constantly. You are shifting all the time. You move into periods that are more concentrated but your DNA is constantly changing.

Q: Is it best to rest during those times or is best to move the body to make energy flow more during this time?

It is best to do both. It is best to do both. You may find that your physical activity shifts, but still it is recommended to do it. You may find that you want to move less, you may find that you want to move slower, but still find the physical activity. Especially out in nature - that is very helpful for your changes. Nature can bring much ease to the shift.

Q: I was told to seek out the ancient trees to help me move through the process easier. I don't really understand the processes of doing that. Can you explain that to me?

Ancient trees have been processing energy for a very long time. All trees are adept at meeting heaven and earth. Trees are adept at processing spiritual energy and surviving within Earth energy. Humans often resist this. They often don't recognize the transference of spiritual energy into physical. Because they are disconnected from their spiritual energy, they are often disconnected from their Earth energy. They do not see the full circle of their own connection to all that is around them. In your pursuit of understanding who you are and your ascension, you are connecting the two - spiritual to physical and physical to spiritual. This is what the trees teach you. Trees are also adept at being. Ever so proudly, so strongly, so quietly do they go about their lives. They provide shade, they provide shelter, they provide ever so much into your lives, and yet they don't make a sound that you hear with your physical ears. But sing to you they do. Even while you sleep. Trees are available to you at any time and they do so love to be hugged.

Q: So I should just go the redwoods and hang out and wait for the singing?

This would be much appreciated. It is not necessary, but it would be much appreciated. You would grow and so would they. They have much information within them and understand that their journey is theirs, for just as you will begin to hear the thoughts of other people, you can also discern the thought of trees.

Q: When you open up Jamye's eyes and you look at us, do you see us the way that she sees us as a physical thing? How do you see us?

She sees you as a physical being. I see through her eyes and observe the physical being, but I also see you as sound and color and time. It (time) is inescapable as of yet in your experience, yes? It is a part of who you are, it is a part of all that you perceive around you. Have you begun to recognize that is has sped? Much. Do you wonder how those around you do not see it? They do not experience it? It is moving very fast and will continue. It is a part of who you are, it is within your cells. It is within your experience. It is a part of being human and as you activate more capabilities within your brain and within your body, the interaction with time will be something that is greatly changed. You will begin to experience the past and the future at the same time as the now. You will begin to have overlays of the past, you will begin to have overlays of the future and then you will begin to have overlays of distance where you feel as if you are in another place. Then your head will hurt.

Q: Can I ask you about dolphins because the two things that were recommended to me where to connect to the ancient trees and the other was to commune with dolphins.

Dolphins have much to teach humanity. There is a bit of dolphin in most people’s experience. For they have been dolphin-like either on this planet or another. Dolphins bring back your ancient memories, dolphins bring your now into beingness and playfulness. Dolphins teach unity, dolphins have a freedom and yet a sense of responsibility that does not weigh them down. So as you experience dolphin energy, you are reminded of so many aspects of yourself from this experience and from others. As you begin to fold time, you will begin to fold experiences from other places, from other lives, other planets. You are breaking down the barriers and dolphins are very familiar with this experience.

Q: So the little gold dolphin I see sometimes when meditating, does that mean I had an experience in the Sirius star system - are they from Sirius?

Gold Dolphins were around Lemuria. Gold Dolphins have been on the Earth for a very long time. Yet, you will not find them in physical experience now. Gold Dolphins are also connected to many planets. The gold dolphin brings much growth. The gold dolphin also shows that you are a teacher. The gold dolphin works with children. The gold dolphin is also very connected to the pink dolphin. They are everywhere in the galaxy, but not everywhere in physical experience. It is dolphin energy with a specific resonance, also a teacher dolphin. But all dolphins are teachers are they not?

Q: So if you're seeing dolphins in your meditation does that mean you're a teacher?

It means that that is one possibility in your life. If you see them constantly in your meditation they are teaching you and then you will have the choice to go and teach others.

Q: So I have to find a place with ancient trees and dolphins.

How far do you have to look? You can also look within, for do they not appear to you when you close your eyes to meditate?


Before we close, we want to remind you to enjoy your process. Enjoy it, for that will help you be. Even when you are in challenge, enjoy that you are having the experience and the growth that it will bring you. As you resist, you stop your growth, you stop your flow. Enjoy your moments, for it is what will bring you your peace. And isn't that a better way to grow? It is possible to enjoy challenge. And you know that time is speeding up in case you don't.

08/01/08 - Leo New Moon - Full Solar Eclipse

These times - powerful and fast moving. Do you know what to do with these times? Are you feeling at peace with yourself even amongst the rubble of the world around you? Much fear it brings up, yes? Much anxiety, much to deal with - but there is a way to find your peace through all of it. There is a way to find the exhilaration through these fast moving times. There is a way to find your heart amongst all that is around you. There is a way to express love when it is not always the easiest choice. In these fast moving times, you can find within you the stillness. You can find within you forgiveness. You can find within you the strength to demand what it is that you need for you. You can find within you the peace in your perception that can bring you calm amongst the storm.

How is it that you find this peace of perception? There was an activation that occurred for you this evening that brought forth much expansion for your perception. You find this peace in your perception by utilizing that which is in your heart, for that is where the Truth of Peace resides. It does not reside in your mind, but it is your mind you use to interpret what you are experiencing, so your perception is intimately tied to your mind. It is your heart where your peace resides, so it is your heart that you must activate to perceive peace within your world. It is your heart that you must utilize to find that stillness within you that will give you the space to deal with all that is around you with kindness, with joy, with exhilaration in these challenging times. It is the activating of the heart that will find peace no matter what you experience. There is love, there is laughter and there is joy, this is the experience of the heart. When you can access these, you can access your freedom from the crumbling around you. When you access this you will find that which crumbles is not so scary. You will find that that which needs to be removed from your experience, that which needs to be changed amongst the collective, that which seemed so powerful before is not nearly so powerful in your life. When you find your joy, your laughter and your love - that is what you emit to those around you. Have you ever felt the discomfort around you when you walk into a room that was filled with anger prior to your arrival? This is the same of your potential to emit joy, to emit peace, to emit hope everywhere you go in these challenging times. So as all around you people are fearful, people are worried - you have the peace that passes all understanding. You have the joy within you that is your birthright. You have the peace in your heart that will teach everyone that experiences it that there is hope. There is another way. There is a way to bring change that is positive, that is peaceful, that is joyful. It is the activating of the heart that expands your perception to find these available opportunities, yes? In the interest of time, we will shorten that which we bring forward to you, but this brevity does not reflect the importance of what you did for yourself this evening. The healing that you brought forward for yourself, the activation to a new level of being, is an important step in your progression. You have the potential to see massive change within your life now. This is the potential of these times - great change. It is not to be feared, it is to be enjoyed. For you are powerful enough to propel yourself forward in these times of change.

Q: What kind of things opened up, because of what happened this evening, that weren't available before?

The activations of this time are bringing forward great growth in the heart and they are bringing forward great growth in the mind. It is the combination of these two working together that will begin to change the experience of this Earth. The experience prior to this has been very focused in the mind, and yet the mind has been very limited. The expression of what it can intake, the interpretation that it makes, and the imagination of creation has been very limited. As the heart begins to interact more with the mind, the expression of the mind will be greatly expanded. As the heart begins to activate more of the mind's capabilities you will find that the separation that you feel will lessen. You will find that solution comes about more easily because there is a flow to the mind that was not previously available. You will find that as you look inward, you will feel much more clearly. You will find that as you look at people, you will feel much more clearly. This is the empathic connection that you each have with each other. You are constantly receiving information yet you do not interpret this information. The expansion of the heart and the mind working together will bring forth a great unity, and within this unity you will have the clarity of the safety that you have within yourself. It is the activation of the heart and the mind together that brings forward your expression. This is a very important activation that is happening at this time. It is very important for you to become very comfortable with who you are. It is very important for you to express that forward and teach all of those around you, and those that come after you, that this is the kind of world they live. They live in a safe world. They live in a world where they are loved and they are accepted just for being who they are. This is the beauty among diversity. This is the expression of the creative force. This is what Love brings forth for you. This is what the freedom of the heart brings forth for you. This is the world that you are creating now. Look around you at all that you see and find that moment where you can see it with the Love in your heart, instead of the fear that is in your mind.

Q: Why is it so important right now for us to understand this?

It is important because of what you have available to you now as possibilities. The progression of this world is something that happens based on many timelines from many different people interacting together. What is available now in this timeframe is far more advanced in the capacity to feel love, to express love and to live love than has previously been available. As you understand this you can then begin to make change. It is easy to look around you and only see the sameness of what is presented to you. As you look around you from the perception of your heart, you can begin to see the differences that are now available. You can begin to make choices of how you interact with others that perhaps were not available in times previous. There is much more acceptance that is beginning to take root that will grow and will eventually flower. All those that feel repressed, that feel fear leads their life more than love, will begin to see a bit of hope. And you that understand this and bring this forward by your choice, will begin to plant those seeds that will one day grow and flower. This is how you prepare the future by your now moment, by your choice. It is the gift of understanding that brings forward your choices.

Q: Is there anything you can recommend so that Bailey doesn't have the pain in her back?

This child (cat) is experiencing her own progression. The interaction that she has with her channel is specific to their experience. She will move through as she needs to move through. She feels no fear, it is only the humans around her that feel fear.


