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08/05/09 - Aquarius Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE

So it is tonight that we desire to speak of love, for it flows nicely with the speak of change (prior to the channeling). It is the energy of love, it is the energy of love that brings forth change with ease. It is the energy of love that fuels your life force. It is the energy of love that reflects back to you in all that you experience. In varying degrees, you perceive your experiences as love-full or love-less. So as your life reflects back to you and you perceive that it is love-full, these are often what you feel as good experiences, positive experiences. Yet when life reflects back to you what you perceive as love-less, these you consider as the negative experiences. All of it is love-full, because love is the fuel that creates life. You create life each moment you live it. When you perceive your experiences as positive or negative, you are inherently perceiving the level of love that you feel from these experiences. When you experience free-flow love, unconditional love, great amounts of love, you remember. This is why you perceive this as feeling good. You remember cellularly that it is love that fuels life. When you feel this love-less experience, it is that memory that love is the force of life that triggers the negative experience of it.

If you were to look at the positive end of the spectrum and the negative end of the spectrum, they seem rather far from each other. And yet there is love throughout the entire spectrum. It is human perception that one end of the spectrum IS bad and one end of the spectrum IS good, because that is how they feel to you. From a broader perspective you would observe that there is love throughout the entire spectrum. Whether one end feels bad or feels good, does not negate its force of life. All life contains love. All love contains life. Though the ends of the spectrum do not feel the same, they are both life. From this broader perspective, you would see that it is not a straight line where one is far from the other, but it is a circle and you are viewing two points on a circle. This imagery is to suggest that they are connected. Though they may feel different, there is value to each part of the spectrum.

Though we have begun by showing you the difference between what feels good and what feels bad, and also showing you what it is that they have in common, we now want to speak of the power of love. In your life, with your perceptions and your feelings, you can interact with any part of this spectrum and experience the value. Experience the value more than you experience the feeling.

It is this force of love within you, that as you experience love with your feelings, you remember that love; cellularly, minutely, beyond your vision, is your origin. This is why love feels good. It is within you, it is the truth of who you are. Though you can not see it in this physical world, you know it when you feel it, just as you know it when you feel the lack of it. As you feel this experience of love and you resonate and vibrate with this truth of who you are, when you feel this love, it is as if you are increasing your fuel of life.

The force of love has physical effects on your body that you could measure chemically. This is an example of how something that you feel within you, that is unseen, is having an effect on your physical world. With this small example, you begin to see the force of love in action in your physical world. This is an easy perception because it is localized and it comes within a time frame that you can recognize. What takes a much broader perspective is recognizing the effects of the force of love out in your physical world. There are times when you have immediate experience of this. When you interact with a person and there is love flow, you also feel those chemical reactions. You may feel other reactions that those chemicals seem to influence, however, the chemicals are but a minute part, so this love also begins to affect you physically with self-esteem, with your ability to embrace and enjoy others. When you feel this love flow between you, your personality is affected. This is an example that is outside of you, but still has somewhat of an immediate perception available.

What takes a much broader perspective, is to see the effect that love has upon different experiences in your life that take longer amounts of time to recognize. As you interact with your work, as you interact with your goals that you set for the future, it is easy to dismiss the effect of love because you can get bound in the physical action rather than the unseen energy that has an effect. It is easy to forget that your flow of love force affects all that you do. It affects what you build, it infiltrates space more than oxygen. It has an effect that creates the foundation, then creates the next layer upon the foundation, then creates the next layer upon the next layer. This final layer may not be formed until years later, and yet that seed of love has helped to create each of those layers. When you look at something physical, it is easy to think that a house is built only with inorganic materials, or materials that are not alive. But the intention, the force of love, wherever it may be on the spectrum, is imprinted upon all that you experience, all that you build, all that you create, all that you live.

As you begin to consider that this force of love is upon all that you create, it would benefit you to become aware of how much love-full or love-less energy you imprint upon your creations. As you flow the force of love into your life, you are energizing your creations to reflect your own love that you flow within yourself. As you relate to others, you are reflecting your own love that you flow within yourself. Just as when you relate to yourself, you are reflecting your love flow. So as you become aware of your love-full or love-less flow within yourself, you can then become aware of your love flow on the world around you and begin to see those longer patterns with as much ease as you can see your immediate patterns.

As you begin to observe your love flow, it will benefit you to observe with as much love as possible. For as you observe your lack, you often find those negative feelings, and as you feel the negative feelings, you have a pattern of stopping your love flow. It has been learned that love flows when earned or deserved and love is withheld to punish. This mimics, mirrors, the spectrum of love-less and love-full, feeling bad or feeling good. While it can be a valuable teacher, staying in the experience of the negative feelings is not necessary for the learning. Observing them, and accepting them maybe necessary for the learning. As you do this, you will find that the negative feelings associated begin to abate and your experience begins to encompass and yet it has not the strong feeling that shuts down your love flow. You will begin to recognize that you can feel uncomfortable feelings and yet still flow love. This love flow is what builds your world in alignment with the truth of who you are.

You will begin to recognize that as you flow love within yourself and as you flow love when experiences are negative or positive within your perception, all that you create, all that you experience has an expansive freedom that fuels your life. There comes not the feeling of want or lack. There comes forth the feeling of love though the experience may be perceived as positive or negative. You start this flow within yourself. You start this flow by finding the areas within yourself and your life that you do not flow love to yourself. You may judge that you do not look right, or act right, you may judge that you are not as intelligent as another. It is these areas where you do not flow love to yourself. You could have these same experiences, and yet within that process, still flow love to yourself. So as you judge that you are not as intelligent as another, there will be a perception of your vast intelligence that looks different from another. It is unique to you and deserving of love because it is, not because it has earned.

As you discover these areas within yourself where the love does not flow and you begin to open those doors so that love may flow in, it will become easier and easier to perceive the longer patterns and every layer in between. You will recognize the effect that love has upon all of your life. Though we have spoken today about how your mind can perceive love in order to expand you, it is your being that perceives love. It is your being that is love. You may use your mind to recognize your interactions with love, but be certain that it is not your mind that is your source of love. Love is freely available to you. It waits only for you to allow it. Your mind can assist, your heart allows. Love is the source of your beingness.

Q: Where did love first start and how did it get moving?

Love has always been, there is not a time frame that began it. The difference is that here you perceive through time. From a broader perspective, it moves outward figuratively because it refines through experience. This is to say that love expands itself. It does this through the experience of the spectrum and that spectrum expands out. As you observe and find areas where you are not flowing love and begin to flow love there, love expands out. This is why there is value in both sides of the spectrum, for sometimes it is the shadow that defines the light and other times it is the light that defines the shadow. When there is much shadow or much light, you can not perceive the other with your physical eyes though both are present. The value is equal within them and light itself is but a manifestation of love. Time, within it, must contain love, for it exists within this realm.

Q: If we could see it, would we see it as something moving out in a wave like light or would it be particles going in all directions, or would it be like a spiral? What would it be?

It is of course all of those things. Let us get to the heart of your question. For this imagery, we will explain it as a pulse, though it does not represent what it looks like. A pulse has a movement and yet it has an origin. It is used to move outward from the origin. The pulse itself is not matter, it is what moves matter outward. The pulse is what allows expansion. In this way love is what expands. Love is what takes you beyond your physical form and moves you outward. Within the energy of love, all is contained. This spectrum that we speak of with good on one side and bad on the other side, is all contained within love. They feel different, yet they all have value and they all contain love. This force of love expands out, it is the pulse that moves from the origin outward. [Like a heartbeat.] That is how we got to the heart of your question.

Q: I was given an affirmation, how does saying an affirmation invoke love within you if you are made of love, you are already love?

There is always the possibility of expansion. Your ability to be love, to feel love, to flow love is limitless. Because you perceive feelings, some feelings invoke the mirror image feeling of love. As you invoke these positive feelings, you expand your love. It is easy to say words and feel love because they have meaning to you. Another person could say these same words and invoke negative feelings. The word ‘god’ may trigger, the word ‘peace’ may trigger, the word ‘love’ may trigger; for some have learned negative feelings with the same words that bring others positive feelings. The words themselves have only the power that you give them. You could say any words and if that feeling was there, you would expand.

Q: So it’s a combination of what your concept of love is as well as how you feel about it. Your history in a way, you have to have felt it before, you have to be able to identify with that. So if I had never felt love before, it wouldn’t work for me.

That is correct.

Q: Even though love is like the god-force that flows all through us?

One may not recognize the flow of love, but it is there. Another may recognize it when others can not see it. This is what we bring forth to you, to begin to recognize the force of love when everyone else around you may say, “It is not there. There is no love when there is anger, there is no love when there is hatred or violence.” It is the courageous person that can feel those feelings which do not feel good and still hold that spark of love within them. As you sit and say words that invoke that feeling in you, you become more attuned and more expanded with love so that when the situations come into your life that have not the outer semblance of love, you greet them with love. Love is a powerful force. In this experience on Earth, it is easy to think that love is not as powerful as matter. Love is not stronger than guns, than governments, than the IRS, and yet it is. For the unseen force has an impact that feeds well into the future. There is no experience that can be resolved with lovelessness. They can be avoided, they can be contained, but they will not be resolved without love. This is to say that they need your flow of love, your recognition of love, your embracing, to resolve. Love is that force. As you resonate with words that bring love, you begin to open that flow and the words that aren’t initiated by love are met with love. In this way you will begin to see the power that love has. This force that infiltrates all, though it may be unseen, is the force that changes worlds.

07/07/09 - Capricorn Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE

It is at this moment in time that we would like to speak to you of loving the self. It is loving the self truly and fully that adjusts your perspective so that you see through the eyes of love. Not awarding love where you deem it appropriate, whether for yourself or for others, but loving because that is who you are. It is love and it is the flow of love that gives you the breath of life. The love may be invisible to your eyes but it is not invisible to your body. Just as the air that you breathe is necessary for the continuance of your life, so, too, is love. Love surrounds you just as the air does. Love enters your body, just as the air does. Perhaps different physically, but it does enter. It feeds your cells, it invigorates your cells just as all of the other chemicals that you use, such as food and oxygen, do. It all feeds your cells and though you cannot see love, know that it is the food of life. You have a choice with food. You have food choices that you make every day. You have food choices that support your physicality and you have food choices that may maintain your life, they may curb your hunger, but they do not necessarily feed your cells in the best way possible. As you choose your foods and you feed your body, you probably have noticed that some foods feel better than others. You have noticed that some foods feel better in the moment and worse in the after moments. You have your term comfort food, and it soothes you for the moment but does not necessarily feed and maintain your cells at their optimum. This is not to say that one should never indulge, it is to say that you should watch your food choices just as you should watch your love choices. You do this by allowing love to flow in to your self. This is the love of self that feeds your physicality to the point that your expression outward is free-flowing love. The love of self begins that flow.

The love of reward, while not completely useless, as a basis for your love flow you will find that it feeds your body as do those foods that do not keep your body running optimally. So when you experience love only when circumstances are good or pleasing to you, when you choose that as the time to flow your love, that is as detrimental to the flow of your body as it is to feed it in a way that does not support optimum health. As you find that you are flowing love because that is who you are, then you find that the flow in to the self and to the cells is optimum for your health. You find that as you begin to flow freely, your body reacts. It reacts to this optimum flow of love just as it reacts to the physical expression of food, of water, of sleep, all of those necessary things that you do for the health of your body. As you begin with love of self, to flow the love to the self; when you are flowing that love of self fully, this then affects everything that you perceive and everything that you encounter. Everything in this great space of earthly life becomes love-based to you.

All of these experiences that you have, and even the ones that you see from afar become an opportunity for you to learn to flow more love, to learn to flow love freely because it is who you are, not because it has been earned or deserved. It is always deserved, that is who you are. As you flow this love of self through your body, and thereby out into the world, you have the same effect on all that is around you that your food has on your own body. If you could see the love that the trees have for you, if you could see the love that the flowers present to you, if you could see the love that flows so easily from the animals, so easily from the children; you would know that you are constantly, constantly fed love. It is offered to you. You have but to ingest it into your body, by knowing, knowing throughout, how magnificent, how loved, how cherished and how treasured you are. That is what you do, you process love. You are love. You are deserving of love. It is that love flowing through you that circulates the bounty of life. It is the love of self that begins to show you that you are here on purpose, that you are experiencing everything positive and everything negative in your life for this opportunity to flow love.

You have a choice to flow love of self. You have a choice to flow guilt, shame, resentment, anger; you have all of these choices before you at all times. It is that choice to choose love of self, the understanding of your perfection that offers you growth, expansion and experience of everything glorious in this lifetime. Glorious, that you could experience such joy just through love of self.

It is a tricky one this love of self. Most people think that they love themselves. Most people think that if you say the words, "I love myself" it is done. It can be a tricky one, this love of self, for you are taught that it is selfish, that it is wrong. It is that love of self that fills the coffer in order for you to flow out and that is anything but selfish. It is a self less act to love yourself so much that you would flow that out to everyone around you, that they, too, may have the opportunity of such love flowing through them. Not at them, for that is only as beneficial as they will receive, but through them. And that is accomplished with love of self. To offer this opportunity to those around you is the greatest love of all. It is often not recognized and that is their perspective and their choice. When you are flowing love, it does not matter to you whether or not someone accepts it, that is not for you to decide. It is for you to flow. From that point, this experience of life on Earth, this experience of every exciting thing that happens to you each day, this experience becomes alive. How others choose to interact only serves to show you opportunities that other people are exemplifying for you. It is beneficial to observe rather than to experience some things, yes? So as you observe their acceptance or nonacceptance, as you observe their choices, as you observe their degree of self love, you expand your own. You do this by observing with no attachment to outcome. As you flow love forth and as you experience love not being accepted or appreciated or reflected back to you, it matters not to you when you observe with no attachment. It is but an experience, an opportunity for you to learn and continue that miraculous flow of love. To be certain that you are flowing love of self you will notice feeling peace, calm, a feeling of non-expectation. You will notice that when things go on around you, they seem not to influence your own feelings as much. This peace and calm comes from knowing that all is well. With the love of self, you know that all is well.

You can also recognize feelings or thought patterns that are opposite of knowing that all is well. You may be admonishing yourself, you may be thinking thoughts such as, "I'm not good enough, I can't do that, that doesn't happen to me." You may notice thoughts of comparing yourself to someone else, that your timeframe should be different, your circumstances should be different. These types of thoughts are not supporting that flow of love of self. It is these types of thoughts that deflect that flow inward, which becomes the flow outward. When you find these thoughts and feelings surfacing that do not reflect love of self, it is important to find for yourself what thoughts and feelings do get you back in the flow of love. In mentioning that the flow of love is constant in nature, is constant in animals, many young children, perhaps not all of them for you; these are often good places to go to get back in the flow of love. You will find your own tools whether they be smells, meditations, exercise, a certain friend, things that make you laugh; you will find your own tools for bringing yourself back into the flow of self love. You will begin to remind yourself more and more how deserving you are. It is this flow of self love that abates the need to deal with life through the eyes of lack, through the eyes of negativity, through the eyes of fear. It is this self love that brings forth the fullness of you. Is this self love that reminds you that you are treasured beyond what you have previously known. Your self love is as limitless as the love your Source has for you. You have always, always, been loved.

Q: You talk about doing things that put you in the flow of the love of self. I like going to Jamye, getting massages and things like that, but with lack of money which has been going on for a while I'm not feeling that is possible, among other things. Love of self is when I can pay the bills easily.

Love of self is when you love your self easily. If you love paying bills, then love the bills, but either you love yourself or you love the money. Which will you choose? [It's one or the other?] Which will you choose? [Love of self]. That is the best choice if you want to bring money. This (hands on heart) is where it starts. If you choose to love yourself because you have money, you are not in a place of loving yourself now, are you? If you choose to love yourself because you are deserving, then you have the potential to love yourself at this moment - this moment and every moment in between, until the bills are paid with joy rather than trepidation. Finding love through bills being paid is a dead-end street, even if you had money flowing to pay those bills easily. The bills would continue to amass, you would find other things to buy to try to bring that love of self, and you would find a closet full and a heart empty, yes? That is the potential. Love of self is here (hand on heart), love of paying bills is a by-product of this. There are many opportunities for you to find that comfort that you seek. The comfort that you seek is in here (hand on heart). You are incredibly courageous and have the ability to find it within. You have looked previously out here, you have looked previously to other people to reflect it to you, and this is not you personally, this is many people on this earth that look outward for it be proved. ‘When the bills are paid, I am deserving of love. When someone tells me I am attractive, I am deserving of love. When someone admires my work, I am deserving of love. When someone is nice to me, they deserve my love. When they are not, they do not deserve it. When I do not do something right, I do not deserve it.’ When you live by those standards you will find yourself circling and circling around love of self and very rarely stepping within the circle. When you find yourself faced with challenge, because it is an understandable challenge to want or need certain things and not have the means to provide for those; it is not a pleasant experience. When you are faced with that challenge, it is that courage that you have in great abundance that you draw upon to find that reflection of love within you. Though at this moment the bill paying may be unpleasant, it is a challenge that shows you the capability that you have to flow to yourself. Step by step, when you flow that love of self to you, you will find that even more courage and an even brighter perspective is available whenever you need it. But the bills will not solve this for you, you must solve it yourself. You must find that courage and that perspective, because the bills will continue to show you what they have shown you before. It is you that must make that change. It is you that must seek those experiences in love that are available to you free of charge. Anything that you need, will be provided for you. There are many things that you think are needs, but they are actually wants; however, know with all your capability, that everything that you need will be provided for you. As you face your next bill, find that perspective to face it with courage instead of defeat. Understand that it is not against you, it is what it is. It feels like defeat now, but you are just a perspective away from understanding that always you will have what you need. The logistics, they will work themselves out. You will take steps, you will make choices, but that flow of love of self, of courage, is what will continue to bring forth the abundance that you seek. At this point in time, you are wanting abundance, but you are not open to flow. That flow must happen for that abundance to come in that you seek. You are completely deserving, but you do not yet believe it. You are not alone in this. Often people will start to believe more and more, but often times the gate does not flood open. Expect that this will be step-by-step, but you must choose change.

