Crystalline Soul Healing



Eyes wide open

I see the proof

Someone told me

I saw the truth


It tastes solid

And this moment I’m full

But soon, unexpectedly

My stomach will pull



a new direction





Easily lured


I’ve touched it, I feel it

But it hasn’t touched me

I’ve got a shell, an armor

I can’t see to break free


Where would I go, who would I be

Eyes wide open, what do I see


Is truth whole, is it mine alone

I’m the only eyes I’ve ever known

How could I really know what others see

through perspectives, agendas, piety


I know my truth is in me but it’s hard to hear

a quiet whisper above thundering fear


Discernment is a slippery snake

and I’ve made many a charming mistake

clinging to the final shake in fright

from the sin you spin within

a tornado darkens my skies

grounding my flight



As I close my eyes

I see it clear


The words and smells and tastes and touch

That kept me confused and following

such a cluttered path

that I hardly felt the ground

I just kept walking around

Following others

that seemed to be

ahead of me

and confident

for the steps between


But what did they really glean

from what was in front and behind

but a cluttered path with nothing to find



Eyes wide shut

I breathe new air

and become a vessel for my soul to flare

a beacon for travelers

searching for soil

to place their feet and plant a seed and finally feed

on the Sun they need


The warmth, the glow, the freedom of Flow

THE ONE will show that Truth is WITHIN to sow


The heart

Transducer Transformer Seducer Performer

What will your garden impart -


Full Acceptance In The Heart?

You Are Oxygen

My greatest sorrow is that I have no words to truly express how wholy you are cherished by the entire cosmos. Every electron knows your song and spins it sweetly as you sleep. Every exhale mourns the loss of the warmth of your breast. Every mistake rejoices in the life you gave it as you walk away without turning back. The prism you reflect graces the flowers growth and its fragrance rushes to kiss your skin. Within your eyes I lose my own need to breathe as each emotion you feel feeds my cells until they burst with the ecstasy of release - spilling forth the union of God meets God meets God. I know who I am in the swirl of our souls climb to vistas never before imbibed. The ascent is divine. I smell your clarity beckoning my messy mind to find the door to chaos. Creation begins anew as I spiral with you.

Is the light in my eyes reflecting lies? I feel deprived. I reach and it moves. I slither and it baits. The confusion and doubt mingle within. On about it’s busyness the world proceeds as I am planted on my knees. I feel the warmth of your body in a dream. What is this sense that knows no time? I can’t discern the truth – stinging, sublime. The reflection of me dims in your brightness. I cling to my shadow friend. Gone. Murderer! What did I ever do to you? Must I repent for a lifetime already spent? Who was I then? Ah, freedom. Thank you for the bigger cage. I learn to walk in this one. I fall in love with a new wall. So soft and strong, caressing me with a cool kiss on the cheek. The dichotomy keeps me safe and never defined. For if I don’t know who I am, I have no disappointment in who I find. And when you look into my eyes the loneliness won’t hurt. You’re not even real. Just a dream I still feel. The spiral begins to unpeel.

Winds of wisdom whip my skin. The flesh is pricked with memories of sin. The blood rises, yet too weak to flow. Just red stars flickering in my knight sky. Finger painting in swirls of iron emotion, the sea stirs. Connecting dots. The universe reveals its glow and I begin to surge. I am parted at your hand, artfully displayed. The gravity of desire pulls you close. At once a push and a pull. Life and death blurs. The spinning fear and excitement masterfully entangled. Never truly defined. Never duly aligned. We are slaves to forces unseen. The mobius illusion is the end is the beginning. I’ve turned myself inside out in you. In the forward of time you’ve already pressed me against a wall and devoured me. In the now of time, suffice to take but a breath and let that feed you. Breathe deeper, breathe deeper, breathe me deeper within. Free within the spin of your heavenly oxygen.


With a Laudanal tongue the world speaks slow

But how long can the slur deter the mindstream flow

Walls and wine only work for a time

before the cracks and lacks begin to show your crime


How can I chain my brain to a pace I can contain

perceived entrainment with societal constrainment

Won’t you feel free if I numb what your drum does to me

reflecting your vibe of hipocracy with violent empathy


to float

to fly

to sink

to die

I guess I should decide

to follow

to guide

to heal

to hide

the fucking crazy inside


Swept away in the tide

I was just trying to hide under a rock

that seemed to have control of its ride

It hurts my pride to admit

I’m not a strong swimmer in this ocean of shit