We would like to say to you that when you feel that the fear, that the sorrow, that the challenges are too much; we understand how powerful that force is. Find a moment of courage where you can express that unabashedly and release the grip that it has when it stays within you. And through that experience remind yourself how powerful you are. When you find a moment, which will follow, it may not be within it, but you will find a moment when you have passed through it - find the stillness to remind yourself that you are far vaster than that which you see before you. That your tears are more than what you see. And that the power that you have within you IS what will change this world. That is who you are, and you do this daily with every breath, with every choice. It is as natural to you as it is to breathe. And yet you are unaware of how powerful you are. This is what we remind you - to remember that YOU are the power of this world. It is YOU.

07/02/08 - Cancer New Moon

(Yes, this New Moon channeling is about the heart - it was a Cancer New Moon after all!)

Tonight we begin our discussion with the topic of the heart. It is the heart that is the magnifier of all that you experience. It is the heart that brings to you the emotions that are rolling through your experiences. It is the heart that shows to you your reactions, your interactions with all that is around you. And it is the heart that shows you the fullness of your being. Your heart is the component of your body that brings into one expression many different categories, many different experiences, many different time frames. It is the heart that brings all of this into an experience that you can integrate.

All that you think, all that your brain brings in as information, is brought forth to the heart so that you may experience it all in a way that is understandable and transmutable for you. It is the ability transmute that is the hearts special beingness. It is this ability to transmute that brings forth the understanding. It is this ability to transmute that brings you forward into the new expression of who you are at each moment. You transmute constantly. You bring much information into a new vibration constantly. You bring much sorrow, you bring much trauma, and you bring much joy into a new vibration in your heart. This is the experience of learning. This is the experience of becoming a master. It is the heart that functions as your waystation of much information brought into a package that you understand - "This feels good. This does not feel good. Why do these patterns feel unpleasant? Why do these patterns seem to happen over and over again to me? Which patterns do I like? Which patterns support my expansion, which patterns limit?" This is the information that the heart brings to you.

It is the brain that categorizes what the heart feels. Much information, beyond what a brain could comprehend, is put into emotion for you to transmute. By this we mean that information that you are not aware of becomes an emotion that you understand. Information that will never be important for your learning is processed as an emotion. The information that is important for your learning has the ability to be processed by your brain. After you process this, you then make choice. And we say that often times you make choice without the processing, yes? Sometimes your choices are automatic. These are the patterns. That can either limit or expand. As you begin to make choices, after feeling, after processing with the brain - you will begin to make choices that better support your expansion.

The feelings contain much information. It is the feelings that will guide much learning. It is the feelings, that when utilized by the brain, will support your choices for your betterment. When you utilize the brain to contain (suppress) the feelings, you begin to make choices from fear. When you utilize the brain to talk yourself into a certain feeling, you have no longer honored all of that information that is coming through the waystation of the heart. The brain best supports the heart. The heart best supports your mastery. It is the heart that brings forward your path of mastery. When you access the heart, when you access your emotions, when you fearlessly tread were others often do not tread, you know that your mastery is at hand. And you will find upon experiencing these emotions that the ease with which you can grow brings exponential pace to your movement forward. As you flow with your emotions you will find that growth is easy. As you flow with the things that are pleasant, as you flow with the things that are unpleasant, you will find growth.

When you begin to resist the flow, you will find that either you are afraid of the feelings or you will find that your brain has taken control of the flow. If you find that you are afraid of the feelings, then it is best to utilize your brain at that moment to speak with your heart and exercise the mastery of emotion. There is no feeling that will (physically) hurt you. There is no feeling that will stop your growth. The resistance of feeling will bring about challenge, and though there are feelings that will be challenging to experience, the feeling of them will bring forth your mastery. As the brain talks to the heart when you are afraid to feel, you can utilize your logic to recognize your safety. The brain can coax the heart into a feeling of safety because your logical mind knows that tears will not hurt you; that anger can be expressed in a positive manner - which may not mean that anger is pleasant, but anger need not be destructive. Your brain will coax your heart into the understanding that the expression of your authentic feelings will bring you forward, will transmute that which hurts into that which thrives. It will transmute the pain, release the pain, into freedom. There is nothing, no shame, no guilt, no sorrow that is within your heart that cannot be released. And this release will bring you freedom. If you find that your brain is stopping you from feeling, then it is time to allow your heart to speak to your brain. It is time to allow your heart to quiet the chatter within the head that distracts you from what you are feeling. It is time to allow your heart to quiet the sense of justification, the sense of separation that allows you to believe that your brain might be right. It is the heart that can quiet the thinking that is stopping growth, the pattern that is blocking the emotional flow. So you have two situations: either the brain will get out of control with thoughts - these are easy to step into with blame, with what is going on in reality that is bad, with things that happened in the past, or the fears that you may have about the future. Or, you have a stopping of the flow by the heart and that is where you allow the brain to support that opening so the emotions can flow. Emotional flow need not always be a geyser of tears. Emotional flow need not always be a powerful anger burst, it need not always be troublesome. It can flow easily. Sometimes it will flow loudly, sometimes it will flow quietly. But the flow is what will bring you the freedom.

It is your heart that shows you all of the information that is in your now moment that is influencing you. It is the heart that shows you what it is that is supporting you and what it is that is limiting you. You experience these emotions, and you understand more of who you are. And it is the moving through, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, that will teach you that you are strong enough to handle that which others may fear to feel. As you begin to access the feelings in your heart, you will notice that those around you will begin to behave differently. They will feel the resonance of your own emotional freedom, and they will support your growth either by showing you things that are positive or by showing you things that are negative. For as you begin to recognize your strength, you begin to challenge yourself to become even stronger. This need not be painful. It just is. For you are masters. This is nothing new to any soul in this room. This is nothing too hard for any of you to accomplish. This is as natural to the grand being that you are, as it is breathe air. Over time you have become less comfortable with the flow of the heart. At this time you are coming back into experiencing the feelings of the heart. The first job is to begin to quiet the mind and begin to allow the mind to support the flow of the heart.

Q: In the beginning you talked about thoughts going down to the heart to be transmuted. When you say that, are you just talking about feeling the emotion? Is that the transmuting? Or are the emotions transmuting the thoughts into something else?

All thoughts that come through your brain, always, always travel to the heart. This is not something that happens only when you feel an emotion attached to the thought, it always happens. Your heart is always interpreting what happens in your brain. And there is a two-way flow that your brain interprets that which is happening in your heart. But it is the heart that compresses all of the information in the brain that you are not even aware of and brings forth the feeling that you understand. You may have a thought in your head that is seemingly emotionless. Yet everything that plays into that thought from the past, from the future, will come through the heart and you will have a feeling based on that seemingly unemotional thought that encompasses all of it. Someone says to you, "you look nice today," and your brain begins to think, ‘I do look nice today. I am wearing a new dress. It is purple, that is my favorite color.’ Your brain also begins to process based on the tone of voice, based on the colors, based on the location, based on the smells, based on the time of day. Through out all time you have memories that have that much information attached to them. And the heart will hear that and it will feel everything that is attached to that one simple statement, 'you look nice today.' And you may feel, as someone says that seemingly nonchalant sentence, you may feel anxiety and wonder, 'why is it that I am feeling anxiety attached to this?' It will be from some bit of information that you do not cognizantly process, but your heart packages it in a way that is most important for your growth. As you look at this feeling that has come up and you ask yourself, 'why do I feel something incongruent with what was said and what I thought,' the answer will come forth. It may come forth in that moment, it may come forth at another time, but the answer will come forth. And you will find other opportunities where information will come through. So perhaps in this one situation, someone said you look nice today, and a very important past life experience based on that is coming to be cleared. If there is information that you need to know, it will be brought forth into your knowingness. If there is not information you need to know, it will be transmuted.

Q: Is there any way to help bring forth that information or do we just have to have confidence that it'll come through clearly? Could we be blocking it?

The confidence that it will come through clearly will serve you greatly. The confidence that it will come through as you need it will be most important for allowing it to be so. There are times when the information is not necessary, there times when the information may limit, and there are times when the information will pour forth and bring you much clarity. Understanding that as you need the information it will be there, will serve you. The best way to access the information is to be aware. As you are aware that the answer is coming you will recognize it when it comes - for it may come from someone else, it may come from a book, you may overhear another person's conversation, or you may have a thought in your head. You may have a feeling in your heart. The information can come in all sorts of ways. As you are aware, you will recognize it. Quieting when you ask the question will also serve you greatly. So there is the knowingness that it will come, there is the quieting and there is the asking with full intention that what is for your best will come forth. This means that if you do not get the answer you expect you will hear it, this means that if you do not get the answer at all, you will know in your heart that, too, was appropriate.

Q: When you said that the brain stops us from feeling, is that when we get foggy or tired? Is that our brain stopping us from feeling? If it is, how do we clear that?

When you are foggy and tired, your brain is actually less active and more pliable. Your brain stops you from feeling when your brain clogs you with so much thought that you cannot feel. Your brain stops you from feeling when you think your way into blame, when you think your way into justification, or you think your way into fear. Your brain stops you from feeling when you think your way into fogginess of thoughts. It is the heart that will show you the Truth of the information. Your brain will show you thought patterns that you have around it, habits that you had previously, things you have learned from other people. But your heart will show you the Truth of you. Utilize your brain to understand your feelings. Instead, people often utilize their brain to suppress their feelings, to justify their feelings. And these feelings, when they are in a state of justification, are not their authentic feelings. They are but a fear-based surface emotion (defense mechanism). When you look to the feelings to tell you what you are actually experiencing, the brain can be utilized for your own growth.