Q: The energy going on right now seems very positive for creating or chasing after your goals and creating your dream life. Is there anything that we can do to, if not maximize this energy, at least keep from getting in our own way?

Flowing the love of self will help you not to stand in your own way. It will help you not to build walls. It will help you to open your eyes to new possibilities. When you are flowing the love of self, you are recognizing that each step that you take is a perfect step in a direction that, for that moment, is the perfect direction for you, even if you do not continue in that direction. At that moment in time, it is perfect for you. It is flowing that love of self that keeps you open to understanding that though this direction may not be your final direction, it is perfect for this moment. It will free your physical body to allow things to flow in. It will free your logical mind from trying to figure out all of the must-should-could-would-didn't-darn. This is what it will do for you. Now love of self is such a widespread idea that it is easy for your logical to mind to say, 'you are not flowing love of self correctly.' This is what it does at times. As that logical mind creeps in to tell you, ‘this is right, that is wrong,’ you can listen, or you can feel beyond the anxiety, beyond the fear. Beyond that feeling of right and wrong is the feeling that all is well. All is well. All is well in the world and all is well with your capabilities. So as you have these times that movement feels energized, movement feels like the right direction, know completely within you that all that you do is perfect for your path. In order to quell the logical mind, you may want to give it something to do to distract it. To step back from that fear and anxiety, you may need to distract the anxiety-maker. A wonderful way to do this is to aim your mind towards the direction that you would like. You may find that you are aiming it in a broad sweeping direction without much detail, sometimes you may find that you are wanting to aim it towards details. You may find that aiming your mind does not work so well for you, so you may want to aim your heart. Aim yourself towards the feelings. All of these are opportunities that you may choose at one time or another. You may find that one day it feels like detail day. You may find the next day is broad sweeping idea day. You may find the next day that only the feelings serve your purpose. You will recognize that you have successfully quieted the mind or cajoled it into working for you when you feel that sense of calm and that sense of peace, even when perhaps you shouldn't. You know you've mastered the mind when your circumstances would throw anyone else off track, and you still maintain peace and calm. When you allow that love of self to flow so that you know that all is well, when you utilize the mind to support your desires, when you experience life with joy, even when there is change afoot, when there is the opportunity for growth before you, when you are told this is the moment astrologically; know that you have that opportunity at any moment, any moment. It needs but that flow of love of self so that all that you do and all that you experience teaches you all is well. If all is well that means that, ‘all I do or don't do,’ is well, also.

Q: I wonder if self-loathing could bring health problems? Then shouldn't love of self bring perfect health? Like to eliminate pain or if you had cancer or something, shouldn't you be able to heal yourself with love?

The answer is a resounding yes. A resounding yes, that is within realm of power of love. It feeds and nurtures your cells, it feeds and nurtures all of your body processes. There are many body functions that perhaps were healed by momentary feelings of love. Love of self is a doorway to love of everything around you. You can still experience love of certain things around you and benefit from that, even if you do not have full love of self. Even the nature around you, the animals around you, children around you, these people around you that are able to flow love, they benefit you and you benefit them. When you bring yourself physically into a state of love, you begin to heal things that may not be working as optimally as they could. More and more as you experience that vibration of love, you are bringing healing to yourself. It is easy to think that if something is wrong with your body you have not successfully loved. It is easy to think that if you love love love and something doesn't heal, that it doesn't work that you didn't do it right or enough. But perhaps you haven't seen the healing. Perhaps before the physical expression that you are feeling (pain/sickness), perhaps before that heals something else may need to heal which you are not aware of and that vibration of love that you have put yourself in, that you feel is not working because your pain is still there, has been working. But before that pain is to release other things need to release, realign and heal before the physical manifestation can come in to clearing. More and more as you love yourself, as you love your life, as you love the different things around you that you find easy to flow love at this point in time, as you do that you are nurturing and nourishing your body. Just as you do when you breathe deeply, in comparison to when you breathe shallowly. Just as you do when you eat good food that is alive and has life force and has a love for you, just as that makes you feel better than processed foods, heavy foods. All of this nurtures every aspect of your being, and you are far more able to regenerate than perhaps you have been told. You are far more able to regenerate than many around you would ever want you to believe. Love is the greatest force on earth. You have not been taught to see what it actually does, but if it was all gone from this earth you would not be able to sustain. When you can find yourself in a space of appreciation and openness even when you are in pain, you have also mastered that feeling of all is well. It may not be a perfect situation, but it is an example of how capable you are of recognizing your potential to heal through love.


It is this time now that we speak to you of loving your self because it will be the force of change in your life. You can do things, and they will have an effect, but the effect that love will have on your life will infiltrate every aspect, every aspect, of your life. When you flow love, you are living your divine right to be. It is being that brings you the great peace.

03/10/09 - Virgo Full Moon

We come forth to talk this evening of resolution, of completion. Resolution, we want you to begin to think of as a springboard to the next. Rather than thinking of completion, of something being done, ceased or finished; think of it as a springboard to the next. As you complete one cycle, as you complete one experience, you are actually not stopping, but continuing movement forward.

Resolution, if you look at the word, it begins with the meaning of again. Resolution, ever so close to revolution, the turning again. Resolution, solving again. It is not one thing stopping, it is one thing beginning again. A new cycle, a new wave. They are not separate, they are not independent, they are interdependent. Each wave of the ocean is connected to the other. You are building and building, not stopping and starting again, but building. Each new experience is connected to all of the experiences before it and it will also be connected to the experiences that come after it. They are not separate, they are related. Yet they do have their own variance. As you experience, you are building from the past, you are creating the new, and intermingling all of them together in the now. The now continues and continues and continues. Focusing only on the ending does not prepare you as well as focusing on the connection of it all.

Resolution, solving again and again, can either move you forward or continue you around the same situation. As you recognize your patterns and you move forward, ensuring that you are taking all of that experience with you, you then create new that is of your own choice, rather than a revolution again around that same pattern. The awareness and the focus is upon - not the ending, but the continuing of the movement through. As you focus only on endings, you continue to focus yourself out of the now moment. When you focus on the now moment you are focusing on the past and the future altogether as one. Rather than this has happened, this has not happened yet and here I am thinking of both, you experience the now and within it is the past, is the future. Instead of looking for a point when it stops so that you can begin something else, when you are in the now you are encompassing the past and the future, and you are expanding that and propelling it in the direction of your choice. You are not beholding to a stop and a start, you are now and all time, not the end, not just the beginning, but all. It is this expanded now, where your power, where your freedom resides. When you focus only on the past, only on the future or an ending that you so desire, you do not hold all of that experience within your focus. You are tied to either the past, the future, or your expected ending instead of free to create, to continue and to build.

In coming to terms with the seeming endings and beginnings that you do have in your life we do recognize that some of this now moment will be utilized planning, perhaps for the future or evaluating patterns from the past that you wish to shift. We do understand that you have situations that seem to end and begin; perhaps a change of location, a change of job, a birth, a marriage, a death. These are all seeming endings and beginnings and you can celebrate that, you can experience that in your now. But do not allow those endings, those beginnings, those marker points to take your now experience from you. As you see these endings and beginning as continuations, you can enjoy them and yet maintain your freedom. These beginnings, these endings, they cycle over and over. It is your movement through them that keeps you in your expanded now, rather than a place of fear, a place of worry or a place of holding back as these beginnings and endings seem to take or give to you. It is you, it is you, that has the power of taking and giving these endings. You take the ending and give it to the new beginning. You take the ending and give it to the new beginning. By that we mean that you allow the endings to be beginnings of themselves. The things you let go, the things you seem to lose, you allow them to now become a new beginning. As you overlap beginnings and endings, you have now overlapped past and future and brought all of that into your now. This is your center point. This is your middle road. This is your balance as two become one.

Q: Could you say that the now includes a beginning and an end so that in the whole sequence of nows including every moment, is a beginning and ending infinitely? Does that make sense to you?

Yes and yes. Every moment is a beginning and ending. Every breath is a beginning and ending. There are things in your life that you will easily release and easily bring in. There are things in your life that you will hold on to, and there are things in your life that you will run from rather than embrace. As you begin experiencing endings and beginnings as one, as equal, as neither bad nor good, then you will cycle your life like that ebb and flow, breathe in breathe out. Instead of worrying about a possible ending or a possible beginning, you will allow them to be. Every moment, every second is an ending and a beginning. As you open to that, then the larger ones that have previously frightened you, you will run towards to embrace.

Q: Are there tools we can use to move forward when we feel like we get stuck in one of those ruts where we spend a lot of time thinking about the past or dreaming about the future or fearing endings and beginnings, what can we do to get into that ebb and flow?

Often times as you begin to think of the possibilities, you begin to resist doing them, because you haven't quite figured out the answer yet. Or you feel you haven't even found the right question yet, and so the mind will continue to cycle and cycle. The revolution around the same issue, situation, pattern, question or perceived answer. So when you want to get off that circular track, it becomes about finding a way to get your past and your future into your now. The best way to get into the now is to experience it. Finding action will be one way to get out of the mind and into the experience. Depending on the thing you want to shift, the thing that you are finding rolling through your mind, you may find different action that will help release that. For instance if you are unsure about a job path, you may go and experience different types of paths, perhaps you will volunteer at this place and volunteer at that place and join this group where you might learn many different things. You do not have to tie yourself to any of them, but you will experience and you will find new questions and new answers coming in. Not just in the mind, but it will now be in your experience, your emotions and your entire body. There are many different methods that you may find. You may also find that as you are utilizing the mind, sometimes you must quiet the mind, because it will continue to think for as long as you allow it. It will ponder, it will preview and it will review for as long as you allow it. Another method is not allowing the mind to think so much and there are many different ways that you can find to quiet it. You may not turn it all the way off, but you will be able to quiet it. Focusing on the breath, focusing on a mantra, focusing on music - there are many different ways to stop the mind from running away from you, and bringing it into stillness. When you find that stillness from the mind, that is often when inspiration enters. Previously inspiration may have been blocked by the mind turning and turning and when you find that stillness, new thought comes in. Those are two methods, you will find many others. Some like to make lists, pros/cons. This can be beneficial, if you don't just continue to let your mind make lists. As you are ruled by the mind, it is often best to find a non-mind focus, but lists are not totally ineffective they may be helpful. Many other methods, you will find.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of experiences you can seek?

The answer of course would be no, for you are a limitless being. We will say that often as you are seeking experiences you will find those that you like, and you will find those which you do not like. Back to the focus on beginnings and endings; often times as people seek experience they see some experience as valuable, some as right, some as wrong, some as invaluable. As a limitless being, you can continue to seek experience for as long as you breathe. And then even beyond. Understand as you seek that when you go about seeking experience with joy, with excitement and even embracing the sorrows, you will find that those experiences propel you forward and expand you immensely. When you open to them all. Allow the sorrows and allow the perceived failures to enhance you and your next experience.Those that you see as a failure give it to the new beginning with gusto for it has brought you so much. Indeed, it was not failure, but a step in a necessary direction. Your experiences are limitless, as are you.


We wanted to speak to you tonight of resolution because all around you are hearing about correct resolution, incorrect resolution, impossible resolution and even exciting new resolution. As you begin to perceive it, not as an endpoint but as a springboard to new, to better, to improved, to expanded, to more unified, more diversified and more enjoyable life - then you will not allow the words or perceptions of others to stop or start you. That will come from within you, from your desire, and their endings will have no bearing on ending for you. You will springboard to the next beginning, you will appreciate each step, and you will show them what is possible should they, too, choose to embrace all of life. You will still have experiences that mark beginnings and endings - a breath in, a breath out; but never will you see those in the same light as loss or failure when you recognize that they are all feeding into the One and the Now. None more important than the other but a building block on the new foundation of your life. Embrace all of it, enjoy all of it. For you are the powerful creators that are here living it. It is with great honor that we see you here experiencing, not knowing how grand and how vast you are. To us you are so remarkable that again and again and again we embrace you and honor you. For that, that is what you deserve.

02/09/09 - Leo Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE

For a moment we wish to speak of this Age of Aquarius. Cellularly, within you, you have known that this time that you are in is different. It is special. You are changing rapidly, you are learning rapidly or ignoring brilliantly. But for those who are open to change, it is rapid in these times. This Age of Aquarius represents a new cycle. It is the cycles in your life that can bring you growth with ease. For as you utilize knowledge of the cycles you understand, you prepare, you accept and you flow with the cycles. From your perspective, you do not always see cycles with clarity. There are those cycles that you see easily, day/night, seasons; and there are those cycles that you become aware of in your life, such as the growth of the child into a teen, into a young adult, and all of those influences throughout your life. There are the grander cycles that you do not see from your perspective, such as the shifting into the Age of Aquarius. You can see certain influences, you can learn the interpretations of those that check these cycles regularly, yet to know within your mind, what they represent to you and how you will live your life with them, with the cycles, to know that in your mind will bring you that ease. You do have access to understanding these cycles within your mind that your body and your soul naturally flow along to. Why did we choose the word to? Because it is like a dance. It is like flowing along to music, these cycles. When the music is slow, you flow slowly, when the music speeds up, you begin to dance at that pace. You can flow along naturally to the music of these cycles in your life. This particular time, this age, brings much information about Heart Living.

Heart Living. There has been much time of mind living, and the mind is quite a capable machine, quite an awe-inspiring machine; but meant to function with the heart, not to rule the heart, not to suppress the heart; but given the opportunity, it is capable of doing so. For it, too, can propel energy and focus just as the heart can propel energy. When you are Heart Living, all of these cycles in your life flow easily alongside and the enjoyment, the difference between cycles, brings great joy to Heart Living. These same cycles, when one is living in the mind, are easily ignored, are easily rebelled. In the observance that is only mind centered, one does not allow the cycles. Yet there is a knowledge within you that these cycles are necessary. These cycles are powerful and these cycles are part of your cellular structure. Therefore, the flowing alongside and allowing of the cycles behooves your physicality. It allows your body the sustenance that it needs, because your body functions with micro cycles and these macros cycles outside of you support that function. So as you shift from mind focus into Heart Living, you will find that your body and your life naturally responds to the cycles around it with ease.

Moving away from mind focus and moving into Heart Living is what these exciting times are bringing you. You may notice the emotions that are surfacing, the feelings. It is hard to tell if the thoughts are causing the emotions or the emotions are causing the thoughts, but there they are. It is this moving away from mind focus that will bring you the ease of these times. As you repattern your thought habits, as you become aware of your heart habits, you will find that these feelings and emotions that are surfacing, and the thoughts that are bombarding, begin to ease. In changing the thought habits, it is necessary to first become aware. Becoming aware of the thoughts that you think, the belief patterns that you hold, is where you will find your doorway out of complete mind focus. You will still utilize the amazing capacity of the mind, but you will not allow your heart to be led by mind focus. When the mind leads, it leads like a tyrant. When the heart leads, it leads like a partner. It leads with equality, it leads with ease, and you will find much joy along the path. The sorrows that you find, you will find that they do not bind you, but they can flow through. When your mind leads, there is less joy - not none, just less. Your mind is not designed to feel joy, it is designed to categorize it, identify it, but it is not the feeling machine. When allowing the mind to lead, the sorrows, the trials, the angers do not flow through so easily. As you become aware of your thought habits, you will watch the angers, the sorrows and the processing of the joys. You will watch the thoughts that roll through automatically. You will watch your reactions, your responses, and this awareness will show you how your thought habits are suppressing your Heart Living.

As you become aware, you then have choice . And it is from this point of choice that you will decide to continue the habit or to change the habit. The thoughts that lead you to Heart Living, you will recognize by the feeling. As you begin to align with Heart Living, your choices will become easier. Your job now is to make the choice. You must be diligent, you must be focused, or you have not made a choice. This is not to say that you must always think positive thoughts. You must be aware of your thought habits and make your choice. You cannot half make the choice, you must fully commit. And if this same thought habit comes yet again, renew your commitment. Moving out of mind focus and into Heart Living will take commitment. Realize that these thought habits have grown over time and they will unfold over time. You will recognize that you are in Heart Living because you will not abuse yourself for the negative thoughts, you will appreciate your continued focus and commitment, because the flow of the cycle into Heart Living will come. It will result in much self forgiveness. You do not have to figure it out. You just have to recognize it and choose differently. We will say in closing that as you embrace loving yourself, loving your experiences, loving your challenges, loving this world, loving humanity, loving opposition; as you embrace this, the mind will ease its thought habits and Love will become the way that it processes, identifies, and categorizes all that is in your life.


We have come to speak to you tonight of the love that the universe around you has for you. We have come to speak to you tonight of the love that flows to you at every moment. The love that fills you beyond your knowing. The love that is available to you, the love that you deserve within you, the love that you are able to flow through you, the love that brings great change to this world. When you flow love through you, you begin to shift all that love touches. Sometimes you see the shift, sometimes you are rebuffed, but always the love that you flow through you touches, caresses and changes. It is love that greets you when you sleep, it is love that wakes you in the morning and it is love that flows constantly to you all throughout your days. What you will allow yourself to feel and receive, that is your choice and it changes moment by moment. You have choice to open yourself and receive all that flows to you. You begin to open when you access your peace, when you become relaxed, when you worry not about all that is around you, and you appreciate all that comes into your life. You open to love when you begin to observe how worthy you are to receive it.

