Crystalline Soul Healing

What to Expect with a Session

Crystalline Soul Healing

An energy healing session is an agreement between you, your Higher Self and Source. I am there to assist and guide, bringing speed and ease to the process. You are a powerful co-creator in your life and choice is always yours. The progression of your journey and healing is in your hands and it is guided by your Higher Self. An energy healing session will powerfully clear your auric field of discordant vibration that inhibits the full expression of your Divinity.


YOUR WORK BEFORE A SESSION IS TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE AND ALLOW THE HEALING. What area of your life is causing distraction, dissatisfaction, disharmony, or disease? Can you imagine your life without this obstacle? Take a moment to feel what your life will feel like without it. Take a moment to imagine how you would move forward without this issue in your life, no limitations.


Energy healing sessions are very different from traditional psychological therapy and psychic readings. In comparison, you will not spend the hour talking or reliving traumatic events, nor will I spend the time divining your future. Any information that comes through, whether it is regarding the past, the future or the experience that I am having during your session, is guided by Source and for your highest good.

WE WILL TALK BRIEFLY ABOUT WHAT IT IS YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO CLEAR AND I WILL ASK ANY QUESTIONS I NEED ANSWERED. Source will guide me to facilitate the perfect healing for you. Sometimes healing is immediate, sometimes it happens in layers, but it always transpires and unfolds Divinely. YOU ARE ASKED TO SIT QUIETLY DURING THE PROCESS AND ALLOW. Perhaps you will experience extrasensory information or thoughts or emotions that need your attention during the session. As I am facilitating, you will hear Light Language and body movements occur. Sometimes I express emotions, like crying. Sometimes I sit quietly. Rest assured that I am blissfully happy at all times, absolutely safe and working with God to help you. Many people run energy differently; this is just the way God uses me and I am honored to serve. You are free to ask any questions or comment on anything that came up when I talk to you. Sometimes emotions come up, and should be freely expressed. Please do not withhold emotions, you are not judged by me, and our discussions are private.


Be gentle with yourself after a session if at all possible, but you are able to resume your life immediately. Know that everything that occurs is in Divine Order. You may find yourself in a blissful state, experience tingling sensations, notice slight cold symptoms, be unduly tired, emotional or extra energetic, or you may notice none of the above or something entirely different. Your experience is unique to you and if you don’t notice anything, healing still occurred. Begin to notice more of the subtleties of your life. This process is about empowering you, not giving you a tap on the head with a magic wand, although I have ordered one from the internet so stay tuned! ;0)

If there is specific information that is given to you such as a daily affirmation, or to meditate, or rest for 2 days, or avoid anger for a week; it is a prescription from your Higher Self and is important to your healing. You are advised to follow the guidance. It will always be something simple and positive that will enhance your life. Simple, yet incredibly powerful.

Healing is a vast interwoven tapestry; my focus is the energetic aspect. I also encourage you to eat well, exercise, surround yourself with loving and supportive people, meditate, think and speak positively, play and create - and forgive yourself immediately if you don't and choose differently next time. These are not all my areas of expertise, so seek those professionals that do specialize in those areas if needed. You should continue any medically prescribed programs and consult with your medical doctor before you make any changes in diet, exercise or medications. All work that I do is guided by Source and will not inhibit or interfere with any medications or surgery.

Our thoughts are powerful and magnetic, and whether or not you accept it as truth, what you focus your thoughts on creates your experience of life, not just your perception - your actual experience. You draw things in and push them away based on the resonance of your vibration, thoughts are a big part of that. I recommend reading “Ask and It is Given” by Abraham-Hicks. You must make changes in your life that support your new energy. Thinking positively, although sometimes more challenging than it would seem, is an integral part of your healing. You are a powerful co-creator, far more magnificent (magnetic) and divine than often realized.

Additional FAQs

Does energy healing work on what I have?

I feel drawn to it, but I don't really know what I want to work on.

I am having a problem with a broad issue (i.e. relationships) - does it work on that or do I need to be specific?

Can we work on more than one thing in a session?

Where do you recommend I start with my healing process?

Can I schedule a session for you to work on someone else?

I have a question for you, how can I contact you?

I'm already a healer and I'd like to hone or enhance my skills.

I feel like I want to be a healer, too - what do you recommend?

Axiatonal Alignment

An Axiatonal Alignment is a process that aligns and activates your universal meridian system that resides in your auric field. You have an internal meridian system that you may be familiar with from eastern medicine. Acupuncture and reflexology are two effective systems that work with the internal meridian system to improve your health. The axiatonal system integrates you wholistically with your universal connection. This is an esoteric process; however, people tend to shift rather quickly into a more empowered, intuitively guided being. The specific process I do was brought through by Tashira Tachi Ren with additional information channeled in by Margaret Dellinger and myself. There are different forms of Axiatonal Alignments under different names, all work.


You do not need to set any intentions or do anything prior to the Axiatonal Alignment. It is a specific process that unfolds per your Higher Self.


We will pre-schedule a specific time when you can lay quietly for about an hour. We will not be on the phone during the work. Unlike a Crystalline Soul Healing session, we are not discussing issues and I am not channeling Light Language.

When I finish the work, I will call you for us to discuss anything that either of us experienced. For me, this tends to be far more experiential than informational.


The Axiatonal Alignment has a different effect on everyone and tends to yield subtle but profound results. As with any energy healing session, be gentle with yourself afterwards, but you can do just about anything. Begin to notice the subtle changes in your life and follow your intuition with the clues that life presents you.