It is our message at this time that you begin to open your heart. That you begin to feel what is actually going on in the Truth of your life. As you open your heart and flow emotion through your heart, you will find that the experiences that flow into your life will bring you much joy. You will find that the things that come into your life that are more difficult to deal with, will become much easier, and you will recognize the beautiful gift that they bring you. You will transmute that faster and easier. As you open your heart you will find that inspiration flows in. You will find that inspiration becomes a natural day to day occurrence. And you will find that all around you there are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful experiences. This is what your life on Earth is about. The knowing of your Mastery and the joy of your experience is why you came. This is the place where you can hear and touch and feel and smell in a way that is only available to the human. You have never lost your connection to the greater part of you. This human self is but a minor part of the entirety of you. F eeling every bit of this Earth experience brings you much expansion. Even the things that hurt will bring you growth. You will move through them and you will find less necessity for hurt. And the things that bring you joy, you will recognize that they are plentiful, and there is much better joy to be had. Things will flow in and things will flow out. You will feel joy, no matter what is around you because you will recognize the grandness of who you really are. It is through this heart experience that you allow that grandness to flow through you.

06/03/08 - Gemini New Moon

So it is that we desire to speak to you again of fear. That this topic comes again and again is indicative of its importance. That you move past your fears is part of your Earthly journey at this time. The potentiality of you is imbued with limitless power. However much power and limitlessness you can fit through the eye of the needle of fear, will be your manifestation. The less confined you are by your fears, the greater the power of you is realized. Some fears are obvious, some fears are embedded deep within your psyche, within your personality, even within your culture. These fears decide how much of your power you will let through. The stronger your fears grip you, the less mobility you have.

All fear is an illusion that from this experience of humanness you accept as real. The Truth of you is fearless - you know no death, you know no sorrow… this has confused you, for you know sorrow well you say. The Truth of who you are understands that sorrow is but a reflection of time. And time is very specific to humanness. The Truth of you knows that even sorrow can be embraced and nurtured with the caress of love. This does not mean that sorrow is never felt, this does not mean that sorrow is pleasant, this means that sorrow can be cared for and released. Just as time passes, so too is the potential of sorrow. Just as you can hold the past in fear or anger, just as you can hold the future in fear, so too can you hold sorrow. The energy of sorrow, when you hold it within you, begins to change your vibration. It molds itself into fear. That a sorrow, a moment in time, can continue in your life begins to have a grip on you, just as a fear does. There is no difference with anger. There is no difference in these emotions that bring you unpleasantness. Part of human experience, they are, but part of the Truth of you? No. It is the humanness in you that holds these emotions, that fears these emotions, that allows these emotions to grip you, to close you ever tighter, so that the potentiality of you, the limitlessness of your power is held back as well.

Releasing fear is as easy as realizing the limitless power that you are. When you realize that you can feel sorrow and still be alive, that you can feel sorrow and release it and no longer be led by it, you begin to realize that you are stronger than that which you feared. When you begin to recognize your own strength, your own power, your own ability to move through life, to move through emotions with greater ease; you will begin to realize that even the larger challenges are surmountable, are able to be overcome - that change can be a good experience, that growing pains are transient. As you begin with these emotional steps, you then find it easier to take physical steps. Coming to terms with the things you are feeling inside of you makes coming to terms with things that are outside of you all the easier. When you know the strength of who you are, it is a rare event that a person outside of you can make you feel less-than. For the strength of who you are comes from within you. When you realize that you can feel sorrow and release it - that you are stronger than sorrow - you then realize that you are stronger than judgment, you are stronger than others’ opinions of you. As you realize that your own value is not established by someone else, you begin to accept that you have power over your outside circumstances. As you begin to realize that the judgments of others have less sway over your life, you will then come to realize that the physical experience outside of you has less sway over your life. The collective fears of others will not throw you off your balance. You can have understanding of what others are experiencing without losing your own strength. You can help with solution without giving over all of your life. Within balance you will find action, within balance you will find emotion, within balance you will find that your own expectation of your outside world will begin to release its grip on you.

Fear and expectation are never far away from each other, are they? Whether you are looking at something from the past that you fear or looking at some future possibility that you fear, your expectation will color that experience, bringing your emotions to a point of powerlessness. When your expectation resides within the energy of you not understanding your strength, your power - expectation will always have fear attached to it. Expectation is a fine line of balance. For as a human, you will always be defining and refining your expectations in life. When you do this from a place of power, your expectation has an openness and a flow that does not shut you down, it does not grip you. Your expectation is broad enough, your power is solid enough, that however your manifestation may come about, you clearly understand that you are able to deal with whatever is presented to you, and you are able to redefine with joy, for you understand that you are a powerful Being. When your expectation has the energy of fear upon it, you will not clearly understand your strength, for your expectation has such desperation attached to it that only that (one specific) outcome will show you your power. This is like relying on others to tell you how powerful you are, this is like relying on others to validate your worth. It is fruitless. Know from within that you are powerful. Do not allow your expectations to control you, allow your expectations to expand you.

Fear is a very broad energy. It is a very large box to put one word in, for there are many, many nuances of fear within the human scope of experience. The energy of fear limits unless you shift your perception. When you perceive that your fears are illusion and the challenges that they present to you are brought to strengthen you, when you perceive that change and challenge are positive things in your life, the illusion of the fear will be released and the Truth will be shown to you - that you are so capable. You have legions of energy supporting you, unseen to you that support you with Love beyond, beyond human comprehension. This Love clearly understands the vastness of you. This Love reminds you that there is nothing to fear for you are limitless. This is an endless topic, however it is high time to bring fear to an end. It is time to recognize your power, it is time to see past the illusion of fear and know your greatness.

Q: Was there a time in humanity where we were not held back by fear?

There was not a time in this current cycle of incarnation within common human memory. There was a time on this earth. Within common memory we do not speak of your history books, we speak of your collective memory. Through this last cycle fear has been part of the learning, part of the experience of coming back to wholeness from separation. Beautiful design.

Q: How long is the cycle that you're talking about?

The current cycle began about 60,000 years ago. There are common stories that you have heard, the times of Lemuria, the times of Atlantis. Since the fall fear has been a prevalent part of your existence. The time prior to the fall, fear was part of your existence, not nearly so prevalent. The times of Lemuria and Atlantis, within the collective memory, mainly bring back fear. Prior to the separation, the core memories reside within you. They are beginning to come back more strongly, for humanity is progressing rapidly. There is still much work to be done, there are still many that lead their lives with fear. All around you people speak with fear, your entertainment caters to fear, your news programming, even your state of the Earth is fear based, yes? Guilt, a delightful nuance of fear. As you begin to realize within you that there is nothing to fear, your Earth is quite better off than most think, the state of humanity, quite better off than most news programs will tell you - as you begin to realize within you that there is nothing to fear, that memory of ‘pre-separation’ will begin to ground more strongly into your vibration. And you will observe what is going on around you, and yet you will not feel it so much. For within you is this knowingness beyond all explanation that you are a perfect being, that you are a loving Being, and the Truth of the universe is within you and it radiates out through Love. If you can Love your sorrows, if you can Love your anger, if you can Love your guilt, then you can transmute it beyond the fear that it is. In this time now is where you transmute the fear of ages past quite more easily than you think. For the strength of Love is as vast as you are.

Q: Is there anything to expedite transmuting the anger, the fears?

Love. When you can Love the things within you that are not pleasant, you will find that they somehow become pleasant. In that moment, you may not be delighted with what you are experiencing, but you will have compassion for yourself, you will have compassion for the experience, and you will find that as you experience that everything changes. You will find that as you experience that within yourself, it takes some time, but as you experience that within yourself, you will find that same love for others around you, for experiences that others are having that are effecting you, for experiences that you are having in the physical world, you will find that as you love these challenges they cease to be so painful. Love is ever so much more powerful than you can imagine. Fear has nothing on the power of love.

Q: Will you clarify what fall you are talking about 60,000 years ago?

There were many cataclysms that happened. Some were physical, others were emotional, for long before the physical Earth began to change the emotions within humanity felt that. Even now you are more connected to Earth changes than you may recognize, however, if you were to know with complete certainty that your entire world was going to sink, if you were to know with complete certainty that the experiences with power that some were choosing were affecting so many people, if you were to feel that coming - fear would already most probably be activated in your life. The humans of 60,000 years ago, and long before that, were very connected to each other and to the Earth. I would say they were more connected to the vastness of themselves, for they understood beyond five senses. They understood it so clearly that the sixth sense, which encompasses many, wasn't an oddity. It wasn't doubted. It was known as you know the chair that you sit upon. It was as real to them to know what was coming, to already begin to deal with leaving their homeland, with leaving friends, family and beginning lives in new places. Fear was already greatly activated in their lives. As with every experience, every challenge, there is solution. Some of your greatest experiences upon this Earth came in reaction to that cataclysm that was coming. Amazing societies formed on their own. Amazing gifts were honed out of necessity. The Mayan culture, the Mayan calendar is one small example of something that is still known of today. The Mayan community was an ancient Atlantean community born out of the necessity of leaving that area, of leaving that energy. And some of those amazing skills that were honed, were honed out of protection. That from this experience, that is easy to judge as bad or wrong, was actually a great catalyst - a very important part of separation, a very important part of unity. It is from great extremes becoming merged that true strength is born. Yes? This is the gift of that monumental challenge. There is no victim/perpetrator, there is merely two extremes of experience. That within the incredible vehicle that you are, you can merge these two extremes into wholeness. You do this through Love. One of the many nuances of love is forgiveness and understanding. Do you understand how amazing you are - that you can bring within you, right now, in this time period - peace to Atlantis, peace to Lemuria, peace to the Mayans, peace to the Tibetans, peace to the ancient energies that explored great separation. Peace in the Middle East is not so difficult now, is it? It is within you in this unseen transmutation that happens within the beingness of you. It is vast, it is powerful, and not seeing it is part of your experience of coming to know your own power. If you saw all that you are doing you would scarce be able to breathe. This is why we remind you again and again, you are magnificent.