What makes you worthy to receive love? You were born worthy. All humans upon this earth deserve great love. As you become aware that you deserve to receive great love, you often become confused with the teachings you have received about being selfish. You have received teachings that to give is the spiritual, the accepted way to show love. This is not an equal open flow of love. Sacrifice does not equal love. Sharing brings equality. In order to share you must also receive if you give. In order to share, you must exchange with another who is honoring the equal sharing. You are even taught that sharing must be done with the focus on giving, and we say that sharing must be done with a focus on equality. You are not always sharing that which is tangible, you are at times sharing emotions, you are sharing energy, you are sharing support. Even love is not always tangible, for what one interprets as love, another may not. As you begin to live your life recognizing that you deserve to receive love, you will naturally begin to recognize how easy it is to give love. You will begin to recognize that withholding love does not punish the other, it punishes the one who withholds. For when you flow love, there is always an equal exchange. It may not be with the one you are flowing the love to, but there is an equal exchange. When you withhold love, you block the flow of love flowing to you.

Begin to open to the flow of loving yourself. Begin to appreciate all that you are. Begin to honor yourself and flow love to yourself. Then begin to flow more love outward, for it will be reciprocated. Somehow, some way, it will be reciprocated. There is never a time that you flow love outward that love does not flow inward. Just as there is an equal flow when you flow love inward, it begins to flow outward. Find first those areas within yourself where you do not flow forth love to yourself. Then begin to tackle the areas outside of you - the people, the organizations, the countries, the animals, the earth - begin to flow love to them and know that always as you flow love, so too, do you receive.

Q: You mentioned the equality between the give and take, if you are giving love to people or things that do not know that you're giving them love, say the stranger in the elevator or the person in traffic, at some level are they are returning love to you or is the love coming back from other sources?

Very often the love will come back from other sources. You may flow love to someone in traffic who has allowed you in to go forward and they may flow it back to you. You may also flow love to someone in traffic who has stopped you. Instead of the natural anger reaction, you may recognize that this is not personal, this is not going to affect your life, but perhaps it was important to them. So you find within you some love to flow to that person, knowing that they do not feel the same peace that you do at that moment, so you flow love to them. Compassion you might call that. Though that person may not be in the space of flowing love to you, you have opened, and just like oxygen will fill every space, so too, will love. So as you open, love flows in.

At times you must take great care to observe your perceptions of love. This is why we say there must be equality of exchange for there are many degradations of love. People often consider control love. People consider suppression love. People consider sacrifice love. People consider selflessness love. People consider being in a group something that binds them with love. Observe your perceptions of love and be certain that you are becoming purer and purer in that which you flow. You will recognize the purity of love because it will have no expectation attached. You do not flow love to the person in traffic because you need something in return. You flow it because you have it to give and you enjoy doing so. You do this in your life with all things, you observe equal exchange - as you work for dollars you exchange your time, as you compromise in relationships you exchange your needs and their needs. This can be done on equal footing or it can be done with the control of one or the other. Compromise and sacrifice are closely related, but as you observe yourself and the exchanges that you are having, you will begin to discern the difference. As you watch your emotions, as you watch your freedom, you will discern when you are exchanging equally or compromise has moved into sacrifice.

Q: You mentioned something about blockage if you're not sending out love, can you give us some pointers about loving those who we may have resistance to?

As you begin to find the challenging ones to love, it helps to personalize it. When you find something that you resist, there is a part of you that is feeling controlled or suppressed and as you observe you will often find that those that you resist, that you feel so different towards, are just as innocently and passionately following the yearnings of their own heart, their own truth. Even those that you feel are actively working to harm others - even those deserve love. And even those, when you withhold, it is you that is harmed. The energy that they present, be it anger, deception, manipulation; is strengthened by your lack of love, yes? Strengthened. When you personalize the object that challenges you, find that grain of humanity that you know is in there, that ember that just needs your breath to light it. When you personalize it, then you can relate and you can find within you the part that may have been misguided at a time and believed something so strongly, even in opposition to others. Not all have the courage or the ability to open themselves, to decide for themselves or to view others with compassion. Your gift of doing so will be the only thing that can begin to break those barriers. You can find compassion, even if it takes a long time, you can find compassion for those misguided humans that don't have access to the great love that you do. Personalize all of it - your governmental structures, your media structures, your groups one against the other, your religious structures; they all serve their purpose, even if at times their purpose is to teach people through the negative lessons. All has its place at this time. Your compassion, your understanding, your forgiveness, your love is the catalyst that will change things. Continuing the hatred, continuing the opposition, keeps those barriers strong. Personalize it, take as much time as you need, and find that ember that you can grow with your compassion.

Laughter is a wonderful doorway to love. It feels good, it is very enjoyable. Laugh as much as you can. Love as much as you can. Appreciate until you can not appreciate any more. Embrace all the comes to you, all that goes by you, enjoy it as it whizzes by, all that you do not experience enjoy that as well, for the good of the universe is available to you. Imbibe of life. Let love walk before, beside you and behind you at all times, even in your sorrow. Even in your sorrow, know that it is love that is holding you tenderly as you cry and know that time will pass and soon the laughter will be available again. From that perspective, you will not find yourself resisting, you will not find yourself frightened, you will not find yourself easily swayed by the judgments or the choices of others. You will find yourself seeing and living a different world. First find within you those things, those places that you do not love - and flow and flow and flow love. It is available to you. You will find as you heal these perceptions that more love is flowing through you than you ever imagined possible.


Ahh, time. This time NOW is your time. How is it that you are utilizing your time? As we perceive your time, we see you bound. We see you bound by your time. We see time leading you, instead of you leading your time. This time NOW is your time. Utilize time as it would benefit you. Do not while it away, unless you enjoy the whiling. Do not work it away, unless you enjoy the working. For this time, NOW, it is your time. It is the only time that you have.

You feel confined, you feel as if you do not have choice with your time. You feel as if you must work. You feel as if you must not relax. You feel as if these choices are not yours to make. This is not always a conscious decision, sometimes as you intend to relax, your subconscious mind tells you that you should not be relaxing for you have things to do and they must be done in a certain amount of time. You often do not realize how time affects the other things in your life. You do not see them bound by time and yet they are. If you were to look at finance, it is bound to time for you for you look at pay periods, you look at time frames when you need a certain amount of money, you look at your own time and the value per hour, in this way even the finance is tied to time. You look at relationship. You think it is not bound by time, but it is because the subconscious mind tells you that you have this amount of time to find a partner, by this certain age you should already have a partner, you should have children, you should have happiness, you should have marriage. Even relationship is bound by time. You look at your age and you say I am too old for relationship. I am too old. My time has passed.

Time binds you if you allow it. Now is your time. When it is in the NOW, you own it. When it is in the NOW you decide, because that is the moment. When it is in the now you have the opportunity to perceive as you choose. You see time linearly, your past is done, your future has not yet come, and what is now is influenced by the two. What is now is your opportunity to release the pressure that the past and future push upon you. Now is the opportunity to let go of what has happened and to allow what will be. Now is your doorway and you can open it with joy, you can open it with haste, you can choose not to open it at all, but it is only the now where your power resides. Your power resides in the now. It is the now where you have access to freedom. It is the now where you teach yourself how to allow the future, how to release the past. It is the now, it is the now, where you become a master. It does not matter what has happened in the past, nor can you control what is going to happen in the future. Your now moment, your now moment, is where your mastery resides. This now moment is your mastery. Why is that? This now moment is your mastery because it is all that you can really experience. It is all that you can really experience. What has happened has happened, what will come will come, and this moment now that you choose will set you forth on a path. This moment now is your opportunity to continue a path of your choice. That is mastery. Mastery is when you decide, not time, when you decide. This working that you must do for money, this relating that you must do for love, all of this in the now moment enjoyed, puts you on a certain path. Whether it be what you like, or whether you would like something else; this now moment enjoyed is what starts that path. It initiates that path. That is your mastery.

When you do not enjoy the now moment, that moment binds you, you are not free, that moment binds you. When you are free, even if it is just a moment, you are a master. Does this make sense? Do you understand that you have the power right now in this moment, and you have that power when you fully understand and initiate joy in that moment? You may have a moment that is not of your preference, but when you can find joy in that moment you have now transformed, even if it is still in a format that you do not fully approve. You can be perched on the verge of change, even though you have not yet reached the change, and still be at peace. This is your moment. Not the ones that are done, not the ones that are yet to come, this one. [So it's all about your perception of the moment, surrendering?] Yes. So you may be in a moment tears, but you know in that moment you are at peace. You know that at that moment you are free. You know that at that moment you are making your choices and you are choosing to be empowered now. Time does not bind you when you fear it not. When you resent the past, when you pine for the past, when you fear the future or you pine for the future you are not in your power, you are not in your now and you are not living your life. You are thinking the past, thinking the future but you are not living the now. That is where your power is. That is where the binds of time do not press upon you.

Now there will be a transition phase. There always is. As you are becoming accustomed to being present with your life, you will find that you will transition through uncomfortable times, you will find that you will transition through being in the now and then other times not. You will find that you will transition through being able to maintain peace in the midst of unpleasantness. There will be times where it is easier for you and there will be times where it is more challenging. Yet always when you bring yourself back to the now you will know that you are safe. You are free. You are a master.

Q: What if there's something, say with making money, that you are fearful about? How can you enjoy that, how can you change that?

When you are fearful about making money, time is controlling you. You are bound into certain time frames, and you are bound into certain limits, whether that is the limit of how you make money, how much money you can make, how you will depend on others to make money or how fast you can make it, you are bound by limits and these limits are bound by time. When you remain in the now moment you open yourself to understanding that NOW you are taken care of, NOW you are safe. This frees your mind from being in the future, where it will need the money, and allows it to be in the present understanding of what peace feels like and creating from that space. Otherwise, you create from a place of fear. Your mind, bound by that limit of time, controlled by that, does not have solution available. Then you will see this compounding of effect where you have emotional effect and you have physical effect because your hormones from the stress are constantly emitting signals to your body and the natural signals of your body are unable to flow and react as they naturally would. It compounds itself into a situation of emotion and physical experience. Mentally you are reinforcing your own experience. So you are mentally reinforcing for yourself that there is something to fear by fearing it. You bind yourself to this limitation, and it continues itself in cycles with a slightly different flavor. You think that you have continued moving through time when in reality, you have circled back into the same experience over and over. When you release that mental limit, you shift all that is happening with your body physically and emotionally, and you now have access. NOW is when you have the access. Yes? Your mind over and over with time money money time time money. It plays over and over. Release it. It serves you not. The potential to make money need not be limited by time. It is a vicious circle as they say, yes?

Q: Is the now a series of moments connected or is it one long now? Is there a way to extend the now or stay in the now? What is the best way to stay in the now?

To answer the first, there is a series of nows from your perspective. Because you experience time linearly, where it seems the time has passed and it seems that there is time yet to come and there is this middle point that is happening now and you shift along shift along shift along. It is the perception that you have, and it does serve you well. It is a wonderful experience and a very promising game. When you are on the other side of the experience by constantly being in the now, that will shift. To explain that type of shift is a bit mind-boggling. Constantly being in the now, you will have this feeling as if the past and the future are one. There will not be this importance, and there will not be this feeling of not owning them all. But those are esoteric things that have not much to do with your life.

The second question of how to remain in the now is very important to learn and it is challenging at times. It is easy to forget because you have been trained not be in the now. You have been trained to constantly be in the future and in the past some, too. If you were to watch a television commercial, trying to sell you their product they would be placing you in the future. They would be playing on your emotions of what could happen for better or for worse. So you are often trained to constantly not be in the now. When you are in the now you are peaceful and you find yourself wanting little. That does not serve much that the world wants from you. This is why your mastery is in the now. You unplug. You unplug from the natural world that you see around you. The bustle, the needs; you find that these do not play upon you when you are in the now.

So how do we find this now and stay there? Do know that you may find it for a while and lose it, but that's ok. Allow that to be. To find the now you must become aware and becoming aware takes practice. You can become aware of how your body feels. That will bring you back into the moment, physically how it feels. So as you are sitting in the chair you feel the intricacies of the wicker, you feel the temperature, you feel the ground beneath your feet, you feel the fabric on your skin. So you become aware of yourself. You can become aware of your breathing, that will put you in the now moment. You can become aware of what you are hearing and listen for the small things. The appliances that you hear buzzing, the airplane that you hear outside, become aware. You can become aware of any of your senses. What do you see right now at this moment, how is the light playing, how clear are things, how blurry are things? Become aware of your senses and you will come into the now. When you are not aware of your senses, when you are not aware of yourself, when you are not aware of the now moment, you are often running tapes in your head; 'what will I do here, I should have done this, what if this person does that, did someone say something to me?' This is what is going on in your head. You are not in the now, you are in a probable future or a probable past. Become aware and you will bring yourself into the now.

We hear another question brewing, ‘if I am in the now what about the things that I must worry about? Who will worry? How will I get them done because I don't have time to worry about them?’ You will find that when you are in the now moment all the things that need to be done get done with peace and they get done with joy. You will find that when you are in the now moment all the problems that need solving either leave or solve. This is a phenomenon that many have yet to experience. You are taught that problems get solved when you take the necessary steps to solve them. You are taught that you must set goals, you must put things in order and follow that order. You are taught that you must worry and think things through lest something even worse happen. The truth is, the more you worry, the more you create worries. So become aware of your now. This is why we say even if your now involves tears, when you are aware, you have a new perspective and these tears become a release. These tears become a valuable experience to you. So if you are doing a task and you find this task unfavorable, when you step into the now, and you become aware as you perform this unfavorable task, you cannot help but find some peace and find some joy. And even something unfavorable becomes a pleasant experience. When you are not in your now, you are not living your life. You are pressing through it to get to some future that never comes because you are only ever in the now.

Q: What about something that you do want, how do you bring it to you? Do you just kind of write it down and feel it and that's going to bring it to you? Like the law of attraction?

The things that you want are just a now moment away. When you align yourself on a path that leads toward them you cannot help but run into them. Most often, people align themselves with a path or want to align themselves with a path, but they do not actually continue down that path. It becomes about ‘what I want and what I do not have' so as you take a step there, you take a step to the side, as you take a step there, you take a step to the side and the wanted item is just out of reach. So you align yourself with it because it is something that you desire, and you are a powerful powerful being and creating the life that you want is what this journey is for, yes? As you find what you want that is in the future, in your now become at peace and you align yourself with it by knowing that your now is just a continuation of moving towards that. There is no ‘not having it.’ It is there. There are many methods to finding the path to the things that you want. You can write things down, you can focus upon them and these are valuable tools. They stop and they start and they stop and they start. The only important thing with the tools is that you continue and you continue and you continue.

This is why the now is so important. You can spend some of your now thinking about the things that you want, and these things are in the future. You are spending your now enjoying the moment, enjoying the thought of these things that are not in your now at the time. It is that enjoyment, it is that peace and it is that awareness that will bring you to them faster. So let us say that you have something that you want and you are in your now moment thinking about what it is that you want. Let's say it is a pair of shoes. You are thinking about these shoes, you are in the now moment. You become aware of what you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you are smelling, what is going on with you now in this moment. In thinking about something as simple as a pair of shoes, you might even feel your stomach knot up, because in there is 'I cannot afford a pair of new shoes.' You are no longer in the now. You have lost your enjoyment you have lost your peace, you have lost your power and you have lost your movement towards the shoes. Yes? Come back to your moment and become aware. 'I felt a tightening. I'm now thinking about how I cannot afford shoes, and now I'm thinking about how I cannot afford this other thing and it has spiraled me into thinking about this and this and this and this. I've lost my moment. I've lost my power, I've lost my joy.’ Forget the shoes, come back to the now and become aware. ‘I'm aware in this moment, of what I'm feeling, I feel this tightness here, I feel this tightness here, so I will begin to breathe and I will begin to enjoy that air moving through me. I will begin to focus on what I hear, I will begin to focus on the temperature of my body. I will begin to focus where I am now and I feel this loosening, I feel this tightening going away. So it is not time for me to think about this, it is time for me to get back to the feeling.’ When you get back to feeling, you can then again begin to think about the pair of shoes and you will find as you work through these, you can think about the items that you want that you do not have - the peace, the health, the relationship, the money, the safety; you can think about the things from this now moment and still be at peace.

The important thing is to be aware because so often, people can say, “I have a tool, I'm supposed to say 'I want shoes I want shoes I want shoes.’ I said I wanted shoes and it did not work. This does not work.” They were not in that moment of peace. When you are there, that is when you create your future. When you are just spouting words, you subconsciously are not in your now, you are not your powerful place, you are in the future worrying about it, thinking about what you do not have. It is the now moment, it is the feeling of peace and it is that focus and awareness that will keep you there. That is where your power resides.

Q: I have a question about the utilization of time that you spoke of earlier and the now moment. I have a tendency to multitask. I could be shopping on the computer, listening to the news, eating and thinking in my head about what I'm going to do the next day. And certainly I’m doing a lot at once and in the time I have allotted, but it would seem that my now is scattered diffused. Can you comment on that?

