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Ask and It is Given - Abraham-Hicks

The Vortex - Abraham-Hicks

Kryon (most recent first) - Lee Carroll

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus - Claire Heartsong

Your Soul's Plan - Robert Schwartz

Keys of Enoch - JJ Hurtac

What is Lightbody? - Tashira Tachi Ren

The Prism of Lyra - Lyssa Royal Holt

The Magdalen Manuscript - Tom Kenyon

Love Without End - Glenda Green

Animal Speak - Ted Andrews

The Essential Rumi - Barks

The Power of Now - Eckhardt Tolle

The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

The Prophet - Khalil Gibran

The Treasured Writings of Khalil Gibran


Healing Art (see if there is a class near you)

Energy Healers

Deidre Zimmer 310.890.7929 (Deep Tissue & Craniosacral)


Avalon Crystals - Kelly's crystals are amazing. She is a true Crystal Steward. - Organic products for the home. - Fabulous flower and tree essences. - The best email campaign site ever. Try it for free. - Miracle II products are wonderful.

Get Involved - view a video on YouTube here

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