We ask you to begin to discern where your fears reside. We ask you to look at all the different nuances of fear that close the expanse of your view. We ask that as you observe these, that you look within and find some love for the fact that you are even looking, and then find some love for the fact that you have chosen this challenge to show you how powerful you are. And then find some love for the fact that this challenge has come into your life. So now you have loved yourself and you have loved the challenge. And then remind yourself that you are more than this body, that you have the power of the universe flowing through you. And this little challenge is but a moment in time that you have now transmuted with the power of your beingness through love. And now you have redefined who you are. The expanse of your view will begin to grow ever wider until you can look at the big fears and love yourself for looking at them, love yourself for experiencing them, and love them for showing you and showing others how amazing you are. As you release the grip of fear, the Love That You Are flows through ever more freely. And it is Love that will change this world.

05/05/08 - Taurus New Moon

So it is with all this talk of manifesting that we reiterate to you that you can manifest with joy, and bring about creation with joy; or you can continue to struggle, continue to admonish the creation that is before you. It is a choice whether to enjoy your process or to resist your process. The outcome is not just a more joyful time creating, the energy of joy transcends your original manifestation exponentially. The energy of joy on your creation brings untold new experience previously unimagined. Create with joy, for the same experience without joy, will bring about an entirely different end result. It is not just the journey that is affected by the joy then, it is the final outcome, though no outcome is ever final. The energy of joy will take you away from your expectation. It will take you away from the mental chatter. It will take you away from judgment. The energy of joy will add ever so much more flavor to the experience.

The point in manifesting, the point in creating your life is not just to arrange your circumstances in a pleasurable experience for you. The point of creating is to bring about more and more and more creation. It is a never ending cycle. There is never a point where creation stops. There is not a final goal to creation. So as you look at the manifestations in your life, do not confine them, allow them to propel you forward to greater and greater experiences.

When you define, 'this is how I want my job, this is how I want my relationship,' you limit. When you experience through joy these jobs, these relationships - they feed into more and more and more without expectation, without delineation. These jobs, these relationships that you create could amaze you. They could bring you such excitement - the smallest thing - such excitement that the thought, 'this is not how I want my life,' would not even begin to enter your experience. The thought, 'every moment is amazing,' would enter your experience. Your creations, from that vantage point, are limitless. Your creation from the vantage point of, 'this is not what I want,' does not have that expanse.

There are many things that may be going on in your life at this time that you do not want, but can you experience them from the vantage point of knowing that life is amazing? Of FEELING excitement for life? Can you experience them from that vantage point? The vast flow through your physical vehicle, the universal push through your life, can be felt like a great wind blowing through. But if you huddle in the corner of, 'this not what I want,' you can not feel that wind, that universal force that is meant to flow through you. That is what you are made to do - to flow great force through you, to amaze even yourself with the complicated synchronicities that can present themselves with such ease in your life.

Find a time that you can look back on in your life that was challenging for you, that was difficult, that brought much emotion. Find an experience that you had in your life and examine what you learned from it, examine how increasingly complicated synchronicities have piled up into that experience. That had those synchronicities not occurred, you may not have had that challenge that brought you so much dis-ease. Find a time where that experience came to a seeming end. So this exercise is best executed with something that has already occurred, and partially at least, resolved itself. Perhaps this exercise will not be as beneficial with something you are currently experiencing. Also find an experience in your life that was very pleasant for you, that was a happy experience. Look at the synchronicities that occurred to bring this experience into your life. Perhaps you met someone at an odd location, perhaps someone you've known for years introduced you to someone new. For years you had known the other person, and you just now meet the new someone. This is how you look at the synchronicities that led to this experience of pleasantness in your life. Amaze yourself at how these synchronicities aligned themselves so that you would have this experience of pleasantness. Here you have two juxtaposing experiences, one pleasant, one unpleasant. In either case, you had minute synchronicities that led to this experience being in your life. In either case, perhaps you could have missed this entire experience by a few moments, by a day, by a choice to go somewhere or not. This pleasant experience or this unpleasant experience - what are the possibilities that they may never have been in your experience? How detailed are the synchronicities, that if one had not occurred, the entire process would have been out of your experience? Allow this to amaze you, that life is configured to bring you experiences that are perfect for you. Whether you decide that they are perfect to experience or not, they are perfect for you.

As you begin to accept the amazement of life, be it pleasant or unpleasant, you can begin to realize that all that you experience comes as a beautiful gift of amazing synchronicities that have aligned themselves precisely for you. So all that you experience, even if it may be unpleasant, has aligned itself in your experience precisely for you. From this place continue your amazement with it. This may be unpleasant, this may be challenging, but as you amaze yourself you will find that solution can present itself just as easily as the myriad of synchronicities that aligned themselves to present the problem. Yes? If layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of synchronicity has suddenly plopped a problem into your world, do you think the universe incapable of plopping in solution?

All of life is amazing whether you experience it as pleasant or unpleasant. Though you may find a challenge before you, as you shift your perspective your challenges will become exciting. Your challenges will bring you great joy. For you will understand that all that is before you has been prepared with great care and aligned with great precision, so that you may realize the universal force that flows through you is limitless. You are limitless. Life is limitless.

These issues that grip your heart - allow them to caress you. The greatest perspective that will serve you is to perceive yourself as the amazing God Being that you are. Your power is limitless. The function of your body, the function of your mind has yet to be fully utilized, to serve the greatest function that you have - the power of Love that flows through you. Look around you in all that you see in nature. There are powerful forces that grow, that continue, that nurture through Love. Even when the tree sits with no leaves in winter, that powerful love still surges through. Even when the forces of nature seem destructive from human perspective, that power of Love still surges through. You are no less powerful. It is the heart, it is the Love that allows that universal force to manifest untold experiences in your life. As you view yourself as the powerful God Being that you are, that Love that you flow for yourself will open that physical body, will open that physical brain function, so that Love flow can bring the power of the universe into your life. This is who you are. See that. Feel that. Be that. Let that be your example that you show others. Let that be how you create. Let that be how you love others. That would be the creation that feeds creation. That is what life is about, continuing creation.

04/05/08 - Aries New Moon

It is among the times of challenge that finding your joy becomes ever more important. It is among the times of challenge that you find what it is you are capable of handling. It is among these times of challenge that you have taught yourself much about your self. It is possible now that you move through these challenges with more ease and more rapid flow. This will bring greater ease and less challenge. It is challenge that strengthens your beingness. You do not need to struggle to become more powerful, to become more clear. Challenge can serve you well.

Your perspective in viewing challenge will determine whether it is a joyful progress or a struggle.

All challenges have a point where you are able to view them from different perspectives. It is human nature to often share the story of their challenges with one another. Many times this can be beneficial in offering you a new perspective. Other times, it becomes hindersome for it skews your own perspective towards a less expansive view. Are you able to share your experiences, hear perspectives and then utilize only those that feel beneficial to you? For even if you do not share your challenges with others, your mind will progress you through the same experience. If you do not receive perspective from others, you will receive perspectives from yourself. Either way, it is your duty to take these perspectives and begin to discern what feels best for your growth.

As you begin to exercise your ability to discern for yourself, that which brings you growth through challenge, and that which brings you stagnation through challenge - you will become more adept at viewing various perspectives, bringing you easier solution throughout your challenges. Begin to view the word challenge as a positive. Begin to see a new perspective of what challenge has to offer you. Begin to see that you can experience things which are challenging for you and flow through it with the greatest of ease, reaping all of the benefits through a joyful progress.

It is the ability to discern that will bring you this joyful progress. You have many faculties to discern, your emotions will point to you that which feels good and that which does not. Your so-called coincidences will also begin to point to you, that which will bring you joyful progress and that which will not. You will begin to discern that all around you is information. All around you. Every interaction that you have, things you read, things you hear, things people say, all around you is information for your growth. It is your ability to discern that will help you decipher the information that you are receiving. Your emotional structure is designed to show you that which is best for your growth, that which will lead you to joyful progress. Humans have often become confused with the emotions because they encounter little truth between one another. In order to remain a ‘civilized society’ emotions are distorted, emotions are suppressed. Often times this leads to emotions being abused.

Beginning to discern how to move through challenge with greater ease is pivotal in your development of becoming a joyful being. As you begin to discern, you begin to empower you own choice. You begin to empower your own truth. You begin to decipher from all that you have been receiving as outside information, as that which serves you and that which does not. This deciphering process can be very easy if you learn to use your emotions to serve you. Do not fear the negative emotions, the emotions that do not feel pleasant. For they, too, are there to teach you. Allow their beautiful gift of transformation to show you clearly how to move through your challenges. Do not let their unpleasantness stagnate you. It is the embracing of the beautiful gift they bring forth that will allow your joyful progress to arrive. When you become aligned with the positive and the negative emotions you will no longer fear the challenges. You will find that the negative, unpleasant emotions do not linger when you do not fear them. You will find the need to control that which goes on around you is released as you allow your fear to be released as well.

As you begin to allow your perspective of challenge to align with the positive, you will find a freedom and a new expansion. You will find that you are capable of far more than you ever imagined. And you will find that challenge can be a pleasant and invigorating aspect of growth.

Q: When you're in the challenge of the flow of money not coming in, how is it that you don't go into fear?