The utilizing of the time is not so important as the feeling of the time. So as you are multitasking, if that feels natural, enjoyable and pleasant to you, it matters not. If in the multitasking, you feel overwhelmed, unable to complete anything, then there is an issue with the multitasking. At that moment when you are multitasking become aware. How do I feel now? Am I overwhelmed or am I enjoying this natural state of being for me? Am I able to multitask when I needed, and multirelax when needed? How is it that you feel in your multitasking? [It's like I lose track of me, I lose track of time, I'm not enjoying the moment, I'm just doing or absorbing.] So you recognize that you must become aware. It often involves a slowing down in the beginning so that you can become aware of how you react, of how you can focus on different things. Once you take that slowing down phase and you become aware more easily, then you will find that you can add more things in and more things in and still maintain that peace. So it is the feeling that you will use as your guide to tell you if you are living in your now or just moving through it as quickly as possible. Can you find that feeling? Can you remember to slow down for just a bit and become aware? You may find that there are times when you do not have the luxury to slow down, that is ok as you are transitioning into a different relationship with time. You may still have some moments of overwhelm and you will find that as you become adept at being aware that the overwhelm happens less and less, because you are adept at solution flowing in. You are adept at many things happening at once and still allowing information to come about the taste of food and the sound of a voice.

Q: What happens to the now moment when we sleep?

In the now moment when you sleep, you become at full peace so you are able to process and you are able to rejuvenate. There is much going on when you sleep and yet your body ever so naturally moves into a state of in some ways, heightened awareness and in some ways, desensitized awareness. When you sleep you are always in the now. It is when you wake and your mind begins to control your moment that you lose the power of the now. Sleeping is a very natural now moment. Your body does what it does best without interference from your mind causing stress hormones to release, and your mind also does what it does best - assembling, reaching new heights, smooth transitions, no limits. Sleeping is peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable. That is the power that you have when you are in the now moment. The ease with which your body rejuvenates, that is available to you in your awakened state.


In summary we want to remind you that your mastery is yours for the taking. You have but to choose that, choose your mastery, it resides in your now moment. Become aware of your life. Become the leader of your life. Life, to be lived, that is why you are here.


This time of transitions has begun to move rapidly, yes? You are finding movement through these transitions easy? You are finding it difficult? Are you finding movement happening? It is time to focus, is it not? Have you been preparing yourself for this time? Do you feel you have the tools you need to help yourself move through? Are you looking at the times when you feel precisely challenged, when you feel stalled in your movement, and are you observing these times to find what your challenge is that sits beneath the surface? You have these tools of observance, you know. As you observe the challenges that you have, you will begin to find a theme, you will begin to find an overarching theme that runs through many of your challenges. You have begun to notice the challenges you may have in relationship, challenges you may have in finance, challenges you may have in your life path - they are interrelated, are they not? You can find a theme running through relationship that is also running through finance. It is all coming back to flow. This is what you look to find, your flow. Whether you are challenged in relationship or finance, when you find the flow, you will see that the challenges begin to disappear. You will see that the challenges were not so challenging after all. You observe the theme, and once you have found the theme, you will find your flow. As you are pursuing relationship, you are pursuing finance, you are pursuing your life path, you are pursuing your physical health, when they are challenged your flow is halted. When they are in balance, when you are in peace, your flow comes forth.

When your flow is stopped often your first reaction is to look outside of yourself to see what you can do to force some flow. Yes? You figure out your steps, you set your goals, you talk to people about the challenge and you try to force your flow. You do things, you think about them and you try to find that elusive flow. This is the time to look within. That theme that is within you has brought forth these circumstances to challenge you so that you would observe, so that you would come to your understanding, so that you would observe what is within you. Your flow blocks within you and your flow opens within you. So instead of looking to the outside circumstances to activate your flow, utilize the powerful internal to start your flow. When it has begun within, the things that you decide to do come from that inspired place. INspiration starts from within you and moves out. That is what all life is - it starts from within and expands. This is your process. So instead of observing what you can do, perhaps you can observe what you feel.

When you observe what you feel there you will find your theme. It is in your feelings, your feelings. This is what you observe. So when you are observing relationship challenge, you don't just stop at 'I feel mad.' You go deep within. 'Why am I mad? Why am I angry? Why am I sad?' Below that, you will find your theme, you will find the core of what has brought this lesson into your life. You are challenged with finance, you do not just look at, 'why do I feel poor, why do I feel scared, why do I feel hopeless?' You look beneath that. Peeling away layers, 'why do I feel like there isn't enough, why do I feel like I cannot survive, why do I feel like life is difficult, why do I feel like I'm not provided for?' Everything that you need, everything that you need is possible. 'Why do I feel...?' This you keep digging and digging until you find the gold. You will recognize the gold because you will feel great emotion with it. You may feel frustration upon the surface, but deep within you will begin to feel the tears, you will begin to feel the things that feel uncomfortable. That is when you know you are reaching the core. Do not allow the outside circumstances to limit what can be attached to your challenge. Often as you are searching for answers, people who are uninvolved in the situation at hand will come into your mind. Explore that. What do you feel? This is a faster process when you allow it to be what ever it may be.

You may find that you reach the core, and then much later you face this challenge again. Do not feel like you have done something wrong, it is a deeper layer. It is another aspect. It is an opportunity for you to experience this from a place of more balance even if you do not yet feel complete balance with it. Observe.

Observe yourself through these challenging times and find within you the strength and the compassion to move yourself through it with ease. This is possible, to move through things with ease, just as it is possible to move through them without ease. There is a level of choice to that at all times. If your first reaction is not ease, let that be and move yourself to ease at the first opportunity. You will have much opportunity in these times to challenge yourself, to maintain your peace among much chaos. You can allow that into your life or you can command your own safety. As those around you are experiencing the chaos, you will be experiencing growth, compassion, freedom, courage; a newness of being that is now available to you.

You have been told these times are the times of your mastery. It is coming ever closer, yes? You are finding it easier, yes, the practicing, the challenge? This you are capable of doing, of being. Continue to move forward, continue to know that you are powerful beyond that which you see. You may not feel it right in the moment, become still and it will come, for power is your natural state.

Q: Is there a common theme that we all get to once we dig and dig, or are the reasons for being out of the flow of our lives different?

There are common themes and there are individual themes. Ultimately, the themes are always the same for all people, the stories are the difference. You will find the deep themes have to do with abandonment, separation; for it is your separation that is your greatest theme. You see this throughout the experience and all ways in this lifetime. You are separated within your own body. You are separated into male and female. You are in a relationship with someone yet separate. The abandonment is a theme of the separation. Your natural state is one of Unity, and this is what you are working your way back to within your separate bodies. You will find common themes around this and you will find common themes around your freedom. Your freedom is related to your power. Your freedom is related to the way that you view the world around you. Your freedom is related to your connection to God. Your freedom is a powerful theme, even for your Unity.

Q: Once we get to the feeling and the core bottom line is separation and we experience that, are we going to continue to feel that since that's the state that we're in? What do we do next, what happens next?

When you get to the core you will find there is a natural flow of emotion. It does not have to be a long flow emotion, it does not have to be a violent or loud flow of emotion, but there will be resolution. Upon the observance of it, you will neutralize the feeling of separation and come into the feeling of connection. As it is with freedom - when you reach the core of your challenge with freedom, which will have its theme of non-freedom - as you recognize it, it will be released and replaced with freedom. So it is the accessing of it that brings in the healing. That is all you need because you are that powerful.

Q: What is the point of feeling alone or separated? Is it merely a motive to drive us toward feeling Unity again?

You've answered your own question. You are powerful Source Beings. You come here to experience. We have said before that these experiences that you dislike as a human, from your Source Perspective you view it as a grand opportunity. Those that you villainize throughout history receive the same welcome that those that you put on a pedestal receive, for they have both played a valuable role in your own expansion and your own experience. You come back to Source Beingness with great experience of extremes coming into balance, coming into Oneness. It is fun, is it not?

We will tell you that these times are the times that you have prepared for. These times will become very meaningful for you as you look back and you recognize that with all that was going on around you, you survived - you even flourished if you focused upon that. The flourishing, the survival can be a joyous journey or it can be a challenge. Embrace your challenges for you are strong enough to do so and you can appreciate what they bring forth into your life. When you reside there, you will bring that to others through the grace of your own being. That is what this experience is for, for you to grow and flower.

Q: When you're up against obstacles, when do you know that its a complete dead end, and when do you know that it is something that you need to move forward through like a challenge? When do you know that its a dead end or a challenge?

You will find that it is a dead end through experience, for they are all challenges, yes? Your opportunity with a dead end is to appreciate that as much as you would an open door. For even that dead end has brought you growth, has brought you a new understanding. When you look at that with your brain only you will think, 'here I made a mistake because it became a dead end.' The truth of the matter is, it brought you something you needed. It is time to leave that path and embark upon another, but you may not have found the other without first reaching that dead end. So do not observe it as futile, observe it as necessary and appreciate it even as it is. You may not like it, but you can look and find the perspective of appreciation for the gift it has brought you. You will recognize the difference between a dead end and something you should keep moving through by your own movement. You can continue to push on a dead end, but it will go nowhere, this will be your clue, yes? It is challenging to find the quiet of the heart in these times because the brain tells you, 'you better choose the right one,' and you think that you can choose the wrong one. When you get quiet and you listen with the heart, you will find answers with ease, and you will also find the perspective of appreciation within the heart. So it is your job at that time to become quiet and observe it from that space. That is a challenge, but that is the difference between a challenge and a dead end, yes?


These times, we have said, are moving very fast. These times, we have said, are about your mastery. These times that are upon you now, even more so, are about fully coming into your mastery, which means your Oneness, which means your understanding of who you truly are. We have said before that it is time to begin to live your life seeing from a new perspective. This time, that perspective of the heart, of the mind; is coming in to its full development. Even though all that you see around you may not reflect this, in more ways than you know it does reflect for you that which you need to see. There are those who are ready to open their eyes and look, there are still those that are ready to cast blame, that are ready to look away, that are ready to give their power to another. These times of mastery will no longer allow someone else to hold your power and your life to proceed without issue. There was a time with men and women, in their relationships, in their interaction with the world, where silence was the way that they dealt with their issues. They could keep quiet about what was truly in their heart, and they could still survive, they could live out a lifetime speaking words and yet still silent. These times are past. They have been moving for the past 30 to 40 years. And now the time is upon you where silence will bring you great trouble, great issue, great pain. The time of acquiescing to others has now passed.

In the mastery of these times you may ask yourself how is it that I can deal with other people, how is it that I can keep peace within my life and not acquiesce? There will be times where you will find that your wisdom will keep your silence within you for the ears are not ready to hear what it is you have to say. And you will find that your life takes a new path. You will find that those around you who are not ready to live the type of life that you are ready to live will fall away. Some will go quietly, some will go loudly, but go they will - as will you. For you will find little patience for those who are not honoring themselves as it is now your job to do. As you honor yourself, you find others that are in alignment with honoring themselves. And you will find as you interact with them, even when you disagree, it still seems easy. They are still able to express themselves, they are still able to hear you and there is an ease about your life. They will reflect for you, and you will reflect for them. You will see all that is around you, and this perspective of your mastery will begin to shift the things that you see, the way that you feel. You will look at things that will cause others great pain and trauma and you will not feel moved in the same way you did before. You will feel an empowerment. You will feel compassion, and yet an understanding that their journey is their own. And as you offer them the energy of your own empowerment, as you offer them the energy of allowing them to experience their traumas and loving them, whether they know it or not they will benefit from this. And most importantly, you will benefit. Your energy will be your own. Your energy will be that of the All with your signature upon it. This is the duality, this is the understanding, this is your mastery. That you experience yourself, you experience all around you; and though you are united, you are also singular, and it is your reflection of yourself that begins to change them.

As you output your emotional energy, you affect everything around you. Every bit of emotional energy that you output affects everything around you. Do you have the courage to look out at the world and find love? Do you have the courage to look at everything in your own life and find love? Do you have the courage to look within your own feelings and find the courage to love yourself? This is key to your mastery. This is key to shifting your perception. For when you know how safe you are, that is what you will teach others. That is what they need to know, it is safe to love. It is safe to be. It is safe in this world. Have you ever felt the smile of a stranger, someone you did not know, someone you did not interact with, but that smile changed your day? This you can do across the world. This you can do within your own heart. It is this love that will begin to change who you are. This is your job now. To find the love, where it is not your first impulse. To find forgiveness, where others would not so easily see it available. And to find the courage to love yourself so much that that is the emotional output you gift to the world.

We ask that you look to your emotions, and when you feel anything that is less than empowerment, that is less than joy, that is less than love, for a moment ask yourself, how can I find love here? How can I find safety here? How can I find my empowerment here? Ask. Even if you feel you do not get the answer, trust that you do. It does come into you by your asking. If your mind does not recognize that it has received it, your heart will. And very soon you will implement that which you have asked for. So as you experience anything less than love, anything that challenges you emotionally, you sit and you ask yourself, how can I love this? How can I find safety within this? And know that that answer will come. And you will begin to apply that, even if you do not feel unconditional love at the moment, it will become easier and easier to access and similar situations will not throw you out of your own power.

Q: When you're in a situation where you don't feel love or you don't feel forgiveness or anything, is there truth in the phrase, "fake it till you make it?" Pretend that you're feeling it until you start feeling it. Can you talk about whether that works or not?

There is truth in this phrase, and there is also a time when it is not in your best interest to implement it. So there are times where you can use it and it is appropriate and beneficial, and there are times where it will not help you. To understand the difference between those times you will ask yourself, what am I to learn from this experience? Where is the gift of learning within this experience? When you recognize the gift within the experience, then you can fake it till you make it. If you try to fake it before recognizing what the experience is bringing you, you will experience that again and again and again until you actually do make it. So you must first look at what the experience is bringing you, when you get that understanding then you can begin to fake it until you make it. We have brought forth this phrase to the channel before, and it was told to her "fake it until you make it, but mean it." This helps to seal the other side of that energy. So if you're just faking faking faking faking, you will have your lesson again and again. But if you are truly moving forward and progressing, then you will fake it AND you will make it.

Q: I understand what you mean about love and forgiveness, but you are saying ask for safety? Can you expand a little bit more about what you mean by that?

Often times the opposition to love is fear. Feeling safe is imperative for knowing that it is safe to love. So when you feel safe, you feel safe being who you are. You feel safe going against the grain. You feel safe honoring yourself even if others do not approve. You feel safe loving when someone is hurting you. You feel safe to fully be who you are. Safety is necessary in order to flow love. Safety is necessary in interaction between two people. Safety is necessary between your interaction with the Earth, your interaction with all aspects of life. So when you can recognize that you are safe in a situation, then you begin to remove the blocks that are keeping you from loving. It is this safety that will allow you to flow forth the fullness of who you are. This is why within the chakra structure the power chakra is so close to the heart. For these two are very similar energy, they are a very reciprocative energy. You must have one to fully utilize the other.

Q: So this is related to trust and confidence?


Q: Does the Earth have a chakra system? And are they related to what humanity is working on or are they two separate things?

It does and they are. It does have a chakra system, it has an energetic flow system with input and output receiving areas, with energetic resonance within an area. This is directly related to the people upon it, and the people upon it are directly related to the Earth chakra system. There are those that are inhabited by people, there are those that are out in the waters and mostly affected by the energy of the cetaceans. There are those that are above the Earth, there are those that are deep within the Earth. All of these energetic resonances affect humanity and humanity affects these energetic resonances. As your chakra system begins to shift and change, so does that of the Earth. You are beginning to utilize different chakra structures. This is bringing the Earth into a new energetic form. This is felt by more humans than recognize what they are feeling. However, it does affect them. You will have physical experiences, you will have emotional experiences and you will have spiritual experiences that are directly related to these chakra system changes. This will continue as your own evolution never stops, nor does that of the Earth. You are more related than you would think. There is a relationship with the energy of Earth, an energetic relationship, that started well before you became human on this Earth.

Q: Where on the Earth is the Earth's heart chakra?

There are three heart chakras upon the Earth. There is one within the air, there is one within the water and there is one within the Earth. It is these three becoming The One that brings forth the fullness of the heart energy. The air brings with it a lightness, a breath that sustains. The Earth brings within that love a stability that nurtures and provides growth. The water refreshes that love so that each new day is different than the one before. It is this energy of three becoming one that is the fullness of love. When you look to your own experience of love, look for the lightness, look for the refreshment, and look for the stability and that will be when you know you have the wholeness of your own love activated. The Earth chakra systems are not exactly like yours for the body is different, the physical expression is different, but the resonance, the interaction, is the same.

Q: So to get in tune with this vibration, is sound the best method?

Love is the best method. Currently, the heart chakra of Earth is blocked. And as you resonate with love and nurturance and stability within love, you will begin to assist the clearing of the Earth heart chakra.

Q: So healing the planet, we're so concerned with recycling and all sorts of things that we can do to heal the planet, what we really need to do is express love within ourselves as well as with those around us and that will actually do more, is that right?

We hesitate to say that it would do more, but in many ways it will. It is as in your own life the outward expression of that which is around you, and the inward expression of that which you feel. The two are not so separate. If you had to pick one most people with first pick the outward expression. They would say, when everything around me is as I want it, then I will be happy. Then I will feel good. Then I will feel love. Then I will feel safe. It is imperative that you find those within you. And when you find that which is within you, that which is around you will begin to resonate with that which is within you. It is the same process with Earth. It is important that you care for the physical expression of Earth, just as it is important that you care for your own physical expression. But the inner expression is far more powerful, and you are so interconnected that as you love yourself you will find it a natural step to love the Earth. You will find it a natural step to honor all that is around you, because that is how you treat yourself. So in this sense it is more important that you love rather than recycle. But don't give up recycling yet.

Q: How does the chakra system of the Earth relate to the crop circles?

The crop circles are energetic announcements. They are tied to the chakra system, they effect just like your own energetic announcements would. They are concentrated, they are powerful, yet so are you. So these energetic announcements on the Earth bring about a certain energy. They bring about a certain resonance, and whether or not humanity is aware of them, they are affected by them. These sound vibrations, these geometric vibrations, these number vibrations that they bring forth, affect you on a cellular level far beyond what everyone can see. Those that resist, that deem these fake, resist their own growth. Those with no opinion of them allow the energy resonance to shift their own mind, their own body. And this is what it does with the Earth chakra system as well. It offers energetic resonance, just as you do.

