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About Jamye

I am a channel. When I am doing healing work I go into a conscious channeling state and I channel healing energies in the form of Light Language (both spoken and signed), toning, movement and emotions. I am aware and receiving additional impressions while my body is moving and speaking Light Language. I also voice channel in English. These are two different bandwidths for me, so while they both come naturally, I tend to do them seperately. I have been facilitating healing sessions professionally since 2004, classes since 2006 and voice channeling publicly since 2007.

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The history

My spiritual journey was understated in my youth, but somehow always there. I had an innate love for animals and nature, but I didn’t have glaring healing or psychic “powers.” I also had a love of observing people and was amazed when they would do things that hurt each other. I was a bit perplexed as to why love wasn't the first impulse. Not that I've been a complete innocent my entire life.

I had my first healing experience without even recognizing it at the time. My cat was incredibly sick from vaccinations and she was hiding in the closet. Her fever was exceedingly high. I was so upset that evening that I touched her and said, “I don’t want you to be sick, I want to take it from you. I would rather be sick.” Within hours I was feeling badly and went to sleep. I woke up sick and she was fine. I just thought that was an amazing coincidence, I had no knowledge of the old shamanic traditions.

In my early adult years I started experiencing psychic flashes that I could not control. When I went to visit a gifted psychic years later, I realized that while I didn’t have her ability of sight-on-command (yet), I could feel when she was using hers when I wasn’t even in the room. That was my first introduction to my clairsentient capabilities.

About the same time I began to notice psychic flashes, I also began to notice depression that had no rhyme or reason and was growing in frequency. Over a period of years, what started as a day or two of malaise grew into weeks of suicidal depression. As I sought healing, which I thought would have to take the route of a lifetime of pills, a friend recommended a reflexologist. With weekly treatments for about three months and herbal supplements, I was depression free.

I soon found a resonance with Native American spiritual philosophy. The undertone of balance, honor, and respect felt natural to me. I explored that in my free time, but mainly I was sidetracked by life and not even remotely aware that energy healing was even possible.

In the late 1990’s, my psychic senses were increasing. One day I woke up sick and I felt the impetus to slowly run my hand about an inch above my body. To my surprise certain areas were hot when I went over them. In my mind, I saw a grayness leaving my body and going into my hand, which I “emptied” periodically. I napped for two hours and woke up feeling great. I found other imagery scenarios that brought results, even for friends.

I sat to meditate soon after that (as a recovering Type A personality I had never really tried before) and within minutes I saw silver lines running over my body and extending out into space. I now know this to be the axiatonal system, but at that time I had not been exposed to any healing modalities or methodology. During this meditation I saw the energy imprint of what felt like an angel. I enjoyed the bliss of the experience. I can still remember the sound, feeling and Love of that Angelic Light.

The next step was massage therapy school. I went to a rather technical massage school that did not teach energetics. While I no longer do massage, it was a powerful lesson in reading the story of the emotional body tactilely through the physical body. It was a valuable teacher of the Divine Connection between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. After a few years of massage, I started exploring different modalities and reading about energy healing. It became evident to me that great shifts could occur and there is so much more to us than I previously imagined. Once I began to pursue it, doors flew open and my life changed drastically.

After I had an axiatonal alignment in 2002, I started noticing that my body would twitch when I was running energy. I wasn't around any other healers having that experience, so I had nothing to compare it to, nor anyone to talk to about it, so I just accepted it as the way energy runs through me. I observed it getting bigger and bigger and noticed that my hands would fly around in all different ways without me moving them. It was embarrassing in public - it would always start up if I was somewhere energy was running like a channeling or a workshop, luckily not at the grocery store! Finally I saw Light Language and I realized that my hands were 'writing' it in the energetic field of my client. I began speaking Light Language during sessions. I was still reticent to channel in English, though sometimes words would burst out of me so powerfully that my body would lunge forward! I started automatic writing, allowing the channeling to begin to come forth.

I was slowly coming to terms with how I run energy, but the work and experience were moving fast, even with me refusing to allow the full expression of it in the beginning. I began to meet soul family and like-minded people. I began to remember and recognize my path. I began to channel. I began to learn lessons around energy healing such as discernment, recognizing Truth, not taking energy into my body, not taking people's healing personally, not allowing my ego to lead me. I began to notice wild synchronicities. It still continues to delight me.

As life is a continual growth process, I love the voyage of expanding even more as a healer and teacher. It is exponential. To me, it feels like I became alive when I began to open my scope of living to incorporate the Divine, that is what I want to share with others. It is my passion in life. I want to see a change in this world. That happens from within you and within me. One loving quantum leap at a time.

I believe we are powerful co-creators. I believe that God/Goddess is within, we are that which we seek.

I believe we are on a path of Ascension. I believe Ascension is the joy of the journey back to Oneness from Separation.

I believe Oneness is Source. I believe that every human (plant, animal, rock, electron, emotion, idea, etc.) is Source.

I believe Source is Love and Love is Source.

I believe Love has the ability to shift this world, starting from within.

I believe that I can make a difference by loving myself and learning to love that which I currently don't love.

I believe anything that is less than Love is Source seeking experience and reintegration.

I believe the experience of reintegration is Life. I believe life is Divine.


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