To answer that question, we would say if you do not want to go into fear about money, make certain that you always have lots of money. In order to move past the fear you will have to feel the fear. It is impossible to feel the doubt and the fear of no money, and absolutely find joy immediately. You must deal with what is in your experience. As you look at that experience and realize that you are still alive, you are still okay, but challenged - you will begin to find that solution is easier to come by. It is human nature to feel. Allow yourself to feel. Your job is not to stop the fear, your job is to release the fear. You will find that it is necessary to step yourself back and forth and back and forth between fear and knowingness until you become strong in the knowingness. Allow the challenge to teach you. Do not allow the challenge to stop you. The challenge is there, how you choose to view your challenge makes all the difference! These are not new words. And it is much easier to say the words, to think the words and hear the words than it is to enact words. But it is this re-viewing of challenge that will begin to empower you so that whatever your challenge may be, it is easier to find the perspective of joy through it, the perspective of release - so that you may understand you are far more powerful than you have yet known. Every moment, every day and certainly every year you can see that you change, you can see that others change. Allowing this change to happen takes a shift in perspective. There are many things that you will encounter that will be challenging. Some greater than others. Allow those that are not so great a challenge to teach you so that the ones that are more important or difficult to deal with become easier. With all clarity and understanding we say to you that your perspective changes everything about your experience.

Q: How can I help children to move through their own fears of emotion and control in their lives?

This formative time of dealing with emotions is easier than many think. The challenge is that so many influences are providing children with differing experiences. The greatest of all teachers will be Truth. The benefit that the adult has is the understanding and greater perspective. Your patience as they process through all of their influences will be greatly in service to them. As you clearly identify the Truth of your experience and their experience, and as you hold a space of patience for them to experience all of their different influences - their wisdom, that is so close to their being, will come forth. The greatest teacher of Truth exemplifies. Silence is a far more powerful teacher to a child. At this point in their development they are far more identified with their emotions than they are with their words. Explaining things to them is valuable, however, they will understand what you exemplify far more clearly. The gift of patience as they explore allows them to begin to discern for themselves. All too often, children are told how to feel, how to behave and how to think. The true gift is to teach them to discern, and they do that through experience. Can you teach a child that it is okay to feel sad, to feel scared? Just as you can teach them it is okay to feel happy, to feel love? For later in their life as they encounter these experiences of sadness and anger and disappointment - they will understand that it is not something to be feared. That it is not something to be stopped. That it is something to be embraced. For the embracing of the disappointment, of the fear, is what will release it. As you are dealing with a child that deals more with feeling than they do with words, your patience and your allowance and your expectation that they are wise will bring them untold growth.

Humans need far less dictatorship than they experience. As they experience it around them as a child they then encompass their own dictatorship within and as an adult they do not allow themselves to embrace the things that hurt. They learn they must resist that, they learn that somehow it is failure, and they do not learn how to move past it with ease. This is the space that children are in, they are able to move past things quickly and with ease if they are allowed to. Adults have the power of their intuition, of their understanding faculties to discern what a child is experiencing. The challenge for the adult will be to step back and allow the child to experience. You can guide them and still allow them to feel. They understand your feelings far more than you know. Even in situations where you feel like you do not have total control, like the other influences are overpowering your ability to allow that child to learn for themselves, the child will still feel your Truth. Even if outside circumstances do not allow you to fully embrace the freedom of that child, the Truth of your heart and the Truth of your actions will be understood. This is how children communicate. All of the other stuff that goes on around has some influence, but children are still very tied into emotion and living life through emotion rather than the mind faculties. Your emotion is the most powerful catalyst for their growth, or conversely their stagnation. There has been epidemic proportions of adults that cannot tolerate their children's emotions. This will begin to change as the adults become more attuned with their own emotions.



Please understand that you are a powerful force of Love. This powerful force of Love is sometimes clouded by experiences of less than love, joy, happiness, freedom, expansion. You can allow those experiences to propel you forward to greater depths of Love, or you can allow those experiences to shut you down, so that less and less Love is available. At any point in time Love is available to you. It is flowing to you. It is your discernment, it is your openness, it is your perspective that will increase that flow. Your power is in your Love. As you view the world around you, it seems as if there are forces more powerful than Love. It is the power of Love that will bring you the joy that you seek. Can you Love the fear? That is the challenge.

03/07/08 - Pisces New Moon

It is the power of your voice that you are coming into alignment with at this time. This is a time of great movement forward though it is behind-the-scenes for many. All of humanity is experiencing this shift. Most do not understand that the changes that are occurring are profound. The power of your voice has yet to be heard on the kind of scale that you will begin to see. The power of your voice has previously been quieted. As you associate someone with a powerful voice, you are accustomed to experiencing those who use their voice to manipulate, those that use their voice to instigate. For even those that speak eloquently and stirringly, will often pull at the strings of the heart in order to have you see their perspective. So it is that you are accustomed to the utilization of the voice as bringing you out of your own strength, your own power, your own choice. As the others around you question how you might use your voice, you learn to step back and quiet yourself. You learn to join with them. Sometimes it feels like a good idea for you learned also to quiet the voice in your head that whispers YOUR truth to you. As those around you, rather loudly and often repeatedly, utilize their voice - the quiet whisper of your own truth is pushed aside. You will see that the collective of humanity will have a harder time quieting that voice of truth within. It is vital at this time that you begin to nurture that voice within you. That you begin to understand more clearly what it is that is yours and what it is that comes from outside sources. When you are at a point of choice you have a voice within you that is your truth and you have the voice of others - that granted may often be coming from a place of love and a place of their own truth, still it is not yours. As you begin to search for that voice of truth within you, you will clearly recognize when it is that you allow others to overpower your own voice with theirs. You will recognize more clearly why is that you seek out the opinions of others. You will recognize more clearly when you are given those opinions without even asking. You will recognize more clearly when you allow yourself not to hear your own truth.

It is a truth that sometimes the truth hurts. As you encounter one of these truths that cause you some discomfort, you will recognize that this truth, however prickly it may be at the moment, will clearly bring you growth. It will clearly bring you a new perspective that even though at one time it may have caused some discomfort, the end result will be pleasant. In recognizing the pleasantness of these truths, you must take careful consideration of the full experience of them. This means with great clarity you will observe what was true within you, what was the experience that it caused? Did it manifest in an experience with others? Did it manifest in an experience with only yourself? Did it manifest within something physical within your life such as a job or your physical vehicle (body)?

This truth that resides within you, is the very key to your own empowerment. There is no path to empowerment that others can walk for you. Others can only show you the path that they have chosen. As you resonate with that path, then you will walk your own path. Do not allow what anyone else resonates with to take your truth from you. If there is any experience within the path that brings you understanding, be it pleasant or discomforting, that path is valuable for you to observe. You may notice that there are those along your path that will be there for a certain time, that will be there for a certain reason. You do not need to attach completely, you do not need to attach forever. You need to experience as it serves you. The truth of any other is merely an experience for you to observe. Observe how it makes you feel. This will be your own indication of your truth. You will be able to be very discerning of the subtle nuances of how much you resonate with that truth. Even as you hear the speaking through channeling, it is still for you to discern what is it that you resonate with. For each path is unique to your own desires. As you observe the subtle nuances of how you feel and resonate with that which you experience - you begin to trust your own impulses. You begin to observe how you experienced the entire interaction with that truth. As an example, when you begin to take a class, you will find that there will be parts of it that you agree with, there will be parts of it you do not agree with, there will be parts that really serve you to make a great leap, and there will be parts that feel as if not much change is happening at all. It is for you to observe the nuances of how you felt before, how you felt during and how you felt after each experience. As you observe those nuances, you will glean the full understanding of your own truth. As you observe those nuances, you will understand when a path is serving you and when a path is no longer serving you. There will be those experiences that you have that will serve you through the learning of opposites, the learning of negatives, the learning of the lesson of what you do not want. While this is valuable experience, pay close attention to your own truth vibrating within you. For not all lessons need be learned that way. If you find that too many of your lessons are being experienced through the opposite learning, it is time to look within at the truth that brings that experience into your life. As you begin to recognize your truth you will begin to feel a peace, a confidence, an understanding that is not easily swayed. It is a process that takes the awareness of understanding different experiences and aspects of everything in your life. For the truths that you have about relationship, the truths that you have around money, the truths that you have around family - not only are they different from each other, but they will be different for you at different times. Coming to a clear understanding of what is right for you and you alone takes great courage. Understand that many people will acquiesce their own truth just for ease of living.

At this time, silencing the power of your voice - however it is that you express yourself, will become very challenging. This time is such that humanity is moving forward, progressing into an understanding of who they are. This understanding comes with great care and awareness. Taking great care and awareness with the truth of your heart is the doorway to Freedom of Being. Your truth and your heart are the very core of your Being. They are not separate, but if you do not take great care all too often they are easily separated. The power of your expression is one of the greatest gifts of humanity. All that you experience is expression. All of your interaction - the joy of being with nature, with humans, with animals, with yourself - all of that interaction is expression. What is it that you want to experience and express? The fullness of being? The totality of you? Or do you want to express what you think others want you to express? This is the choice. This is the experience. Will you be your full expression? Your full expression relies on your truth. This is your choice.

Are there questions? This is a very heady and heavy topic. Understand that we have given you much information, and we have spoken in terms that are general, but there will be aspects that apply to your life. There will be aspects that you have already brought in to balance or you are already bringing into balance. Learning to recognize and trust your own truth is not something that is taught from a young age. Rarely is it truly taught it all. As you become more aware of your own truth, seek the joy and the excitement in that journey for it will be a journey.

Q: How do we know when we are on the right path?