Q: Where's that coming from? Where is the announcement coming from?

Where are the crop circles coming from? Ultimately, they come from your own heart for it is you asking for progression. Do the space bretheren do these? Of course. You have not quite yet developed your scientific understanding of sound (and intention) in order to affect these great scale crop circles. Are you connected to the space bretheren? You are. You are connected cellularly and you are connected through time. The veil of time perception upon you, upon humanity, clouds your own connection with them. They do not have such veil upon them. Their connection to you is strong. They understand the difference between the time, and you get all that you need from them because cellularly you are able to receive. Your chakra system, all of the input points and output points within your body, feels that resonance. The space that they have between you, oceans and land, is meaningless, for you are connected.

Q: If I meditate upon certain crop circles, are you saying that the energy will affect me whether I do anything or not? What if I choose certain crop circles that I find particularly visually appealing and meditate upon those, will that have a greater effect on my DNA?

It will not have a greater effect on your DNA, however, by your focus upon it, it may have a faster effect on your DNA. You will receive the effects of the crop circles whether you are aware of them or not. When you focus upon them, you will speed the progress with which they affect you. You will bring into your understanding, the resonance that they have to offer. Whether you understand it that moment, or you understand it that month, you may not even recognize that it was connected to the crop circle. But you can speed the progression along by your focused attention upon them. You need not understand what it is that they bring you. For it is a vast language in a very simple form. Your body speaks that language, even if your mind does not.

Q: So this is like a star language? I've heard that there are two theories. One is that it's from space aliens/friends, whatever you want to call E.T.s. Or that it's also from the people within Earth. Is it both? Or is it one or the other?

It is both, for they are foreign to you. More often it is the space brethren. But those that are within the Earth, easily traverse space.

Q: Fascinating. So it's a communication between everyone...

It is. Rather than star language we would call it a cellular language. For it is that easy to understand within you. You may not speak it, but you do receive it.

Q: And you're receiving this through all of your cells, not just your heart chakra?

Yes. The geometry is like a doorway. The sound is like a doorway. The light expression is like a doorway. Each with a different shape, you have access to all of that. There is a resonance within each of them and your body will be affected by it on the quantum level, in all different areas.

Q: And they're coming from all different galaxies - like Arcturus, Pleides?

They come from many different space Brothers.

Q: Do you resonate with a certain group or do you have a little bit of that with all of them?

We have a little bit of all, as do you. You will find in certain time frames you will feel a resonance with one or another. It is all within you. For you are far vaster than you see. You are far vaster than those who read the past lives are able to tell you. The study of the crop circles is a wonderful way to move yourself forward. Understand that it is within you and it is but a tool and you need not have that for your progression. But it will not harm you and it is fun. So if you enjoy it, do pursue it, for your space brethren do so love to communicate. It is your own self that you are activating and reactivating. This you do by your intention and crop circles are a fun way to remember.

Q: So it helps to speed your movement into the fifth dimension? I understand the Earth is moving into the fifth dimension and we are going along with it. So studying the crop circles -is that a way to speed that so that you are in the flow with that energy?

Your focus and your intention is the way to speed that. So when you put your focus and attention on a crop circle, you begin to speed your journey. So it is a tool that can be utilized to help progress you, but it is your focus and your intention that does the actual progressing.

Q: So it could be anything, I could just do prayer, or self hypnosis, or any sort of inward focus and it would cause the same thing?

That is right. You could focus upon a cockroach and find such love and such learning in the wonderment of life that it would progress you forward. It is your intention, and your focus, that brings forth your growth. And crop circles will bring wonderful information that is within you.

Q: If Earth is evolving into the fifth dimension, once we’re in the fifth dimension, is there still a physical planet like we know it today? Or does that all just dissipate into the sun, and is it all just spirit?

There is a physical planet. You will find that you are now able to straddle the so called fifth dimension at this time. You will be able to touch it, but you are not quite yet able to fully live it. It is available now, and you still have your world around you. The difference will be your perception and your experience of all that is around you. That will be the difference. There will still be issues, problems, trials within the world. And yet your own life, as you ultimately access more fifth dimensional energy, will become more peaceful, more loving, more free-flowing. And you will see that within all that you experience, yet this three-dimensional world as you call it, will still be here. You will now have access to more. At this present time you have the physicality of the world around you, and you have access to the non-physicality of the world around you. You will have more and more access to that which is nonphysical and it will integrate ever so well with the physical. This is why now the desire to recycle, the desire to find better forms of energy is becoming so prevalent. Because there is a stirring even within those that do not feel drawn to the information of the fifth dimension. They feel the stirring that something must change, and they will find that they have more access to the nonphysical, but they may not recognize what it is. For Love is nonphysical, Joy is nonphysical, Peace is nonphysical. They don't have to see an angel to have access to that. But the Angels will still be there. But that's a whole other dimension.

Q: Speaking of that other dimension, how many dimensions are there actually? I always heard there are 13, and now I'm reading a book by Dr. Peebles and he says he's residing on the 16th dimension.

They are endless. They are infinite. For there are those with no access to the 16 dimensions that you and Mr. Peoples have access to, and they have numbers of dimensions as well. Infinite. The labels are for your understanding. The labels are for your progression. You interact with more of them than you know. There is never a time where you are limited to only one dimension. There is never a time that you will be able to access only one dimension. You are constantly interacting with myriad dimensions. You just don't get the information. It is not necessary, but it is still in your experience.

Q: Is this a matter of perception or just choice?

Perception and choice are the same. It is a matter of understanding. Sometimes, it is a matter of separation. And sometimes it is a matter of categorizing things so that you can progress. You can allow the categorization to limit you or expand you. So do not think that you do not have access to this 16th dimension. You would not even hear those from the 16th dimension if you did not have full access to it. Just as your chakra system is separated only for the resonance and the understanding and the categorization, so, too, are the dimensions numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, infinity.



When you see the flower that has burst through a crack in a sidewalk, remind yourself that that is how strong you are. Even though you may look delicate, you may seem limited, or so easily stepped upon - you are that delicate being that is so strong that you can grow through the most seemingly desolate circumstances. That is who you are, that is what you do. You are strong, you are powerful, and yet such delicate Love emits from you. Remember this daily, that you emit the most beautiful substance ever upon this Earth. That is Love, and it is within everything in existence.


At this particular time we ask that you begin to learn to speak your heart - to express forward what is in your heart, and to share your heart with all of those around you. It is not beneficial for you to withhold your heart energy. There is the experience of those that you feel anger for or those that you feel dislike for, that you may not want to share your heart energy with them. We say that as you bring forward your heart energy, the flow that comes back to you is grander even still than the flow that comes through you. When you are willing to share your heart energy with those that you would not naturally express love towards, the reward of love flow is far grander than that which you have released. That which comes back to you has that energy on it, that energy of love flow being so prolific that you would dare share it with those that do not respond to you with love.

You will find the experience of loving those not so easy to love such an expansive experience for you. Sharing your love energy with those who do not easily bring forth love from you will bring you great reward on a quantum level within your beingness. It will bring forward much more expansion than you previously felt. It is easy find love for those that are easy to love, yes? Harder still to find love for those that do not seem to earn it, that do not seem to behave in a way that makes you feel loved. When you find the power within you to love them, you will find the power within you to open up such grand flow that you will begin to recognize even more the oneness, the connectedness with all things, and the power of the Universal Force that is available to you. It is this expressing of the heart, the sharing of the love energy, that will show you what you are truly capable of being and doing on this Earth. For as you flow this love, even in places where it seems to not be deserved, you will find reciprocated to you grand amounts of all that you seek.

We say to you that when you experience this flow you will find that it is all you have ever needed and it is all that will ever bring you joy, peace, excitement. You will find that there is such vast amounts of love within you, that never will you need someone else to love you into feeling valuable, to love you into feeling right, or to love you into feeling worthy. You will have that within you and you will see that in all that you encounter. You will see that love energy even within those humans that you cannot love easily. You will find the ability to find love in places where it is not so easily noticed. You will find within your own self those spaces that you have not allowed loved to reside. You will find within yourself that Universal Flow of love that will bring great healing to you, to those around you, and to all that you encounter. And you will recognize that clearly, even if healing means death, if healing means something uncomfortable or if healing doesn't look like what you would like to see. You will still see the love flow within that experience. You will begin to see the inner workings, the unseen energies that constantly flow around you. These experiences and interactions that you have with others, with yourself and with the world around you are but opportunities for love to interact in an area where it has not been allowed before. This is your experience here. This is your experience on earth as a human - to find love in the places where it has not yet been. You will access this through forgiveness, you will access this through experiencing love for people and experiences that are not easy to love, yes? This is the opportunity before you at all times. At all times. The experiences you are having are here for your love. For your love.

When you find love in the experiences that are difficult, you will have complete understanding. It is the heart that will bring you this understanding. When you have love in a situation or an experience or with a person that you had not previously been able to access love for, you will have all of the knowledge that you need. All of the knowledge, for it is all contained within love. When you experience love you access your true self, you access your Universal Force that created you. You access everything that has been before and that will come after. You access the entire akash. You access parts of you that have not been activated. You access parts of you, that while not connected to humanity in a physical sense, are connected to humanity in an energetic sense; parts of you that you have experienced in other times and other places. It is love that is the carrier, that is the access point, that is the flow for you to find information - huge amounts of information in one feeling. It is this feeling of the love that opens you and expands you beyond just this physical world. It is the feeling of love that connects you to all of the other people on this Earth, to all of the other things on this Earth, be that nature, animals or food. It is love that connects you. It is love that will bring you the experience of growth, understanding and empowerment - that will bring you to the new you.

Love comes in many different forms. They are many different degrees of love. You can be in love that is very pleasant and you can experience a degree of love that is not necessarily so pleasant - but it is ever so expanding. You find this through that underlying connection that you always have with the greater self that you are. You find this connection by knowing that you are a being of love, that you are a being that is infinitely loved and you are a being with the capacity to flow infinite amounts of love through you. Some days you may find this easy, some days you may find it is more of a challenge to access seemingly any degree of love. We say to you that at all times you are connected to love. You can look and find the ability to love those things that hurt, those things that bring up fear. Love that experience and that is what will expand you beyond. That is what will bring you to another level of growth and love. Always search for that thread of love, even if it is the tiniest degree, because it is there. As you become aware of it, as you activate that tiny degree of love, it will grow. Love feeding love only brings more love. And it is the force that will bring you to the powerful being that you truly are.

Do not hold your love within you. Do not withhold your love from yourself. Do not withhold your love from others. Even through the challenges, find that thread. Fan that fire and let that keep you warm.

Q: You said, 'even with people you that you find hard to love.' What if its someone that you don't even get along with? Are you supposed to express how you feel, or are you to express love for them?

There will be times when expressing love is loud. You can express boundaries, you can express anger, and still have the thread of love there. When you are authentic with your emotions, they can be expressed in a way that may not be pleasant for all involved, but still have that thread of love. You will also find times where your initial reaction may be anger or loudness, and yet when you look within you will find the opportunity to express silence, to express calmness, to express compassion. You will find that all of them are valid at different times. [So sometimes not saying something is expressing love?] Yes, just as sometimes saying something difficult is expressing love. Always look to your own motivation. Always look to what you really need from the situation. You will find that if your motivation is something that you are expecting from someone else to bring you an outcome, then you are not authentic with your motivation. So if you must express in order to get someone to do something or feel something for you, then you are not being authentic with your intention. If you must express for your own boundaries, for your own feeling, then that is authentic. You will find that as you begin to establish those boundaries, more and more you will have an ability to express from a place of calmness.

Q: What if you find it difficult to find the love within yourself?

To answer this question, it would be a different answer for each person and for each instance. There will be times when you can access love around a certain situation, and then another time when you can't and it's the same situation. So it will be individual to the time and the person. However, finding a way to open your heart to yourself is very important. And you find this by continuing to set the intention that you find love for yourself. It is not easy in these times, because you are taught that you are only to love others and that you are to be selfless. We say to you that if you are selfish enough to demand love for yourself, you will have so much love that you cannot help but love others. It is the loving of the self first that brings TRUE expression of love to others. So as you look within and you find those places within you that cry, when you find those places within you that do not want to stand up and demand love for yourself; as you find those places and you nurture them with love, you will find that your heart can begin to open to yourself. Often humans will look to others for love, and they will look to others to find their value. This will often bring much pain, for it is not the job of others to value you. It is your job to value yourself, and then others will reflect that for you. They will reflect what is in your energetic need at the time. This is why we say to you find that thread of love for what you are experiencing - because if someone is not being nice to you, or not helping you or not loving you - they are giving you a great gift of reflecting what it is that is desiring to leave you - such as your own feeling of inadequacy, your own feeling of not loving yourself completely, your own feeling of fear. This is how you can find that love for someone that is not earning love at the moment. Truly they are, for they are giving you the gift of understanding that there is a part of yourself that you want to release, there is a part of yourself that you need to love more. As you look within, you will find these parts and you will nurture them into release just as you would nurture a child. Can you find the energy to nurture those parts of you that don't feel like they deserve love? [I don't know.] You will know in the moment. Continue to ask, how can I love this part of me? How can I find love? When that desire is there, the love will flow. All it takes is the wanting. And allow that process to take the time that it needs.

Q: I have been reading a lot of Edgar Casey lately, and he or Ra, whoever he is channeling, is saying that there is an emphasis on setting a spiritual ideal in order to live your life by. If you have that ideal for spiritual growth, you can always go back to that. So I've been debating if I set love as my ideal, is that a force or is that really an ideal?

As we interpret the meaning of force versus ideal, we say to you that love is a force because it is active. An ideal is a human construct, and it is a trap for the ego in most instances. There are instances when you can hold an ideal and not have the negative feelings towards yourself if you do not meet it. And that is a rare human. But it is a challenge, and if you can experience that challenge and enjoy it then it is beneficial for you. To answer the question we say, yes, love is a force, and yet love can also be an ideal. If you choose to hold love as an ideal, that is a valiant cause to pursue. Allow yourself the ability to sometimes learn about love through opposites and be okay with that. Allow yourself the ability to experience love in all of its different degrees, even if that means saying something difficult, this too can be love. When there are difficult or challenging things, you will know that the thread of love is there because there will be growth available. The challenging and difficult things are not love-based if they only destroy. But if they break down for a new foundation of growth, then love is there in those challenging times. If you choose to hold love as an ideal, understand that the force of love will bring forth in you amazing abilities of love, and it will also bring forth in you the places and the experiences where you are not love. That is how you integrate the two.

Q: Is everything that you talked about, is it just love for other humans or does this apply to love for animals, plants, trees, love for anything else, everything else?

It applies to love for everything. Everything. Animate, inanimate, people - yourself especially, nice people, mean people, people you know, people you don't know, things of the earth and things not of the earth, this timeframe and other time frames. Your power, your love, changes all of it.

Q: If you have fear of expressing love for whatever reason, how do you overcome that?

When you observe where it is that you have fear expressing love, whether that is relationship or your own success (etc.) you can find examples that are not quite so challenging. For instance with relationship, if you were to start with friendly love and then compassionate love, there you can begin to find more degrees and more degrees of love available to you. You will begin to amass experiences of sharing love that are pleasant. And you will begin to see that you are strong enough to handle all that is before you. And you will perhaps even begin to have some little challenges with love, and as you deal with those challenges, you will see too that you can deal with the challenge as well the pleasant. You will begin to find that thread of love in the challenges, too. You will begin to observe within yourself more ability to love, more freedom to express yourself degree by degree. Find an experience of it that is not quite the total experience that you seek. This will find your empowerment growing.


Again, we express to you that sharing the love that is in your heart will bring forth more growth and more empowerment than you knew was within. Even those times when you find people that do not express your love back, that shun your love, that ridicule your love; you will find that you can still love more and more and more. And after those experiences that were challenging, you will find your strength and capacity to love even greater. And you will find love even for those that cannot find love for you. Because you will recognize that what flows through you is so valuable, so accessible, you will recognize that the gift that you give them is to exemplify what love can do. It is their choice to accept or not accept that within their lives. It is love that will bring you the knowingness of who you really are. There will be little that you want, there will be little that you need, but that.


There is great capacity in the human heart for movement through. This is the gift of the tears, this is the gift of the anger, this is the gift of the laughter, this is the gift of compassion. It is this movement through that moves you forward in this experience. It is the movement through that brings you the greatest expansion of your beingness, the greatest experience of your humanness. You came here not remembering who you are and we remind you that you are the greatest capacitor of Love that was ever created. For you have the extremes of all before you, you have the experience of everything within your body, you have the choice that you make at every moment to pursue your freedom, to pursue your prison, or to pursue the greatest knowledge of what kind of strength you truly have.

It is this movement through, the capacity of the heart, that shows you who you really are. The depths of love that you feel, the depths of the sorrow, the depths of fear are but indicators for you that the experience of your mastery is before you. For those who can dwell in sorrow and remember the Love they are, are the true masters. Your life experience on this earth is not meant to be only one feeling. You have the power of great sorrow, you have the power of great fear, anger, hatred to teach you that Love is your greatest beingness. And no matter what your experience of sorrow or fear or hatred, it is the Love that you come back to, having known the other extremes, that is who you truly are. These extremes, these grand extremes, are only for masters. We see the pain, we know the potential. We see before us masters encased in temporary bodies. That who you are is so grand that the love you feel here is but an inkling of your true beingness. That the sorrow that you feel here will bring you to greatest experience of the power of your love.

Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling frightened by the things that you see around you? By the vast amount of fighting, corruption, degradation? Do you look at that and feel overwhelmed and inconsequential in the entire flow of it? We say to you that each tear you shed, each ounce of forgiveness you can find, brings forward more power and more expression of your grandness than you can imagine. It seems to you but a salty ball of wetness. And we say to you that within that contains eons of information that have circulated through your own physical beingness, that through the heat, through the magnetics of the salt, through the interdimensional workings that you cannot view, this tear brings forth the release of eons of information. Genetic information, emotional information, physical information. This you do and you do not see the energy of compassion that is attached to that tear. You do not see that someone across the scope of the Earth whom you have never met has now freed a bit of their energy field because you shed a tear. It matters not that you were crying for them, you could have been crying for yourself, you could have been crying for some story you have heard. But that release through your physicality has your interdimnesionality written all over it. This is but one portion of your grand power, that you can find in your heart the strength to release some of your sorrow. That through your release you offer healing for those you may never meet. You bring forward from yourself the gift of humanity, the gift of compassion, the gift of nurturance, and this you do for yourself as a most powerful, powerful catalyzer. That you nurture yourself into your own healing brings forth the information, the courage, and the inspiration for what you will bring forth into the world. For you bring yourself forth into the world at every moment. You bring yourself forth to strangers you never speak to, but feel you they do. Wherever you may be, whatever emotional state you may be in, interaction is always occurring. This interaction happens many times on a level you don't even experience. You may walk past someone and feel something that is not yours. It is theirs. Just as they may feel something that is yours. And during this interaction, even if you are incognizant of the occurrence, a compassionate interchange has taken place. Sometimes they teach you via lessons that you do not like. Sometimes they reflect for you, the things that you do not want to see in yourself. Sometimes they reflect for you, the great potential that you have, but always an interchange takes place. Constantly this occurs in your life. When you listen to television or radio programs that provide you information, an interchange takes place. You digest this energy and process it as you will, through your filter of who you are.

This we say to you is an important time to begin to choose what it is that you experience, and how it is that you react to the things around you. As you make the choice to filter these things through a process of love, you do bring forward the healing for many that we spoke of, just as when you shed a tear and someone across the Earth is freed up a bit because of your compassion in your release. As you choose a new reaction to information coming in from all different types of venues, when you choose that new reaction, interdimensionally you have now given the opportunity to others to see through your perception. It is but a change within your own thought habits, in your own thought patterns, but you will recognize how you feel about things that previously may have thrown you into emotions that do not feel pleasant. Now you can experience information that is challenging and find compassion, and find a place in you with forgiveness for things that you do not agree with. It is this time now that is becoming so very important to honor yourself, to truly love yourself, and to find the strength and courage that you need to be you who you truly are. We see your grandness, we have such great love for you, such great respect and honor as we know your potential. We know your pain. And we know that everything that has come before you offers you the opportunity to see these things also. It is not beyond your perception to view yourself as grand and see that same grandness in everything around you. In the humble bum that you smell as he walks by, can you see the grandness in that human being that has chosen a difficult path to bring you to compassion. Can you see the grandness in those that do harm to others, and find that bit of forgiveness that is the opportunity that they bring forth to you. It is difficult. Just as sorrow hurts, finding forgiveness for the things that you see as unforgivable is well within your mastery. It is the sorrow, it is the forgiveness that brings you ever so much more appreciation for the love and the joy that you are.

Q: In the law of attraction, you're supposed to be in this great magnetic feeling. And yet with such intensity going on how do you catch the tube (of a wave – i.e. go with the flow and/or enjoy the ride)?

When you speak of this, you mean that you are feeling as if you cannot magnetize a wonderful emotion at the moment, yes?

Q: Yes, when things aren't going smoothly, or things that I want aren't coming my way.

Yes, in this difficult time it is hard to find the Love, is it not? When you come in to authenticity with how you really feel, there you will find that release, you will find those tears, you will find that anger, you will find that sorrow, you will find that disappointment, you will find that shame, you will find that feeling of failure and you will release it. You will release it. Because it is there. It is what you are feeling. Once you have released it you will then find that you can have a resonance with an emotion that is closer to joy, that is closer to love, that is closer to empowerment. You may not get there yet, you may still have more anger to release, but somehow it will be easier. And then once you have released that, you will find something that is even closer to empowerment, to courage, to joy, to love. The important key is to be authentic with how you are feeling. When you are honest with yourself, and you express the emotions that are within, you will find a greater capacity to experience the emotions that feel nice. It is your job to become very honest with yourself. Even if that means something unpleasant. It is just wanting to be released. If it was not in there, you would not feel it, yes?

Q: What is the lesson that I'm supposed to be learning from all this, besides be authentic?

That is your lesson, be authentic. Angel, too often it is easy for you to push yourself aside and put someone else in front of you. This feels easier at the moment, it smoothes things out, the other people are appeased; and now you are finding that this does not work for you anymore. Too much resentment has built up that you have pushed aside. It is time for you to come forward, and demand for you. It is time for you to put yourself first, others second. This is specific to you because you have spent your life putting others first. Once you get accustomed to putting yourself first, you will then be in balance with compromising for others and holding your boundaries as fit. This is your time to find who you are, because you have not done that before. You have allowed others to come before you. Being authentic, no matter how you feel, is going to bring you that access to the love. This is your lesson now. Finding who you are, the truth of how you feel. As you know how you feel when you are in anger, you will know more clearly how you feel when you are in empowerment. This is your lesson now. [And that's why jobs are not coming to me?] You need to move forward and become empowered, the jobs are there waiting for you.

Q: Besides tears, what is a good way to release sorrow and grief?

There are many creative ways to release the things that you hold within you. Often times, you will find a doorway through a different emotion. Sometimes the sorrow and the grief are not so easily accessed until you open the door of anger. Sometimes you can release through music, dance, physicality, you can release through painting, singing, writing. Sometimes you can release by sharing energy with others. There are many wonderful ways to release and you will know that you have accessed what you need to when that which caused you sorrow and grief before no longer does. You will feel no emotional charge when you think of it, when you speak of it; it will just be something that is, with no feeling of good or bad. And this is the way that you come into balance with everything. That you know that you are dealing with something well when you have no emotion of negativity on it, nor do you have such a positive emotion around it that the having of it brings you the joy. By this we mean when you have such an expectation of something or such a need for the positive feeling, you are still out of balance. For that which you have to hold onto to feel good can be just as detrimental as that which you hold onto that feels bad. It is important sometimes to find ways to access things that are actually positive for you, just as it is important sometimes to find the tears and to feel the anger. It is this not only one way. We thank you for this question.

Q: The world is in such turmoil right now, and I know it's going to get more intense, is there something at the end of the road, an end to these intense times?

There are many things at the end of the road. There are many potentials that each person contains within them. There are many potentials for the collective, there are many potentials for different nations. All of these interact with each other yet they are also just as important by themselves. We say to you that at this moment, right now, within the blink of an eye, you can shift your potential and find the most amazing joy throughout all of the strife that you thought was ever possible. This is known as the peace that passes all understanding, this is known as being in the world but not of it, this is known as the calm during the storm. This potential is within each of you at any moment, even given your circumstances. You have the possibility of rising above those circumstances and finding the core Truth of who you really are, of accessing your mastery. And these times of intensity will bring to you such exhilaration that you will never want them to end. Your potential for greatness is limitless. Your ability to find 'the tube' is limitless (see first question with surfing reference). Just as the dolphin plays within these same massive waves, so too can you find your own joy through your power. This is the potential of these intense times. When you experience the sorrow, when you experience the overwhelm, when you experience the things that make you feel as if these intense times are too much to handle, be okay with that. Be okay with the overwhelm, the chaos, with the unanswered questions. Be okay that what you are feeling at that time is painful. You don't have to enjoy it, it is painful. But you have to know within the core of who you are that you are more powerful than any point in time of pain. You are more powerful than any turmoil a nation can stir. You are more powerful than anything that human beings can bring forth. You are more powerful than anything that feels as if it could overwhelm you. You are more powerful, and you have the potential for great growth through these intense times. Just as the trees can withstand amazing wind force, so too, can you.

Q: It feels very interesting to me that the heart emotions we feel repelled from, we don't want to feel them, we don't want to stick our hand in the fire. Yet they seem to be the ones that bring the most expansion and lead to the greatest growth. Yet they're the ones we are repelled from the most. It just seems to me such an interesting system that we have to work within.

Your channel will tell you of an experience that we brought forth into her during this clearing. The role of the Mother has been greatly subdued through these times. It was the role of the Mother that felt these great scopes of emotions. And because these emotions were honored and this ability was honored and supported, the Mother understood clearly that through great depths and polarities of emotions she was able to move through. She was able to express and come back to her balance. Over time, the role of the Mother was pushed aside, and the role of emotions, too, was pushed aside. You became accustomed to not showing your emotions, you became accustomed to not feeling others emotions, and you did not remember how to flow them through you. So now not only do you have the ability to repress, you also have the fear of the expression. You also have the knowingness that when you open the gates what will come through will be so intense because of all of these years of repression. We tell you, what will come through does have an end to it. There is always a light at the end of that tunnel. There is always release from those emotions. Some things take a greater time to move through, some things happen quicker than you may have imagined, but always, there is an end to the release. We ask you to remind yourself that you are stronger than your sorrow, you are stronger than you fear, you are stronger than your pain. And as you remind yourself of this and you allow things to flow bit by bit, you will recognize that you can handle all that is before you. This quieting (repression) of the emotions has been a very powerful force in separating you from your own empowerment. As you recognize that you can experience difficult things, whether they are feelings or experiences, as you recognize that you can experience them and move through, you begin to know that there is nothing on this earth that is stronger than you, that is stronger than your ability to maintain your balance even in great pain. Once you recognize this, everything else just seems easy. Those things that you fear, those things that you do not want to feeI, you allow them in and they move ever so much more quickly. They are ever so much less painful, because your own power transmutes them even faster. Remind yourself, I am stronger than this. I can be here in this moment of pain, and though I don't feel it, there is a part of me that remembers this is not how I will always feel, but here I am now. Embrace it. This will bring forth great healing. And bit by bit you will expose yourself to those things that you keep locked tightly. And as you do you will open the gates for others as well. For they will walk past you, not even speak to you, and now they will have access to great release, because you have released before them. The resonance of you will begin to open their own field to that of their own empowerment. They will never know that it was you, you will never know what you did, but you will have a knowingness inside of you that you make a huge difference on this earth. You did not come here haphazardly. You did not choose your experience haphazardly; you chose that which was going to bring you the greatest growth. This you have done, this you continue and you bring forth great change. We see this. This is why we bow before you at any chance we get to remind you that that which you think meaningless, makes a world of difference in this experience.


Today we wish to speak of fear. This topic has been covered before, just as you will find that you cover the same topic of fear over and over in your mind. And preferably not over and over in your own life. However, often the influence of fear in the mind settles your choices for you. You listen to the mind and you accept that the information that your mind brings you is somehow related to the truth. We tell you that the information that the mind brings you is somehow related to the past. Until you take great care to utilize the mind, it will naturally roll back into the past even if you are projecting into your future. As you think and listen to your mind telling you, showing you what you expect in the future; it is actually referencing past experience in order to create these new pictures. Sometimes it will even go over the past of someone else in order to create a new picture for your future. You call this comparison. Constantly, constantly it happens with people. Not everyone, not all the time, some more than others. You compare your experience with another. You base it on a perception that does not have all of the facts, all of the information. Your mind references past events of which you are not always aware, compiles it into something, and presents it to you. And you listen.

It does take great care in the beginning to begin to utilize your mind to service your heart. Some do this naturally as well. As you begin to take great care to utilize your mind so that it does not automatically reference past events, so that it does not automatically roll away without you being able to catch it - as you take this great care in the beginning you will find that it is not so hard a task. These fears that are somehow, somewhere nestled within are often referenced by the mind. This is not something that is always conscious. You do not always understand or recognize the fear that is being referenced. You may experience something, have a judgment about it, an emotion about it, and not understand that it is a past experience that caused you fear that your mind is referencing. A survival mechanism. It can be quite helpful in the desert, in the jungle. It can also be quite inhibitive, for as your mind is unconsciously referencing past fears, the choices that you make are clouded by these fears. You may have experienced a great abandonment, and what you project in the future is this abandonment. It is your mind's way of trying to take care that this abandonment does not happen again. This defense mechanism is activated and you begin to live your life so that this great abandonment does not happen again. "Well, if I control it differently, if I find a partner that I can make certain will not abandon me, if I can be extra nice so they will love me more, if I can beat them and put them into fear - they will not abandon me this time." These are ways that the fear triggers your defense mechanisms. This is the way the fear projects into your future. This is the way that the choices that you make are guided by fear. It is absolutely possible to make choices from a different perception. It is absolutely possible to look at your fears and understand that there is nothing that is too grand for you to handle. It is possible to look at your fears and realize with the truth of your heart that even that great abandonment that was projecting into your future - even if this becomes conscious and you recognize the experience that caused you the fear - you will recognize that after all of it, you are fine. You are safe. And though that experience may have caused you upset - your physical body, your emotional body is safe.

Fear is merely a step away from excitement. There are things that people do with fear that leads them to excitement. Chemicals release in the body. The experience of fear is the experience of an unknown. The unknown can either shut you down, or wake you up with great exhilaration. Every fear that rests within you has the opportunity for great exhilaration. It is your perception, it is your enjoyment of the journey that shifts fear from something debilitating to something exhilarating. As you take great care to begin to utilize your mind to service your heart, take great care to take the step into exhilaration. Those things that challenge you, let them be the wind that propels you forward. The things that challenge you are the opportunity that can reflect to you how spectacular you truly are.

As you begin to perceive your fears as exhilarating shifts that are available in your life - your mind, your brain, your thought patterns will naturally serve the truth of your heart. The courage that is needed is within you. It IS within you. It is within you NOW. And has always been. You will find that the shift of perception will ignite that courage and the challenges that you experience will be dealt with with more joy, with more excitement, with more understanding in the moment of the beautiful gift that is being presented to you, the beautiful gift that you are presenting to all of those around you. This is the potential of fear. This is the potential of how you can live with those challenges. And if you find yourself comparing yourself to another or to the past, allow that fear to exhilarate you as well and you will find from this new perception that comparison has no longer the hold on you that it may have had before. You will find less right/wrong better/worse more/less - and more expansion. And that is part of your grand reason for coming into this earth experience. To expand the universal vastness that you are. Do not be fooled by these daily experiences, do not be fooled by this body that you are in. You are vast and have made these brilliant choices to expand the mastery you already are. As we see you from our perception we know you as those masters. We know you as the Beings of Light, of Sound, of powerful Love that you are. Limitless.

Q: You are talking about fear, what about an incident like a document that I need that I can't find? What do you do about that? How do you deal with the fear? I'm trying to find it but I'm not having much luck.

Can you fake the document? [No.] Well, that was our only solution. (Joke) There is no experience that you are incapable of handling. In this experience of physicality, you are so convinced by it that you feel that it has more power than you do. There is no document that is unattainable; there is no experience that is unsolvable. Whether you can find a document, seems right now as if it will decide win or lose. As you release the fear of that document you will open yourself to other solution. The actual document that you want is still here in your physicality. [I know I just don't know where.] As you move through the energy that is blocking the right side of your head, and we mean this literally, the document will present itself to you. What is this energy blocking the right of your head, you wonder? [Yes.] Good question. Angel, you do not understand yet the power of Flow that you have. You do not understand yet that through the right side of your brain you have complete access, complete access. It is through the right side of your brain that you are timeless, that you are formless, that you are limitless. Your left side of your brain keeps trying to show this to you. It says to you, 'you didn't do this right, you didn't put this in the right place, you didn't follow the proper steps.' And it is so loud that your right brain, that tries to tell you you are timeless, you are formless, you are limitless, cannot be heard. It is in the silence that you will find access to the things in physicality that you need. It is in the silence that this very powerful right brain of yours will begin to activate. It is starting to clear. Begin to get quiet and sit and know, KNOW, that all is well. This left brain is a delightful addition to a full brain, but left to its own devices it will not give you the complete picture. You want the concrete answer, yet your experience demands that you actually find the Truth. Ask, as you sit quietly, to activate your right brain. Do not expect that you will find a logical answer to when it is activated, or how. Just ask. You will begin to understand more and more that EVERYTHING that happens in your life is perfect. And everything that happens in your life is solvable. It may not happen the way that you want it to, but you will be fine. Because you are a limitless powerFULL Being. Activating this right brain will help you see that, experience that, hear that and know that. You are on your way, Angel.

Q: You talked about exhilaration coming after fear. I'm wondering if that is an exhilaration that comes because you've burned through the fear? Or is it an exhilaration that comes from doing whatever it was that you were afraid to do? Or is it the fearful person that gets exhilaration?

It is all of that and more. Exhilaration and fear are close cousins. Exhilaration will come when you perceive the fear in a new light. If you are in fear, and you do not feel exhilaration, the fear is overpowering you to the extent that you do not feel excitement, you feel powerless. That same fear, when you shift the perspective to that of exhilaration, you activate your power with that fear. You experience that same fear in a new light. The only thing that has changed is your perception, however, that new perception has now opened you to a world of expansion. This new perception of the fear being exhilarating activates your courage. It activates your recognition that this fear is not something that is bigger than you, you are just as big and growing bigger! And you may as well have some fun along the way. Exhilaration is available to anyone that chooses that moment, to know within them, that that which they fear is merely one banshee yell away from excitement.

Q: My daughter died last year and my heart is very sad. I wonder if you can speak to that in any way? I carry a great sadness.