When you begin to resonate with your heart, you will know you are the right path. There will be times when you will have doubts, there will be times when you will weigh the pros and cons of a path, there will be times when you seek the guidance of others. Through all of that when you are resonating in the truth if your heart, there will be an ease of flow with it. Even as you are embarking upon a path that may have some challenges to it, that ease of flow will still be present. You will feel compelled, perhaps even beyond your own explanation. For it will be your heart that guides you.

Q: You spoke about listening to the voice in your head, and you spoke about the truth in your heart. What is the difference between the two? Is there a difference between the two?

There is a difference between the two at this time. You will have moments when the two are in sync. Currently, the mind is predominately what people listen to. The mind is where they put their trust. The mind is not something to be despised, it is not bad. But it is not in alignment with your truth. It is where you store the truths of others. It is where you store the truths of books, it is where you store the truths of history lessons, math lessons, everything you have learned from others, you store that truth in your mind. We call this a truth because you accept it as a truth. The heart, as it teaches you, shows you the truth of the totality of you. Your heart is your connection to your true self, beyond just the human experience. Your mind, optimally, is utilized to put that truth into a package that you understand, that you apply. So as the truth of your heart teaches you, the truth of your mind will apply it to your life. You will observe, 'this person does not resonate with my truth. In my own life here I am speaking my truth, here I am living my truth, in this aspect I am not. How is it that I can come into alignment with my truth in that aspect?' That is what your mind does optimally as it serves your heart. To recognize the difference between the chatter that is not yours and the whisper of truth that is - always bring your attention back to your heart. The challenge with that is to quiet the mind. For as you stop that chatter, you hear the whisper. You feel the whisper. When the thoughts that are in your mind feel the same as that whisper, that is your mind utilizing your truth.

Q: You opened speaking about the power of your voice, I'm wondering, does that make any difference to actually speak it out loud when you're speaking your truth, or is it enough just to hear it and know it?

The important part is to align your voice with your truth. By voice we speak of your expression. By expression that can mean every aspect of your life as you express yourself in relationship, as you express yourself in money terms with your work, as you express yourself with your friends, with your family. So it has both literal meaning of utilizing your voice and it also has the meaning of utilizing your life. The power of your voice is heard and felt by all that you do just as the power of withholding your voice is heard and felt by all that you don't do. It is important for you, and by you we mean everyone, it is important for you to express your voice. It matters not whether anyone else hears that but it matters to the entire to universe whether or not you express it. Every interaction that you have whether it is with a human, whether it is with nature, whether it is with your own creativity, whether it is with your own sexuality, every interaction that you have has an impact, has an imprint. The entire expression is valuable. So with every interaction that you have, the total energy of that is weighed, measured and calculated. And it flavors the entire energy of the universe. If you could see what it is that you really do with every breath you take, you would cherish yourselves as we cherish you. For we see the impact that you make. This is your expression. And it carries the signature of you.

02/06/08 - Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

The pyramid energy of which you speak is now upon you. These times are bringing forth the codings, the clearings, the alignments, that the pyramids offered at their peak. These times that you are experiencing, from the outside, may seem as if not much is different. Understand that there are vast changes afoot. You will begin to see in the sciences what they consider anomalies. At this time, much of this is being held back from the public, for they do not feel comfortable in their methods. Compared to the information that is presented, they have no explanation so they do not put it forth. You will begin to see more information. The medical sciences are the ones that are holding the information that they have, for they do not understand it. The physical sciences are more apt to experiment and explore, but understand, that even those are fraught with holding because of their ego, withholding information. When you are taught that certain things are the way that they are, it becomes difficult to see something else. When they present information that is not accepted by their peers, the ego feels the pain and the sting of that, the pocket feels the sting of that, so though they are more apt to bring forward information, even there you must search to find evidence of the vast changes that are upon you.

Change is something that seems hard to come by. There is much resistance around it. We say to you that the change that is occurring is far more meaningful than what you see presented. The change between people, the change between nations, these changes are rooting. These changes will bring forward new structures. There will be breaking down of the old structures in the building of the new. The two phases will overlap. As economies and governments find that the old structures no longer serve, new ones will come forth. In your own lives these changes can be maneuvered. Understand that detachment will be very important. Do not watch what is going on around you take it on as your own. Do not expect that you must figure out each solution. Do not expect that you can remain under the radar and not have to change.

During the time of the peak of the pyramids nothing was hidden. Nothing was hidden between people, nothing was hidden from thine own self. It took great care of manipulation and much time to finally hide something. Once something was hidden, it grew. Like mold growing in a silent, cold, damp corner. At the time of the pyramids peak, when nothing was hidden, change was easy to come by. Fear did not have hold. At this time as you come back into full alignment with that peak power, your challenge is to move past fear. You do not fear that which you know, that which you see. You fear that which is hidden, be it a future, be it a solution, be it something in the physical - like a person, a change of location, a death, a birth. When nothing was hidden there was no reason to fear.

This year will bring you much change. As you progress along through this change, move past your fear. For if you look back over change in your life you will see there was nothing to fear for that which you can control is merely an illusion. So allowing yourself to attempt control will only bring you greater fear. As you observe the changes through this year, watch your own reactions. As you find yourself gripping, stepping back - understand that this is the year to move forward. And as you move forward in joy, in confidence, in detachment; you will find the force of your movement is greatly amplified. For that was the power of the pyramids - to bring into a space, into a channel - immeasurable force of power. This you do physically with your body, the flow of energy through your body is just as powerful. When you move forward with grace of ease, you will discover that power. As fear holds you, what you see presented in your life experience will not mirror that power. This is the time to step past your fears. Do not let your mind control your life. Allow the flow through to bring you a greater understanding of what this experience can be.

This year, this time, is the time to become one with all of your fellow human beings. Those that seem so very different are not. The situations may change, but the underlying feelings are always the same. As you come to realize yourself, you will come to realize all. For you are not nearly as different as it seems.

Utilize this time for your growth, for if you do not move forward, you will feel the sting of fear far more. These energies will now push if you do not move along with them. Fighting against the tide of this flow of 2008 will be far different than what you have experienced before. Everything that you experience is something you can handle. Stand tall, step forward and love generously for your love flow will propel you to new heights.

01/08/2008 - Capricorn New Moon

This channeling was not recorded. It was about balancing your relationship with females by coming into forgiveness and acceptance with mother figures, sisters, friends, aunts, grandmothers, teachers, societies relationship to females, etc. and your own feminine nature. It was pointed out that the Venus Transit (which brings feminine energy) occured in 2004 and will occur again in 2012, we are now at the midpoint between those time frames and should be coming into balance with feminine energy. As you clear your own issues with females in your life (past, present, dead or alive), you will begin to align and root the Divine Feminine principle in your life. As this occurs, your masculine/feminine nature becomes balanced. As the gender split is the macro of separation on our earth, you will be balancing a very important and powerful part of yourself.

As this channeling occured, there were only females in the room. It was obvious that it was very important for females to become aligned with their feminine nature. Males and females both have a Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspect, however, the gender of our physicality will show us that we have made a choice to work on balancing from a particular perspective. As we (any gender) come into alignment and empowerment with who we are, we treat ourselves differently, we treat others differently and we are treated differently by others because what we allow and what we seek are aligned with balance and empowerment rather than need. It is the time to truly seek your balanced empowerment and embrace it fully.

12/09/2007 - Sagittarius New Moon

We ask at this time that you look to your fears to bring you the greatest teachings. For it is much easier to look at them than through them, is it not? As you look at them and bring forward the understanding - the information and the teachings that you glean from them - you bring movement forward into your experience. For the looking at and understanding brings you into alignment with the illusion that they are. We say to you that if you so desire a new beginning, it is beneficial to adjust the illusions that keep you thinking that you are less than what you are. Which is unlimited. It is the illusion of fear that keeps you thinking that life is difficult and unmalleable because the fear clouds your vision. As you see through fear, you will begin to understand and acknowledge that those things that you thought stopped you, actually came forward to prove to you how magnificent you are.

It is the illusion of fear that creates separation -- separation from self is by far the most detrimental. For it is through the self that you experience interaction with all that is - be that other humans, be that your own Source Beingness, be that experiences that you would have in this world - experiences of creativity, experiences of sharing your knowledge, your perception, your voice. Those experiences that you deem as success and failure bring you into a clearer understanding of who you are. Both of equal value. Both of equal value.

It is easy to see the value of failure after you've succeeded. It is a far more difficult task to sit in what you would deem as failure and understand its value. Failure is deemed as such because of the illusion of fear. If you had no fear around the experience that you deemed as failure, you would sit in joy with that experience. It is your expectation of outcome, of judgment, that causes you to categorize something as failure. If you knew that you had a certain progression or pathway to follow before what you call success was to be reached, you would not deem that pathway failure. As you progress through your grades of school, you do not see it as failure that you have not finished the final level when you know you are only at level 4. There is no expectation, better stated there is an expectation that is in alignment with the end result. When you are in alignment with the end result that you seek, all of the steps along the way become an enjoyable plateau among themselves. When you have an end result in mind, a desire, as you release the illusion of fear the pathway to that desire becomes joyful. When you release the illusion of fear - all judgment, expectation, need for control, are released. At this space when you reach a plateau, a step along the pathway of your desire, you see it not as bad, nor do you see it as good, you see it as is. For to reach a new plateau, you must leave the old one behind. There is no fear about what is to come, there is no fear as to what has been. There is acceptance that everything that is, is perfect.