Are you aware of what you radiate? [Sometimes.] Through all that you have experienced, there is still this joy comes from you. There is this unspoken Beingness that comes from you and taps everyone around you and shows to them potential. You, angel, are walking potential. The grief that you feel is to be felt, is to be expressed, is to be released. Just as the joy, that is such a part of you, is also to be expressed and is to be released and is to be experienced. We understand clearly the sorrow of a human. However, we also see from our perspective death is but a shift. Your daughter has never left your side since she parted, and you have never left hers.

There is a great capacity that the human has to experience emotion. This is part of the grand experience of being human. And as you experience it, whether it is something so poignant as the death of a child, or it is something so seemingly atrocious as war, or even if it is something that is seeming less important that causes great pain; all of this is part of that vast experience of being human. As you experience this, and as you move through this, you offer the opportunity for all of those around you that feel they cannot experience grief, sorrow or massive anger and still survive. Whether anyone knows your story, whether anyone even speaks to you - as you enter a room you radiate all that you are. You teach them on an unspoken level, that no matter what your grief is, no matter what your sorrow is, and no matter what your massive anger is - it can be transmuted. "Look at me. I did it. And I've still got joy.” It may feel different at the moment, but the joy that you are always radiates. As you experience, as you process, without ever knowing - when you walk into a room you nurture those around you. And we know this does not surprise you. We know that you knew this. But we will say it to you anyway. Because we see the glory of you. And we would remind you of that every moment of every day. For that is the TRUTH of who you are.

Q: Is my son's anger in any way related to the death of his sister?

Your son's anger resides in his heart and was there prior to her passing. This gives him a way to begin to deal with his anger. Nurture him as you do, and he will begin release. As he begins to release, he will find that the anger is released as well. That which he seeks in relation to the passing of his sister, is best let go. You are a lion that has such great power and such great care.

Q: How do I translate this energy of activation into concrete steps that increase my income and allow me to expand professionally?

As you begin to clarify how it is you want to bring your gifts forward there will be a natural momentum, a synchronicity of sorts that will begin to open new doors. The speaking of shifting fears into exhilaration will be very beneficial in opening new doors and stepping through. The power that is within you to propel business income and money influence forward is grand. Patience is sometimes needed as you move through the best pathway for your own experience. But that activation is always at your fingertips. Asking for what you want, what YOU want, will benefit you greatly. Do not concern yourself with the resources you would need from others, with the impact that your choices will have on others. Become very clear about what it is it you want for you. As you do this the resources and the impact that it will have on others will naturally progress. By this we mean make your choices for you, and only for you. We know to whom we speak, this advice would not be for everyone, but it is for you (which means it is for many, but not for everyone). You will naturally impact others positively, that is the core of what you desire to do. Now shift your power to yourself and allow that to fill until you are overflowing, and that will be where you serve others. You will find a lovely conversation beginning to happen with yourself. You will find that you will be listening to yourself differently, and you will be speaking to yourself differently. This is for you to enjoy. Understand that you have all that you need. The space where you are now is beginning to cut a pathway so that you may flow with greater power - just as a river cuts a pathway that focuses it into a stronger flow. This is the exciting part of the journey that you are now seeking. This conversation that you'll be having with yourself, this new way of speaking with yourself and listening to yourself, will begin to focus you. This right brain and left brain will begin to converse more easily and the flow will naturally progress. When you ask, you will always receive the answer. You just have to listen. You may hear it in your own head, you may hear it come out of someone else's mouth, you may hear it from someone you know, or someone you don't know. But when you ask, the answer will always come and it will come in the way that you need to hear it. As these answers come in little packages you don't expect, you begin to understand that the workings of this universe are not so haphazard and that your intention can create quite a flow.


We will say that we see before us very powerful beings. You are front runners in this powerful Beingness. It is easy to look in the mirror and say "No, not me, I make mistakes. I am not on TV." We say to you, we see your power. And we don't even watch TV. When you walk into a room you shift things. That is who you are. When you make a choice to know yourself better, you become even more powerful and more powerful. All it takes to know yourself better is the desire to do so. You are progressing this world beyond that which you see. We see. And it is grand. This is who you are. Breathe that in and breathe that out. And know it. For this is the Truth of your heart. You are grand.

For this opportunity to sit at your feet we are humbled. For it is you that has chosen to come here and experience - to feel joy, to feel sorrow, to feel fear and make that choice to transmute and expand. No easy task. But not too much for a grand being like you! We thank you for this opportunity. We reside within that Truth in your heart. And we reflect to you that we adore you.


At this time, the changes that are coming into your life are bringing you profound growth beyond that which you see. This is the time where the physical body is undergoing much change. The preparation that has happened for these changes has been underway for many years. The physicality of the human body is now primed for these changes, the earth is now primed for these changes, your understanding and your interaction with the magnetics is bringing forth much more ease with the integration. This is the time where you will find that your body will begin to show you some changes that are coming forth. You will find that the body will begin to show you how to best bring forward your own integration. Paying careful attention to the physical body will help you along with your movement. Paying close attention to your emotional interaction, your emotional re-action, will help align you with your own path to integration. Re-action is just as the word describes. Acting again. Acting again. Acting again. When you allow reaction to move your life forward, you are actually moving backward. To act as you have before does not bring change. To feel as you did before does not bring change. To behave in the physical as you did before does not bring change. If there is any aspect of your beingness in which you desire change, acting as you did before will not bring that forth. Sometimes the challenge is finding a new way to act. It is possible, though it does take practice, for you have been 'acting as you did before' to situations for many hundreds and thousands of years.

Within your body is the memory of all of your ancestors. Within your body is the memory of your life this time. Also within your body, is the memory of who you are on the spiritual level. Your point of choice balances between these three. What society and generations have done before you, what you have learned in this life, and what you know in your complete beingness (this part of you that has not been in the physical, but this part of you that experiences the physical through your perception). When you look back over the history of your kind, you will easily see what it is that balances your own choice. Do you choose that which has been done before by others? Or do you know that which is within you, the prompting of your soul - though it may be different from what others have done before you. It [the prompting of your soul] is the avenue of change that will bring you your path of peace. It is this prompting of the soul that will guide you to the truth of your heart, to the truth of humanity, to the truth of what life can be. All around you you will see instances of the opposite. All around you you will feel pulled and poked towards that which does not resonate with your heart. All around you you will see those that do not hear the promptings of their soul. The choice is within you, the choice is possible to live in this life. In the past, humanity has not often allowed the promptings up their soul to guide their choices. Now is the time where you have open access, and the freedom to listen, to hear and to act upon the prompting of your soul, of your heart, of your peace.

That which can bring you great peace and simplicity in your life takes much courage to act upon at this time, for all of those around you do not do it. Will you be the one that is wrong? Will you be the one that does not go along with all the others? Will you be the one with the courage to act upon the promptings of your soul? At this time this choice is available. We would say more clearly this choice is knocking upon your door. You are the one that chooses to open the door or turn out the lights and pretend no one is home. This is a time of choice. Choose wisely. This does not require knowing the right answer, this requires choosing. When you are faced with choice, and you ask yourself 'what should I choose,' perhaps asking yourself, 'which choice will bring me the greatest expansion,' 'which choice will bring me the growth towards my path of peace,' 'which choice will support my own courage and understanding of who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing;' perhaps these questions will serve you better than, 'which should I choose?' The only answer to that question is, 'you should choose.'

Any experience in your life that does not bring you peace, offers you the opportunity of growth towards peace. This choosing is the first step. There is nothing else to do with a path but to walk it. That walk can be joyful, that walk can be enlightening, that walk can even be challenging. None of those choices need cause misery, though the walking of the path is imperative. You have come here to experience, you have come here to grow. Make your choice, step. Follow the promptings of your soul. That is where your unconditional love, unconditional support reside. Everything else around you has some sort of attachment to it. Those may not always be bad, but they will not resonate as clearly with your own alignment as your own soul will. As you follow the promptings of your soul, you bring your courage and your understanding of the powerful being that you are into your experience. It is this understanding of the powerful being that you are that will align you with your path of peace.

Q: You were talking about looking out for signs in our physical bodies, and I was wondering, are they different for everybody, are they the same kinds of things for everyone, what kind of signs are you talking about?

The physical body for each person and the signals that it will give each person is different. Some will need to move into a phase of maintenance, some will need to move into a phase of rest, some will need to move into a phase of physical movement, some will need to move into a phase of understanding the nourishment that their body needs. Some will need to move to a new place. Your body will give you the promptings. It is for each to learn to recognize the signals in their life so that their own growth is served. Your physical body and the manifestation of physicality is designed as such to show you that which goes on in your emotional life and your spiritual life. Your soul speaks to you through physicality on all levels - be that it in your physical body or your physical experience. There are times when the soul speaks to you through a television, through a book, through another person. There are times when it speaks to you through pain in your physical, there are times when it speaks to you through joy in your emotional. Learning to listen to the physical body and the physical experience will greatly serve your growth in these fast-paced and challenging times. Movement is all around you, opportunity for growth and for change is ready at this time. Listening, paying attention and understanding the signals that your physicality is bringing you will help ease that growth.

Q: If the path of life is changing and doors are not opening careerwise, when do you know that it's time to move on, maybe do something else? If things are in such flux, it's hard to figure out which path.

You will know the path that is for your highest joy and peace by the feeling in your heart. At times, there are layers and layers of emotions to move through before you find the Truth . As you proceed in searching for jobs and answers, when you pay close attention to the signals that are coming in through your emotional body, your physical body, all of the experiences around you; as you watch those signals, they will help you define when you are reaching the truth of your heart. Some of the layers that you must move through are fear based, so as you pursue you are actually activating your fear. When you pursue work and jobs so that you may survive, you must look to the feeling and find what is underneath that fear that is activated. When you are in a physical position of not knowing if your survival is met with ease, your fear is activated. When you are in a position of not being in joy pursuing your survival, your emotions are activated. It may be fear, it may be anger, it may be resentment. It may come in the form of looking at others and what they are doing, it may come in the form of admonishing your own self. It may come in the form of being miserable while you are pursuing means of survival. All of this is activation of fear that your own soul is desiring to clear from you so that the truth of your heart can be heard. Once it is heard and understood and actively lived; all that comes into your experience, whether it is something that you enjoy or do not enjoy doing; it will all serve the truth and you will understand the why.

Q: And then peace will come?

Peace is already there at that point. The thing that keeps you from your peace is the activation of the fear layers. Melting through those layers is easier than humans think. Often times, you look to the outside to be perfect, to be fixed. We say to you it is not the outside that is broken it is the inside that is not feeling whole. When you come to the understanding that you are safe, the fear does not lead you so much. Then it comes by more infrequently, it comes by with a softer voice, it comes by in situations you feel stronger to handle, because the underlying truth of your heart has been heard, has been understood and is being actively lived - even during those times of less joy, of less security. Uncertainty, change, new opportunity is merely a perspective away from being fun. Continue to move forward, continue to listen, to look, to feel, to understand all of the information that your sensory being is bringing into your physicality. Solution ALWAYS comes forth.

Q: You mentioned something earlier about our ancestral lines and clearing that. Where we are linearly on this planet we all have SO many ancestors. It seems to me an overwhelming task to figure out and go back and clear all that. Do we need to go back to who our first ancestor was through all of our ancestors? Can you talk about that a little more?

Thank you for this question. Many aspects of life can feel overwhelming, and this is certainly one of them. Overcoming the past is as simple as choosing anew and not re-acting. It is far easier to release the influence of the ancestors than it actually is to activate it. It will come forth in your life as need be. If there is something that needs to be released through you or for you, it will be so. The influence that all of the choices of your ancestors have upon you is miniscule in comparison to the grand influence that you have upon yourself. Choice, at any point, can re-act it in your life or you can choose to act anew. It is far simpler than you would imagine. Often those who are drawn to any sort of spiritual work are doing much clearing for their ancestral lines. No one in this room is excepted from that. You all clear not only for your ancestral lines, but for those that you are not even aware you are connected to. However, this is not anything that would overtake or influence your life without your own choice. That which must be cleared will be cleared. New opportunity and new choice is far easier. Do not allow the past to continue into your present. You are far more powerful than thousands of years of ancestry ever dreamed of being. That would not have been so even 10 years prior. At this time you are far, far more powerful.

Q: You were talking about having the courage to do things that others don't do. Can you give a reference to what you were talking about?

To begin within your own life to choose the road less traveled, to begin within your own life to choose an avenue that someone else would not likely follow, to choose to act differently when faced with situations that have occurred in the past is the most courageous step you can take towards your path of peace. You have spoken of examples of this today among yourselves as you recognize the influence of your past ancestors coming into your experience of the day. As you hear it, and you understand it, and you choose to act differently, you have just made a choice that is not a re-action. That is something new. Perhaps there are those around you that have already done this new thing. That matters not. What matters is that within your own experience you have made a choice not to re-act, but to do something entirely new for you. This brings a window of opportunity for you to recognize more clearly how powerful you are and that you do have powerful choice, powerful ability to change this world beyond what you can imagine. As you make a new choice to do something different than you recognize your ancestors would have done, you just changed opportunity for hundreds of people. That's how easy it is. To do something different can be the simplest action, yet have such a profound change. One smile could change a life and have a ripple effect that you will never know, but it will know you. By that we mean you may never consciously be aware of what that smile did, but what that smile did energetically interacts with you.

Q: I've been finding acting differently and being more true to my emotions in any given situation - in the moment it feels right, but then I might go back and question that. I feel like we need to move into space where we are more true about what we're feeling and where we are emotionally, but that doesn't seem to be accepted in the environment, like we have to put up a front like everything is always okay, and sunny and bright. I feel like it might not necessarily be serving the children to cover that up, that it might be more beneficial for them to learn how to move through it, rather than cover it up. I'm just wondering if that is the correct way to be serving them? Because that is doing something different, that's a different way of doing things than other people do in my environment.

When you interact with truth, you are always serving . Interacting with truth is not the natural way of your world. That would be something vastly different to do at any time. You will probably get looks, you will probably get comments, you will probably get re-action. As you play over the scenario where you introduced your truth in a place where people do not often deal with truth, in a way that people do not often deal with truth; as you go back over that interaction so that you can hear and understand what that experience was to bring you - your job is to get to the truth of your heart. In this situation the layer that is blocking that is conditioning from society of how you should behave that will make everyone else around you feel better. It also could be defense mechanisms to make your own self feel better. It is your job to look through these layers to the truth of your heart. When you interact with truth, sometimes it may hurt. It may hurt the other person, it may hurt you. You will recognize that it is truth, instead of one of the layers of defense, because it will offer growth. Ultimately, truth will offer love. You can express truth with love, even if it is difficult for the other to hear. They may choose to hear it, they may choose to understand it, or they may choose to re-act and block truth from bringing them growth. This is your job - if you feel the need to review, you are in a learning phase of interacting with your truth. This is a beautiful space to be in, especially if you are to teach. For giving the gift of understanding truth is a most valuable lesson to learn. You may find in your experience there are situations, there are people that are not ready to interact with truth. You will use your discernment and your understanding to recognize when it is the time to push your truth forth, and when it is the time to hold your truth strongly within you. And you will find that no matter where you are, when you need to teach truth, the opportunity will be there. You will find creative ways to intersperse the truth lessons within your interactions.


Coming to terms with your own truth will bring you the courage you need to choose when it is time to take a step. It will bring you the courage to choose when it is time to change, when it is time to rest, when it is time to investigate. All of this resides within your heart, and all of this will be brought forth to you into your experience via the promptings of your soul. Your job is to listen, to learn to understand and then to activate that truth in your physical experience. This is the opportunity that is knocking upon your door at this time. The answer is within. You are more brilliant than you know.


The mother energy is very strong at this time - coming onto the earth, coming into the earth experience and into your body. For even the females have often shunned the mother energy. Within their own experience of the self, they often shun the mother energy. For so very long the feminine has not felt honored. For so very long the mother energy in each person, whether male or female, has not been embraced. It is the mother that gives birth. In the body of the mother, every person resides prior to their birth. This is not just biology, it is a function of the greater degrees of the mother energy. That every person on this earth will have experienced the body of the mother is important in the experience of being human, of understanding their own inner balance, of recognizing their connection.

Mother energy, the life-giver energy, the nurturing energy - this is the energy that you experience prior to your birth as human. As you reside in the nurturing womb of the mother, here you experience the great sharing of energy. For before you came into your own individual body, you shared a body with one other. This is no small miracle, it is a purposeful function of humanity - that prior to the great separation they may know only one other body. As you reside within the womb, sharing a physical body with another, that connection is a precursor to all other connection. You have shared a body, you then separate and suddenly you are the only one in your body. This is a vast difference to your origins. This is a necessary step to the understanding of who you really are.

This is not to negate the importance of the male in the creation process, this is to come to clearer understanding of the importance and the penetration of the mother energy into everything that you are.

Those that have experienced life within their body, giving birth to a child, understand that the connection goes far beyond human logic, it goes far beyond any learning you can receive from a book, it goes far beyond any other type of relationship that you have with others. The perspective of the mother is unique to the mother, for the perspective that the child has comes from an entirely different experience. The experience of the child while in the womb is full understanding of the oneness that they were prior to incarnation.

The experience of the child upon leaving the womb is still very close to the oneness, however, outside of that oneness is a physical encasement that now seems separate. As the physical being deals with separation - experiences, ideas and ideals begin to form. Perception of the human experience begins to form rapidly. It is from this perspective that you begin to understand how to cooperate with the world of separation. For some this becomes a fearful experience, for some this becomes an interesting experience. As the child grows and is influenced by those around it, perceptions become cemented. Many of the perceptions of a young child are based not on words, but on feeling. The child cannot yet express these feelings into words, though they are very real. Just as well as you can put a sentence together to say how you feel, the young child that cannot speak yet can put together a paragraph in feeling. They do not have the capacity for words as such, but they very clearly have the capacity to put together entire perceptions of what is going on around them. The mother with a keen ear can tell you by the cry of the child what it is a child wants. Is it coincidence? Is it that the child's 'voice' changes beyond its own control when it wants something different? When the child has at its means of communication only tears, it understands the different nuances of how to utilize the tears to bring about what it is that it perceives as the desire. Acute awareness. This cementing of the perceptions of the outside world, of dealing with the physical body, is still at this point very tied to mother energy. Whether the child is around its own mother can be inconsequential for the child will learn the experience no matter what the surroundings are.

It is this time that the mother energy is coming back into the prominence that it so rightly deserves. The equality, the understanding of the value of the mother energy has been suppressed for a very long time. As one suppresses their connection to the mother energy they lose connection with that unconditional nurturance that will share a body if that is what you need to survive. As you look at your own life - is this the kind of nurturance that you give yourself? Is this the kind of nurturance that your relationships give you? Ever so important, is this the kind of nurturance that the human experience gives you? That life on earth gives you? That the power of the universe gives you? Mother energy is about understanding. Mother energy is about heart energy. It is about feeling in the now, what it is that a being may need, including yourself. What it is that being may be feeling. What it is that can bring a being back into balance at that moment. As the mother energy feels what is going on around, the mother energy finds the best solution to bring equality, to bring balance, to bring empowerment to all involved.

As even males shared a body with their own mother, they too have access to mother energy. The female form is created to house children within because it is the physical representation of what mother energy is. It is not that the male does not have mother energy, it is that the female is the physical embodiment of it. It is the mirror that will show and exhibit the mother energy within the human experience, just as the male is here to exhibit the counterbalance of masculine energy.

Currently in the Earth experience the masculine energy is overshadowing, overpowering the feminine energy. The two are meant to flow equally, the two are meant to enhance and uplift each other. And the two flow within every human. As we begin to bring the mother feminine energy back into balance with the masculine, both males and females are affected by this. As you move closer to your own heart energy you align yourself with your mother energy, for it is the heart that receives the information from the outside world. Be that experience with another person or be that your own experience with yourself - it is the heart that receives that information. It is the heart that shows you what you are experiencing and feeling in your relationship to that information. If your relationship is in resonance with what is going to around you, it is your heart that shows you through your emotions that you are in alignment. If your experience to what is going on around you is unpleasant, it is your heart that shows you with your emotions that what you are experiencing is out of alignment with your truth. It is the mind that then utilized can show you by categorizing, by relaying information, by comparison - how that experience is unaligned with your truth. That information can then be applied via the heart for a shift in your life. For that heart energy will always bring you back to your Truth. You will know that you have properly utilized the mind information when your emotions again feel pleasant.

As you experience this journey of becoming attuned with your own mother nurturing feminine energy, you begin to find that your experiences become aligned with your balance. It is the mother energy that seeks to maintain balance. As you experience the journey of understanding your heart information and your mind information, it is important to continue the flow of nurturance. For this will bring you a clearer experience of the journey. The clearer experience of the journey will result in less resistance.

Q: In the beginning, you talked about the mothering, what if we haven't had children?

The experience of having children is not necessary to understand the mothering energy. The child came through the mother, so all have the experience.

As you observe your own perceptions toward nurturance, toward mother energy from your adult space, you are able to observe the perceptions that you have and how mother energy influences your life. As you observe, you will feel with your heart, you will then use your mind to understand what it is you are feeling, you will then use your heart to feel what it is you are understanding. Full circle, the energy goes from the heart, to the mind, back to the heart. That you may perceive, understand and then perceive from new understanding.

When you do this as an adult, you are able to shift your own perceptions of mother energy. Whether or not you have given birth, or whether or not you are in a female body, you are intimately tied to mother energy. It is in your body, it is in your human experience and those around you, it is even exemplified in the earth energy around you. Use these perceptions to better understand how it is that the mother energy within you is blocked or free-flowing.

Q: Is it the same for animals that are born outside of their mother's body? Is it different for humans and animals? Is it the same energy or is it different for humans?

It is different for humans, because they come for a very specific journey and experience. Life is much easier for the animals, you know but that they have to deal with humans at times. This is their greatest service, that they compromise their own ability to utilize their own choice for the betterment of the experience of all. In nature, watching the animals will teach you great things about your own experience. They come here in service to The One, just as you do, for they are as much a part of The One as are you. Even those animals that do not stay in the womb (to gestate) still maintain a connection to masculine and feminine energies within their own experience. But they do not have the same complicated relationship that we all have with our own mothers, do they?

This is part of the human experience - to align your experiences for better or for worse so that you are free from the confines of not forgiving, of anger and resentment, of the frustration of dealing with a mother out of balance. Understand that this energy of mother-out-of-balance can just as easily come through a male. Mother energy is about nurturance, mother energy is about flow, mother energy is about unity. These are just as important to the males as it is to the females. The expression on the outside may seem different, and there are differences so that the reflection back to one another will show the complete picture.


Welcome angels. We welcome you in the cradle of our hearts, that you may recognize yourself in the reflection of our love for you. We ask that you take a moment and feel your own love, feel the pulse of your own heart, feel the reflection of our love for you. More often than you know we hold you close, that the pulse of your heart may quicken in flow, that the Freedom of Being may be your reality. The power of your heart has yet to be recognized fully by humanity. This is the seat of your true power. As the love of your heart flows through this experience on earth, so do you recognize the full power of humanity. It is the love of your heart that reflects your divinity. As you flow freely in love, you will begin to witness your limitation melting away. You will begin to witness your power. You will begin to witness your full expression. (Light Language)

It is the heart that leads you to your freedom. As you follow your heart, your path will open and expand. As you follow your heart your mind will open and expand. Currently the expression of humanity is led more strongly by the mind rather than the heart. The component of trust, the component of faith; these are components of the heart. As you live your life with trust, with faith; you begin to follow your heart. Ever so important is trust and faith in yourself.

Is it clear to you when you are in trust? Is it your mind that talks you out of your trust? When you are clear with your heart, you become clear with your trust. You recognize the signals that you receive, you interpret them with clarity. Your heart will clearly guide you. The first step is to learn to listen to your heart. First impulse will be the heart. Second impulse will be either the gut or the mind. If the second impulse is the gut, that impulse should be observed, not followed -- observed. That impulse will tell you where your fear is. When you are in fear you become less able to trust. Your heart will never mislead you. Your fear might. From the fear impulse, humanity's gift is the ability to observe cause-and-effect, to observe probability, to observe intention. When you recognize the underlying cause of the fear be it survival, be it ego, be it judgment, be it abandonment - when you recognize the cause of the fear, you begin to empower yourself. From that point you then have a decision, you have a choice. Either that fear can lead your life or you can seek the guidance of your heart. For the heart will not mislead you.

There are those experiences that you may have in your life that do not bring the greatest amounts of joy. But if you look deeply at those experiences, they will bring you a great amount of something - be it understanding, be it empowerment, be it freedom. All experience that comes to you comes for your learning. If it does not bring you great amounts of joy and your heart still led you in that direction - are you able to observe it and come to the understanding of what you did gain by that experience? Do you do this? For this will also show you how to trust your heart. You will look back on the experience and you will recognize the signals that you received. You will recognize the positive signals, you will recognize the negative signals and you will recognize that you had full understanding of what you were about to embark upon. You will recognize that you already knew that this experience was not going to bring you great amounts of joy, but it was going to bring you great amounts of something that you needed. This is to come to the understanding that your heart will always lead you to growth. Your heart will always lead you to expansion. Your heart will always lead you to personal empowerment. Your heart will always lead you to greater capacity of love. Your heart will always lead you to a better understanding of yourself. Your heart will always lead you to a greater understanding of this experience. Your heart will always lead you to freedom.

If the second impulse, instead of going to the gut, goes to the brain - you can almost guarantee that you should not listen to your brain. For you have been conditioned by outside sources that the heart is meaningless, the heart is to be overcome and the important factors can be put into statistics, put on a piece of paper or seen with the eye. The heart will always lead you to a greater understanding. It is meant to guide the brain, it is to utilize the brain to bring you better understanding - the brain is not meant to overcome the heart. Your heart is your closest connection to your true self. When you are not in these human boxes you have such great capacity to love that you decided to come and experience this and to find out what it was like not to have 100% access to love at all times. That is how in tune with love you are. You had to disguise yourself so that you could see what it was like not to experience love. You do not know how to turn off the love in your original form. There is no need. This experience is to expand you.

As you experience love, not love; judgment, not judgment; freedom, compression; as you experience this you come to greater understanding. This is the human experience. You are moving into such exciting times. You have chosen this time for incarnation because of the extreme growth potential. Humanity is undergoing such a rapid evolutionary change. It is unprecedented. The capacity for love that is your natural state has never before been able to express in such scale as you will see. The times bring you great potential. Learning to trust your heart, to expand that love flow, will put you in alignment with your divine nature.

Your heart, your physical human heart is wired directly to your brain. It communicates directly to your brain. This is not energetics, this is fact. It is an organ with a different type of intelligence than the brain, but no less. As you feel feelings, that information is directly relayed to your brain. These feelings, once received by the brain, stimulate response in you. It is first the heart that receives, then the brain receives. Humanity has come to believe that it is the brain that thinks everything. We say to you that first it is your heart that thinks it, feels it, experiences it and sends that information to the brain. What you do with it then is your choice.

In the beginning you may have experiences where the feeling is felt and it is sent to the brain and the brain reacts because you have not quite recognized that you have the choice. As you begin to trust and to have faith that the heart will always lead you properly, you will begin to allow your brain to work for your heart. The emotional information that your brain receives is processed at miraculous speed to correlate to similar emotion. When you have any experience, your brain will correlate that experience across all time and it will relay to you the reaction that it chose previously. When you allow the brain to delegate your reactions you are not making conscious choice. You are making choice based on false information. The heart always feels in the now, the brain interprets across all time. This was used as a survival mechanism; however, it has become a control mechanism. You use this process to control your decisions.

As you allow your heart to lead you and your brain to observe, you will become more empowered. As you become more empowered you will have more trust, more faith. As you have more trust and faith in yourself, fear will have little play in your life.

Learning to understand the power of your heart, learning to understand the power of your divinity, is the reason for this journey. For you are divine and you are powerful. It is the flow of love that will show this to you. It is the flow of self love that will open your hearts so that you may flow more freely with others. There has been abuse of your self love, teaching you that the only way to love self is to first love others. Teaching you that to be proper in the eyes of others is to give and give of yourself. Others before self. We say to you that as you flow love to your self you cannot help but love others. You cannot help but see the reflection of the finest that they are in every situation. It is the love of self that will bring you so much love of humanity that you cannot help but to give. And this will be done in balance.

Q: So most of us do live in our heads, and we think about everything from our heads. So how do we make the shift to thinking with our hearts when we've spent all of our lives in our heads?

When you have a situation that you are thinking and thinking in your head, the biggest challenge is to quiet the mind. Instead of letting the mind roll circle after circle over the same issue, take a moment to use the mind and ask the heart. This will entail getting quiet for a moment. This will entail setting the intention that for this moment you will hear the truth of your heart.

Q: What about in business?

It is just as easy for love to flow in business as it is in any aspect of your life. The abuse of money, the abuse of people, greed, power for ego, these have led to the imbalance of business. People are convinced that you cannot live from your heart in business, and it is true that most do not at this time. You will begin to see that business will become more in alignment with the heart. When you look at the word business it really breaks to busy ness. This is the same busyness of the first question. The mind goes and goes and goes and begins to shape for you what is important. And the truth of your heart is pushed aside. It's pushed even quieter than it is. For it will whisper to you. It is a gentle kindness, where when the brain is allowed free reign it does not feel so gentle does it? It will continually roll over the same subject. There is some discipline that is required to quiet the mind, but you do not have to be a monk, you do not have to have a quiet mind for hours at a time - for as you learn to listen to the heart for just a moment, divine information will flow through. And you will learn to listen to the heart for longer and longer. You will learn to recognize the signals and then your brain, that is so accustomed to controlling you, will feel more comfortable taking a backseat to Truth. Can you look at business and find the love? Can you be the one who makes the decision to approach business from love? Can you find the power to allow love to define how you deal with business rather than the outside world?

Q: What if you do go in that respect towards love and think that things are going well and kind of get blindsided by people, by contacts that you have been working with for a long time?

That is a perfect opportunity to look within your heart to find what it is the experience brought you, for it brought you something great. As you look back on experiences, you are often more able to be honest with yourself, because it is done. The desperation of the now moment is not felt as strongly. Often any feelings, if there was anger or hurt, will have passed. You have a broader perspective to look at the positives and the negatives more honestly with yourself.

Q: What if the anger is still hanging around, still showing its head?

Time will always take care of that as long as you are diligent. As you look to what you have learned from it, you will see the value that they brought you. For you can discover things in anger, in hurt, in fear, in change - that you may not have discovered the first time in joy. Going forward you have an opportunity, because you recognize what it is that you have experienced, what it is that you want to experience, and what it is that you do not want to experience. As you look forward, as you experience a now that has that in its past, now you are able to make a choice from a broader perspective, a clearer perspective and a brand new perspective. For if you look back, you will see where your heart told you the Truth to begin with. You will see that what felt like being blind-sided was actually something that you closed your eyes to. Does that make sense? Your heart told you in the beginning that potential was there. Your mind covered it up. Your heart will always tell you the Truth. Your mind, though it has the best of intentions, often brings you information that is not truth based, but time based. It is not the truth of now. As you listen to your heart, the choices that you make, the information that you receive, will guide you to new experiences so you do not have to repeat. And as you become more practiced in that, you will find that you instantly know what people you are dealing with. You will find that you will allow flow to occur in your life, rather than expectation. Business often focuses on goals, business often focuses on product - things that get done. When you focus on these things and you are in your heart, you will utilize your mind to balance. Is this a good idea, is this something that is marketable, is this something that people need, is this something that I will enjoy, is this something that the cost and the amount of work that goes into it will benefit me? You will utilize your mind along the way, but it is your heart that will guide you to the truth. You will see that as you embark on these paths that there will be an ebb and a flow that is natural. This is where you come back to your trust and your faith and recognize that the truth that you have in your heart cannot be swayed by outside circumstances. If you embark on a business goal, and you align the steps and their order of importance, and you find that it is not working out properly, allow that trust in the truth of your heart to guide you. When you look at these steps, do they feel natural to you? Do they feel joyful to you? Do you have feelings of excitement and empowerment? It is the truth of your heart that will allow you the flow to come out of expectation and into the freedom of the flow that your life naturally is.

Q: You mentioned earlier there are outside sources that conditioned us that our heart is meaningless. What are these outside sources?

They are numerous and we would most easily say it is society. There are expectations that are placed upon you as to the way that you should behave; the way that you should be if you are to be successful, the way that you should be if you are to be accepted, the way that you should be if you are to be sexy or happy. These outside influences place these expectations upon people often for their own needs and this brings us right back to business. There are many delightful products and services that you desire, that benefit you. And it is delightful that it benefits those that provide it. There are other things, there are other methods of presenting things that manipulate your own choice. This is something that is prevalent throughout all of your life. You see it on the commercials, hear it on the airwaves of radio, the internet, the television, the books. These outside influences teach you on one level or another that they understand you better than you do. They have the one thing that you need that will bring you happiness. These outside influences sometimes understand very clearly what it is that they do. Other times these outside influences are reacting from a place of fear and they don't necessarily mean to manipulate, but they do. Even parents, with the best of intention, coming from a space of love for their children, will often teach them from a place of fear. You have seen the overbearing parents, that are afraid to empower their children because they do not know the trust of their heart and they do not think that their child can trust their own heart. This is the most important gift that you can ever give.

Q: Have you incarnated here? Do you feel what it is to be us and be stuck in our heads?

We are a group energy. We have experienced incaration, though predominantly not. There is a connection that the energetic self has with us, with all energies, that correlates to your physical beingness. You are more connected to us than you understand, and we to you. The heart center is the core of our connection to you. The difference between physicality and non-physicality is merely a vibration away. We understand humanity at its greatest potential and we also see where that potential is not yet met. This is the excitement of the journey. As you come to feel that excitement, even when things are not pleasant, you will align with that freedom of your heart ever so much more clearly. When you come to a place of sadness, or anger, or fear - your divine intellect is pinched off. We tap, tap, tap on your head and you do not hear us for the din in there is so loud. And yet we are merely a vibration away. Even in that space of pain or fear or sorrow, you still have access. It takes a little practice, we agree, but you do have access. It is just a moment away. You in this time are coming more into alignment with your non-physical self. There are physical things that you are feeling - fatigue, emotions, physical pains, weird vibrations in your body. Your physical body is becoming more aligned with the vibration of your energetic body. This is what we mean when we say we are merely a vibration away, for the difference is becoming ever less and less. But this is a process - you will not puff away in this lifetime. However, you will become vastly closer to an energetic vibration than many will recognize. You are miraculous beings. Everything about you is miraculous.


We hope that from this discussion you will begin to think about your heart more. We hope that you will learn to trust your heart more and more. For the wisdom that resides in your heart is your natural state. The freedom that it will bring you will clearly reflect to you this miraculous being of which we speak. For you underestimate how miraculous you are. You think that we somehow in energetic form, are more miraculous than you. This is not so. You are miraculous. Begin to see that. Begin to feel that. And you will begin to live that. This is our wish for you.