Acceptance and fear do not reside in the same energy. Therefore, we say to you that acceptance of self is the most important energy that will serve you in releasing fear. Can you accept that you are perfect at this moment as you are? Can you accept that it is perfect that this moment will not remain the same? Can you let go of this moment in order to bring a new one in? We say to you that if you hold onto the illusion of fear, you cannot let go of this moment. That makes the movement forward less expansive as you have more and more to hold on to. It is this illusion of fear that teaches you that you must hold on to something. For your ego uses fear to hold on to life. But you are smarter than that.

As you look to your fears, look to your future. For that which you fear holds your future in its hand. To abolish your fears look to your present, for now you are perfect. This now that you are experiencing is perfect. It will show you how to bring your fears into reality instead of illusion. As you bring them into reality, you will realize the illusion and bring forward understanding, clarity, and a newly formed courage. This courage comes from accepting yourself as the perfection that you are. There is no other God spark like you. There is no other God spark like you. You are imbued with all of the power of the universe, not just your parents, not just your locality, not just your physicality. You have power beyond what you see, you have power beyond what you feel, you have power beyond what you know. You do have access to that power. The only door that will open you to that power is complete love of self. Complete love of self. Why is it, you think, that you have been taught not to love yourself? Why is it, you think, you have been taught to think of others first - and to give and to give and to give? Because that is the doorway to your power. Love of self is the doorway to your power. And it is through that Love of self that you are able to love others. Until you reach that place, all of the love that you feel for others, that you feel for the earth, can only get through as wide as you have opened the door for yourself. When you have true complete love of self, love of others will be unequivocal.

Every moment we flow our love to you, for we see the wholeness that you are. We know who you are. All that you can receive comes through how far you have opened the door. Your power, your courage, your truth resides in love of self. This is the gift that you give to others. This is how you teach them how amazing they are. We will continue to flow immense love to you. It is you that opens the door.

What kind of new beginning do you want? What kind of new you do you want? How much do you love and accept yourself to allow the new you to begin?

There is no fear that can stand up to love. All aspects of fear -- anger, hatred, battle, manipulation - all aspects of fear can not reside in the same energy as love. And though it may not seem clear to you, we tell you love always wins.

We ask that you remind yourself to open your heart to yourself. From this space you will open your heart to everything else. Remind yourself to open your heart to yourself. For you are Source Beingness.

11/08/2007 - Scorpio New Moon

We want to speak of the emotions, which is often our topic, for they are incredibly important. They light the pathway for movement forward, or they can pin you into one place with no movement. The misconception is that you have no control - and we do not speak of shifting your emotions, that is another topic.

We tell you that you have control over your emotions. The control that you have is your perception. You can perceive them in a way that benefits you or you can perceive them as more powerful than you are. We understand how it is easy to perceive them as more powerful, for when you are in the mix of them, it feels as if there is no way out. You control them by understanding them, for control is a word that misleads you to thinking. We play with the words because we can. We play with the words, because you will mislead your thinking with them. Emotions are intangibles in comparison to words. Yet box them into words, you do, do you not? Then you think that the emotions are defined and the emotions are limited. And we tell you that the scope of the emotions is far grander than you think.

The trick to controlling emotions is to expand your thinking. Instead of putting them into word boxes, let them permeate every aspect of your being - then understanding will come forth, rather than defining. So how might you expand with an emotion rather than defining one and putting it into a box of, 'this is what it is, this is what it isn't, this is what I am, this is what I am not?' Were you to categorize emotions you would inevitably find those that you like and those you do not like, those that you feel good about and those that you feel bad about. What if you allowed the understanding of the full expression of the emotion to be both of those or neither? For that which you feel bad experiencing is also the avenue to the greatest experience ever. Anger, when properly utilized, can bring great expansion and movement. Instead of putting it into words, 'I am angry at... I am angry with... I am angry because...,' put it into understanding. Perhaps you would ask the question 'why am I feeling angry, what led me to feeling angry, what am I learning by feeling angry... Whose fault is it? Don't write that one down! Have you ever enjoyed feeling angry? Sometimes it can be fun, you know. It really invigorates at times, yes? Don't hate the anger, for properly utilized it is a pathway to depths of understanding not previously available only through joy.

Those emotions that feel good, feel good for a reason. It is not because they are better than the other emotions, it is because they are more in alignment with you. Where as anger may be a teacher, joy may be a graduated student. And with clear discernment the understanding that comes brings you closer to understanding who you truly are. Always with emotions that is the goal - for you to understand more clearly who you truly are.

As you experience - instead of defining into a box - use the words, use the defining to clarify; but not to limit. Allow your own definitions to expand you. Allow your words to enliven you. Allow your emotions to teach you, to guide you. As you allow, you begin to find the real definition of control. This riddle is part of the fun. For this human experience that you are having is the best riddle of all. And your perception of the experience molds it or expands it infinitely.

10/10/2007 - Libra New Moon

We want to speak to you at this time of emotions. It is this time that the emotions are very important in how you expand. In watching the emotions that you are experiencing, you can begin to recognize patterns that are coming forth. In this time of movement forward, it is imperative to become aware of each of the emotions that are influencing you at any given time. For this time is becoming the Wholeness. The wholeness is your natural state that you have been separated from. It is the wholeness that unites all-of-you [physical] with all-that-you-are. Full source connection and expression is all that you are. In becoming clear with all that you are expressing emotionally, you will become clearer with all that is your strength, all that is your weakness, all that is your balance and your imbalance, all that is your progress and your regress. It is in watching the emotions that you recognize all of the influence within your energetic field. At all times, all that is influencing your energetic field will contribute to the entire process of the coming to wholeness. It is human nature to deny that which is painful. This is part of the Separation, for the pain was too great to handle. Understand that the pain is not greater than the Whole. As you come to recognize that you are more powerful than the pain, you will become clearer about all that is influencing your field at the time. Energetically as you recognize that which causes you pain, you will become more attuned to how much power you have over that which you dislike, that which you do not want, that which you feel powerless against. Seek that knowledge - seek that experience that teaches you how powerful you are. For if one has accomplished something at any point in time it is possible, is it not? If one can dream it, it is possible.

As you look to the past and as you look to the future, you see them as vastly different experiences. Recognize that they are far more similar than you have previously acknowledged. Both are changeable, both are influenced by your present. As you look to the emotions that you are experiencing in the present, you are influencing the emotions of the past and of the future. Recognize that these are mutable.

In experiencing the wholeness of the emotions, understand that the scope from bad to good as you would define them, is the way of emotion. It is not meant to be only one, it is not meant to be monotone. It is meant to be a vast scale. Within this scale is the points that you will bring forth in order to find your own balance. So at any given moment different points on the scale will be activated for you within your present moment. This can bring you harmony, or it can bring you discord. It matters not what the emotion is, it matters whether you experience the harmony of it or the discord of it. For that which you define as bad, can bring just as much harmony in the fullness of the experience of it as the good. Like a musical scale, it can bring you either harmony or discord, the experience of it is yours. As you open to the possibility of harmony within the experience, the understanding will come forth more easily. (Light language)

This points to the importance of understanding that all that you experience is to bring you harmony. Even if you dislike the experience, when you seek the understanding, you will find the harmony. Just as when you seek the harmony the understanding will come forth. This is the perception of the experience. There are those that experience that which they dislike and somehow it propels them forward to greater heights. There are those that experience extreme sorrow or anger, and somehow it propels them forward to greater compassion. It is this premise of seeking the harmony within all that you experience that will propel you forward.

You’re coming upon a great opportunity to reset your energetic resonance. Gaia is bringing forth much energy that was stored previously. This is the time frame that is ripe for the new you. There has been much cleansing and teaching that needed to happen before humanity would be ready to shift into a new experience. Please remind yourself that the work that you have done to bring yourself to this place is far beyond the imaginings of what you see in this lifetime. For you would not be here at this place now, if you had not already experienced so much to prepare you for this now. It is easy to look at the world, at the news, and think nothing spectacular is happening. It is easy to look back in history and think that is when the spectacular things happened. Please know that beyond any scale of what has previously happened, now is the time of the greatest transformation available to man.

It is a small step to take to become aware enough to expand your love, your joy, your expression. You see it as such a small insignificant act, we see the universal implications of one choice that you make to better yourself, to better this world. It is huge. Huge! Remind yourself of how important you are to us. We cherish every joy, every sorrow, every experience you have. For we see the impact that you have upon this Earth. We ask that you view yourself this way as well. You are cherished, cherished beyond your imaginings. Please look in the mirror and see that. For it is that free-flowing love that creates the wonderment. But if you should look in the mirror and not see that, even if tears flow, at least seek the harmony in that pain. For it is that seeking that will bring you to the understanding, that will bring you to the clarity of how magnificent you are. (Light language)

09/11/2007 - Virgo New Moon

There are three gateways that are coming before the end of the year, mark these times for they are moving forward with much rapidity. On this day today (9/11/07) a portal has been activated that has been brewing for many years. As this ascension process speeds up, please understand that you will be manifesting more rapidly. As this 9/11 portal began, the energy of fear was greatly awakened. It was not new energy, it was just greatly amplified. At this time you mark the sixth year of this energy. As you have processed for six years, recognize that this is the time of balance - that you become balanced with your fear. For the time of rapid manifestation is upon you. Fear was enacted in order to bring you to clearer manifestation for as you interface with your fears, you are bringing that into physicality that previously was merely energetic in your experience. Fears come from collective experience, fears come from ancestral experience, fears come from your own experience in your lifetime, fears come from others and you take them on as your own. They come forward into your experience to bring you to the knowingness of what you are capable of in physicality. At this time of rapid manifestation it is important to recognize your fears as the illusions that they are. You have planned your life experience prior to arrival; therefore, all fears that you encounter are experiences that you have desired for your own development. As you come upon this time of rapid manifestation, recognize that you are stronger than your fears. You are stronger than that which the collective would press upon you, for you hold Creation in the cradle of your heart. You are that powerful.

These three doorways that remain through this year (taps plays in the background-funny!) will continue to speed up your manifestations. As the doorways open you will recognize that your fears rush to the surface. Your pains rush to the surface. Know that you can handle all of which you experience. This is not to say that these doorways only bring forth pain and fears for those come up merely for the releasement. What they truly bring forth is joy, for as you release that which does not empower you, you interact more fully with that which does. (Light Language)

As you complete this year of nine, recognize that the new beginnings are about balance points within your life. For all completion and new beginnings overlap. And it is that point of balance that brings you the greatest expansion. Look closely into your life, where your balance point resides. (Light Language) (cough) (Light Language) As your creative powers speed and grow in power, recognize that the place of balance is your strongest foundation. It is from this point that that which you create that you desire and that which you experience that you do not desire - flow into this point of balance. For even that which you do not desire propels you forward. Allow that journey to bring you joy. As you resist the scale tips out of balance.

This is a time coming that will bring more action movement in your life. When you create your action from this very place of balance, you will find it inspiring and enjoyable. When you create your action from a place of need or desperation you will find it out of balance, less enjoyable. In focus at this time is balance between the heart and mind. For as one leads more than the other, again you find yourself out of balance. As they support each other you will find the action inspired, you will find the clarity, the empowerment, the joy amplified. You will find the fear easily reduced. Begin to watch the words you say, begin to watch the emotions that you give power to. But know clearly that it is your true intention that fuels the grid to enact that which you experience in your life. Become very clear about your intentions; do they come from a place of joy, from a place of freedom, from a place of unconditional love? Or do your true intentions come from a place of need or a place of fear or a place of abandonment? This is where you reside in the balance of the heart and the mind; for as one leads the other your true intention is not clear even to you. Become adept at this, for it is this that will guide your manifestations and recognize that they are speeding up. This is a time where addiction will greatly slow your progress, this is a time where addiction will greatly hold you back from your true intention. Recognize that the clarity is necessary to find that balance point in your life, understanding that anything within balance will support your growth. When it comes out of balance, it no longer supports your growth and recognize that these times of rapid manifestation will bring that to your experience that is needing to clear. Being strong in your foundation of balance will become far more necessary rather quickly. (Light Language)

The three doorways remaining throughout the year, please know that all times are incredibly powerful but these doorways are intensified. The next doorway is October 26. The following doorway will be the 11/11. The final doorway is 12/21. On this day especially, your balance is imperative. A glorious day it will be.

08/12/2007 - Leo New Moon

As time moves forward and you look back on this time, it will be known as the time of the heart cracking open. All that has been leading up to this time has been bringing you into a space where you feel safe enough to allow the heart to open. There is a certain amount of freedom and courage and self gnosis that must occur before you will feel the safety of allowing your heart fuller expression. How is it that you have come to this time, for within the scope of a lifetime it does not feel as if it could bring that much power. Understand that the work you have been doing, whether cognizant or not, is profound. There are ever so many upon this Earth that feel the same impetus and have not the courage to move forward with it. We commend you on your creativity. To look within the mirror that this life reflects to you takes courage. It is the action of that that opens the heart. It is the looking within that brings the most profound change. In times previously it was acceptable to humans to ignore the promptings within. We speak on a mass scale for there were always those looking within; however, at this time it is becoming predominant across the earth. As you see those you know who do not seem to be feeling the effects of this, please understand clearly that they are merely not showing it to you.

There are many tools available now upon this earth to assist in the unknowing, that help to not feel the process. However it is those feelings that bring you to the clarity that you seek. Clarity is synonymous with peace. Peace is synonymous with Love of the unconditional sort. It is clarity that gives you the access to knowing exactly who you are and how powerful you are. That whatever is going on around you in your physical life does not have the push and the pull. This is what brings you the peace. The peace in turn proves to you that you have the strength, the power to live your life from a place of freedom. As you know fully that your life is your own, you are free to love unconditionally. As you begin to peel away more and more of your conditional self-love, more doorways open allowing the unconditional love to flow. It is said that gratitude is an easy doorway to unconditional love. Within your experience gratitude has not been so nearly abused as love has, so the issues surrounding it are fewer. This is why the access to gratitude grants clearer flow of unconditional love. Remember to flow gratitude towards yourself. For as you experience that opened flow of unconditional love, so do you spread that seed around the Earth. More vastly than you can imagine. In beginning to seal the separation that has been a part of humanity for so very long, it is this unconditional flow of love that begins to suture that wound. This is the time, the time of the heart breaking open, that you will become more clear about who you are. Your divinity has been hidden well. As you flow unconditional love to your self, the power of your divinity will become ever more apparent. As you begin to recognize your own divinity, the force of the flow of that unconditional love grows exponentially.

We ask you to continue to embrace, to hold like a child, those fears still within you. We ask you to embrace, and to hold like a child, those parts of yourself that you see as less-than, as negative, as bad, as wrong. Nurture with Love those parts of you that you have separated yourself from. For the reunification is necessary for the Wholeness. Please bring within your body more and more of your divinity each day. This you do just by the asking. For it is the separation that blocks the full expression. Wholeness is your natural state. It is readily available, for it is who you are. There are none that are more whole than you are. All is perfect. As it should be.

07/14/2007 - Cancer New Moon

All humans upon this planet are what some term star seeds. For within the composition of being human is the star seeding of every aspect. Star relationships are based on geometries. They are based on magnetics. Within your functionality are the geometries and the magnetics of BEing. It is this magnetic aspect that calls to you all experience that is within your realm of necessity. And it is this astrological aspect that assists your own magnetics. Therefore the functionality that your star brothers have upon your experience is to propel your magnetics into new form. All of that which exists in the universe, known and unknown, exists within you as well. For you are the microcosm in the macrocosm, and the macrocosm within the microcosm.

Utilizing your knowledge of the magnetics that are affecting you can propel your own form forward with more ease, but you will always be propelled forward. For to not move forward is against your nature. Your own experience will utilize every aspect of movement that it has available. Your most common and readily used aspect is emotion. As you experience emotions that you like, you move forward easily. As you experience emotions you dislike, you either move forward easily or move forward with less ease. Even in the joyful emotions the choice remains whether to move forward or not. It is deemed easier to move forward from this place. However we say to you that it is the magnetics of that experience that move you forward with the greater ease. To say this in another way, it is your own magnetics that move you forward, for your greatest magnetic force is choice.

Understanding that humanity has felt very separated from choice, we remind you that on all levels it is available. Sometimes to make a smaller choice will actually bring you a greater force forward. What may seem like a meaningless choice actually has an immense universal movement.

The function of the human is seemingly microcosmic when compared to the vastness of the Universe. Understand that this perception is an illusion for you're the greatest force in the universe. Though we feel the disbelief, understand you are the greatest force in the universe.

You are in a space now of less than full force flow. As you begin to recognize the power of your full force flow, you will begin to recognize how powerful you are and how we could begin to say that you are the greatest force in the universe. But you must open to that flow. Like any deluge it is more effective to open bit by bit than to open wide upon first opening. As you recognize within your life that which is your choice, and as you experience the effects of your choice, you are opening bit by bit. There is universal support in the opening. This is the magnetics and the geometry of the astrology assisting you. This is the Light feeding you on a cellular level, on an emotional level. Allow the power of the universe to flow through you as you live day by day. Continue to open the valve of flow. This you do by choice.

06/14/2007 - Gemini New Moon

You are coming upon a time of the experience of time beginning to collapsing within on itself. This is a time of great movement. As time is so often focused within the numbers, it is time for us to bring forward to you the numerology of what you are experiencing now and what to look for. The influence of the summer solstice has to do with balance. This is the month of six. Six within your human expression has come to be attributed to balance. Balance is the form in which mastery resides. It is the 2 that brings the duality into alignment and balance with one (1) another. It is the 1 that is the BEginning. The 2 and the 1 become the three which is the catalyst, which is also the expression. This is the year of the nine which is bringing many, many cycles to completion and know that the completions are not an abrupt halt, but more of a blending into a new way. It is this time that you are being shown your avenues to mastery. It is this time that you are cleansing the deepest of your past challenges that are still influencing your present so that your future may reflect the new beginning.

We began with telling you that you are in an experience of time beginning to collapse in upon itself as the past comes ever so loudly into your present, and the future is but an inbreath away. It is this time that we express to you that your NOW contains all within it that you need. Become adept at releasing the past whether it is 10 years ago, 10 lifetimes ago, or 10 minutes ago. Open the door to forgiveness, open the door to joy, open the door to recognizing how magnificent you are. Do not hesitate to remind yourself of this, for you are magnificent. Take every opportunity you can find to remind yourself how magnificent you are. When you do this, you will begin to recognize how magnificent ALL are.

This is a powerful time and we commend your strength and your dedication to movement forward, and we support you at all times. You will find July to bring about much movement, August to bring about even more movement. September will begin to solidify much chang3e [sic]. Stand strong in your knowingness that change is a positive, no matter what it may look like on the outside. See it not through human perception, but through heart perception. There is an activation that will be occurring that will bring about much more understanding and movement for your life path. This will bring about an alignment and excitement that will override the fears, the challenges. Spend time discerning what is important to you, what brings you your expansion, for this is a time of great support. Remain open to possibilities that you may not have imagined for the alignments will amaze you. Do not overlook the synchronicities. Allow the magic of the smallest things to amaze you, for even bigger ones will soon follow.